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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 22 - Hunting In The Mountains

Chapter 22 - Hunting In The Mountains

Everyone took a glance at the forest. If their team encountered the Monster Beast of Spirit Gathering Boundary, I am afraid that only Yan Zilan could escape from the wilderness and can no longer take care of them!

"Action, this is your experience. If you are not in danger, I won’t shoot!" Yan Zilan waved.

Feng Yun and four people nodded.

The team was replaced by Feng Yun. Although he was a thorough newcomer, he became famous in the puppets battle during the assessment and was naturally promoted to Vice-Captain by four others.

There are so many Monster Beasts here. They didn’t go far. They came to the woodland and saw a huge wild boar sleeping under a big tree. The snoring sound was like a clap of thunder. Feng Yun’s line was drawn to the voice.

The wild boar is six meters long and tall, with long hair of golden, and two fangs protruding from the mouth. It is almost one foot long and emits a cold glow.

Body Refining 8th Layer’s Monster Beast, Gold-Furred Boar!

Feng Yun immediately jumped out and the Flying Cloud Step unfolded. And he took out the long sword from the waist. Now he only uses an ordinary iron sword.

"Too rude!" Yan Zilan was so angry that Feng Yun was a leader. The most important duty of leaders was to make arrangements for each soldier to play their due role. And Feng Yun jumped alone to fight.

The other four teenagers are young and vigorous. They were driven by Feng Yun. They were excited, and they followed one after another.

The snoring of the Gold-Furred Boar suddenly stopped, opening a pair of huge pig eyes, red and bloodthirsty.

Feng Yun like a wave of air, he jumped high and attacked the Gold-Furred Boar, but the reaction of the Boar was not slow, the Boar escaped from the attack of Feng Yun.

The Boar screamed and attacked Feng Yun.

Flying Cloud Step!

Feng Yun was full of joy, he was completely immersed in the Nine Heaven Sword Art. With his eyes open, he paid full attention to the movement of the boar.

Glittering, folding, Feng Yun sliding under his feet, he has a feeling that with his ability to grasp the overall situation, there is no need to use the Flying Cloud Step, Of course, the Flying Cloud Step makes it easier for you to fight against higher levels of enemies.

When Feng Yun was fighting, the other four people also attacked the boar. They all have the body Refining 8th or 9th layer cultivation base, the strength is real, and the accumulated attacks are considerable.

Gold-Furred Boar kept yelling, it was hurt!

Feng Yun seized the opportunity and suddenly stabbed a sword!

Hey, pu!

He attacks twice and two blood flowers flew up.

Gold-Furred Boar suddenly made a scream, slamming a rush but struck into the middle of the stones and cannot advance.

"Good Job"

The other four were all applauded. And attacks at the same time on the boar. With the Gold-Furred Boar stuck, the other four bombarded again.


The boar was able to pull out of the middle of the stones. Bleeding in the hole, more terrifying. But this is already an arrow at the end of its flight. After a few moments, it has fallen and become the first prey of Feng Yun.

The teenagers cheered. This was the 8th layer of body refining boundary monster beast but it was defeated easily.

Yan Zilan’s red lips twitched a few times, but she did not speak.

She actually wanted to swear at Feng Yun’s performance without teamwork, but the Gold-Furred Boar was killed, and she didn’t know how to speak.

The team did not move on but immediately dealt with the body of Gold-Furred Boar.

Pigskin can be made into very good armor, tooth decay is an absolutely sharp weapon, bones can be used as a medicine, and pork is an excellent cultivation resource.

Seven Sword Sect has a special medicine that completely removes the water from the meat, turns the hundred pounds of meat into only a few pounds, and it is small and very easy to carry.

Although Gold-Furred Boar was killed by the whole team, Feng Yun got one-third of the meat of Boar. If not for Feng Yun, the team couldn’t defeat the Boar leisurely.

Feng Yun and the team started the fire and picked a boar’s leg to bake it.

The Boar’s leg weight was more than a hundred pounds, but Feng Yun and the others are all cultivators, each has a great appetite. In less than half an hour, the boar’s leg disappeared into the stomach of six people. Monster beast meat is an item of great nourishment.

Six people didn’t waste such a good thing, and everyone sat down on the ground and started the cultivation to digest the benefits of the monster beast.

The team continued to hunt the monster beast the next day. They were lucky and harvested almost every day.

After a few days of hunting and fighting the monster beast, the relationship between the five people suddenly became close, and Yan Zilan was charming and moving, which made the heart of the young and vigorous young people shake.

Feng Yun still does not talk about teamwork, and he is brave enough to go forward, but he also lets the other four people corporate with him. Although Yan Zilan is very upset with Feng Yun, she didn’t say anything.

Three days later, they came to a valley. They didn’t expect to go this far. The climate suddenly became very abnormal. Suddenly the hail came down, Feng Yun and the group had to stop and hide under a big stone.

After a while, the ground was covered with ice, The temperature suddenly dropped, Feng Yun and the other four people are in the 8th or 9th layer of the Body Refining realm, but they are still feeling cold and their body tremble. Only Yan Zilan was fine who has Spirit Gathering Realm cultivation base.

The hail had been continued for more than half an hour, and when it stopped, it stopped. The ground was covered with ice.

"This valley has not been here before. Since it is here, let’s explore it!" Yan Zilan quickly made the decision.

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