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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 20 - Martial Arts Pavillion

Chapter 20 - Martial Arts Pavillion

The next day Feng Yun and other new outer disciples come to the big field.

Ye Xun appeared with Luo Qingshuang in the field.

"You are all now an outer disciple of my Seven Sword Sect, I’m going to tell you some sect rules. In the sect, you can’t use the money if you want to exchange martial arts or Spirit pill, then you have to use Sect’s Contribution Points. Contribution Points can be earned by some tasks given by the sect. You and go to the mission hall to receive the missions to earning points by completing them." said Ye Xun.

"Now, the reward for the top three new disciples"

"The first place reward is 1000 contribution point and can select two top-grade or a lower grade spirit rank martial skill, martial skill from the martial art Pavilion," announced Ye Xun


"Spirit Rank Martial Skill!"

All people in the field exclaimed in surprised, they looked at Feng Yun with envy. Spirit Rank Martial Skill is many times more powerful than ordinary martial skill.

"The Second place reward is 800 points and a top grade martial art skill, The third-place reward is 600 points and a top grade martial art skill, The fourth-place reward is 400 points and a top grade martial skill, fifth place reward is 200 points and a top grade martial skill." Yu Xin distributed rewards and "Now You should go back and start cultivating, after a few days you will go to the mountain range for hunting."

All people scattered, went in a different direction to start a new life in the sect.

Feng Yun went to the Martial Arts Pavilion. On the way to the pavilion, he saw many types of building and training fields.

From a distance, the Martial Arts Pavilion was looked like an old and tall, 4-floor building but exudes a breath of years of precipitation.

Martial Arts Pavilion has more guards, the cultivation base is generally more than the body refining the 8th layer, even the spirit gathering layer stationed.

This is the guard force on the bright side. In the dark, there, also some experts guard there.

Martial Arts Pavilion, no matter the day or night, every moment there will be a tutor to sit in.

Feng Yun entered Martial Arts Pavilion and found that the instructor who was sitting at the reception desk was the same old man in a white robe who has made their identity tokens.

The old man in a white robe also noticed Feng Yun, plainly said: "First Place reward, you can choose two top-grade martial skills for free. You are eligible to redeem Spirit Rank martial skills, but you need enough contribution points."

"Two top grade martial skills, Can I still exchange them for Spirit Rank martial skills?"

Feng Yun was a little surprised.

Choose two ordinary top grade martial skill(s) for free, the sect sure is generous.

Feng Yun hasn’t even imagined that Spirit Rank martial skills can be exchanged here!

"In the Martial Arts Pavilion, martial arts divided by floors, The First floor have Ordinary martial arts, The second floor has Spirit rank, and the third floor has Top Grade Spirit Rank Outer disciple can enter the first floor, on the second floor for the inner disciple, and the third floor for elders." Said the old man.

"I want to redeem Spirit Rank martial skills, how many contribution points do I need?"

Feng Yun asked directly.

The old man in the white robe frowned slightly.

At the current level of Feng Yun, the top grade martial skills are the most suitable. Spirit Rank martial skills are too deep and difficult to practice, it will waste too much practice time.

"If you give up two ordinary high-grade martial skills, plus one thousand contribution points, you can exchange one Spirit Rank lower grade martial skills."

The old man in the white robe and said slowly.

Feng Yun exchange it directly.

"Go to the second floor and choose for yourself."

The old man in the white robe said and closed his eyes.

Feng Yun onto the second floor of Martial Arts Pavilion

The volume of books here has plummeted, with only an inner disciple can come.

Feng Yun didn’t care much, he carefully selected the martial skills of Spirit Rank.

"Cloud-Overturning Palm": palm technique and palm strength, which are comprehended by the changes in the world, have been cultivated to perfection, and have the majesty of overturning the world.

"Flowing Water Swordsmanship": Swords are like flowing water, soft and continuous, with many changes.


Each martial skill here is at the level of "Lower Grade Spirit rank", and the Feng Yun is dazzling.

But he quickly calmed down.

"Attack means I already have "Nine Heaven Sword Art", and I should choose movement technique.

Feng Yun’s gaze, after sweeping around, finally landed on a movement technique.

"Flying Cloud Step": as light as a feather, leaping into the clouds, and the speed is the best in the Spirit Rank.

After selection, Feng Yun registers with the white robe instructor.

"Flying Cloud Step?"

The elderly in white robe frowned, Feng Yun not only chose the difficult Spirit Rank martial skill but also Flying Cloud Step, which is difficult to comprehend.

Originally, the old man in the white robe had some good feelings for Feng Yun. He felt that he might be able to take advantage of rewards and treatment to make rapid progress in a short time and become the inner disciple.

But at the moment, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. This martial art selected by many people, but only a few can comprehend and only a small part.

"You should choose another martial skill, It is too difficult to practice and you will waste your time in study for nothing." the Old-man persuaded Feng Yun

"Thank you, elder! But I would like to try this martial skill." Feng Yun smiles and refused the old man’s advice. Others cannot comprehend, but he believes in his talent.

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