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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 24 - Spirit Cuisine Room

Chapter 24 - Spirit Cuisine Room

They have a great harvest this time, not only achieved the expected goals but also had a surplus, so they got the Sect award, everyone got a Sect contribution value and fifty lower grade spirits crystal.

Spirit Stones are translucent crystals with spiritual energy trapped within. Mainly used as currency amongst cultivators. They can also be used to cultivate by absorbing spiritual energy, creating magical items, or power spell formations.

Spirit Stones are divided into four grades, Lower, Middle, High, Top Quality, or grade.

In White stone City, only lower grade spirits stones can be seen.

After the report the loot and receiving the reward, the team decided to celebrate a bit but Yan Zilan refused of it.

"Feng Yun, thank you for your help in the valley, if you need something then come to the inner sect division to find me, I will help you." Yan Zilan said to Feng Yun.

"Yes, Senior sister Yan!" Feng Yun said as he clasped his hands, after Yan Zilan left the team.

Feng Yun and four people decided to go to the dining hall to eat the spiritual meat of the monster beast to celebrate.

"The spiritual kitchen is here."

As they walked, Feng Yun saw a huge building that looked like a pavilion from a distance. A huge signboard was hung on the building, and three large words were written on the signboard: Spirit Cuisine Room.

"A Thousand-Year-Dark Wood."

After entering the spiritual kitchen, Feng Yun was immediately attracted to the wooden tables and chairs because these tables and chairs were all made of a thousand-year-old Black Wood that was worth more than gold.

And in the town, such a table and chair made from 1000-year-old Black Wood would cost an estimated three thousand silver teals. Yet, it was placed here as an ordinary dining table and chairs.

Feng Yun found a table near the window and sat down. The moment he sat down, a humanoid puppet came in front of him with a menu.

Feng Yun was a bit speechless when he saw the dishes on the menu. There were a lot of dishes that were cooked with fierce beasts’ flesh and blood along with rare herbs. The price was outrageous.

Amongst them, the most expensive one was the Blood Serpent Soup, which was cooked with spirit beasts’ blood snakes. It cost over five low-grade spirits stones. Normal people wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Even if Feng Yun had just got fifty low-grade spirit stones, he did not dare to eat in such a luxurious manner. He only ordered a dish and a soup, spending five low-grade spirit stones.

"No wonder these dishes are so expensive. They really do have their own reasons for being expensive."

Feng Yun ate a mouthful of food cooked from the meat of a fierce beast and immediately felt his teeth burn. Waves of warmth flowed through his throat into the meridians in his entire body, nourishing his body and strengthening his realm.

Then, he took another sip of the thick soup made from the blood vessels of a vicious beast. He could also feel the pure spiritual energy flowing into his body, slightly increasing the power of his blood and Qi in his cells.

"Oh, this year’s freshmen are indeed rich. They just entered the Sect for a few days, and they already came to the spirit kitchen to eat. So rich."

Just as Feng Yun was eating with relish and the warm current was nourishing his body, a strange voice entered his ears.

Two older students, who wore dark gray long robes and walked with vigor, and had strong auras, and had reached the half-step Spirit Gathering Realm, arrived at the Spirit Catering Room. They looked at Feng Yun with hostility.

When they saw that few new disciples eating spirit meat, greedy expression appeared in their eyes. They have idea to extort some money from newbies.

"Do you want to play games? How about the fight in the arena!" Feng Yun said. He knew they were bullies who like to bully new disciples.

"Haha, did I hear wrong?" The two seniors were stunned, revealing a mocking smile, "This kid actually dares to challenge us."

"If you agree, then we’ll go to the Dueling Arena. If you don’t dare to agree, then scram as far away as you can. Don’t get in my way." Feng Yun said coldly.

"Since you wish to die, we shall grant your wish." The two older students did not expect Feng Yun to be so arrogant. Their faces darkened as they spoke with a murderous tone.

"It’s not certain who will die." Feng Yun took out five low-grade spirit stones from his bag and placed it on the table, then walked out of the spiritual kitchen.

"Fuck, Kang Song, I’ll go first. I’m going to break his dog legs and make him lie on the ground like a dog, begging for mercy." The square-faced man said while gnashing his teeth as he looked at Feng Yun’s back.

"Xing Li, this kid shouldn’t be simple. Be careful during the competition later, don’t capsize from the outside." The thin Kang Song was reminded with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Don’t worry, nothing will happen." Xing Li was filled with confidence in his own strength. He did not believe that he would lose to Feng Yun at all.

The Dueling Arena, the only place where disciples of the Seven Sword Sect were allowed to engage in private battles, was located on the northwest side of the mansion. It was a precipitous cliff face.

Feng Yun walked up the white jade steps into the battle arena, which was built like a pavilion. Feng Yun noticed that there were sabers, swords, axes, spears, lances, hammers, and close to a thousand other huge weapons around the arena, giving it an extremely strong visual impact.

At the center of the Dueling Arena, there were three battling arenas made of dark steel. At this moment, there were four older students from the Seven Sword Sect fighting in the arena. Quite a few of them were watching from below.

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