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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 2 - Ancient Inheritance

Chapter 2 - Ancient Inheritance

Until now, Feng Yun had only had a lean body, but after being infused with the energy of the pill, his body slightly grew bigger and his muscles bulged slightly showing that they were packed with strength.

At this time, Feng Yun found that there was a lot of knowledge suddenly appeared in his mind, a lot of mysterious and complicated things suddenly appeared in his mind, spells, divine mark, Dao Yin, all kinds of strange light flashes, gorgeous dazzling ... Finally, two obscure ancient scripture poured into his mind.

They were the Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique and the Nine Heaven Swords Arts.

From his newly obtained knowledge, Feng Yun knew that a powerful expert from the Ancient Fire Demon Clan refined the dark-red pill. Before the death, He refined the pill with his own blood essence and bloodline for passing his inheritance, so that his lineage can be passed on to the future generation.

The demon race and the human race have always hated each other. Tens of thousands of years ago there were lots of powerful and different types of races living in this world, but suddenly history changed, and many demon races were extinct or fled to the distance living in the shadow and never appeared again. Not only that, but many ancient powerful human clans also disappeared and became a mystery.

Ancient Fire Demon Clan was the most powerful demonic clan, people of the Ancient Fire Demon Clan had the formidable power of the flame, rising fear in the hearts of human clans. But this clan was betrayed and exterminated by the joint hands of some powerful human and demon clans.

The clan members of the Ancient Fire Demon clan were very lustful. Because of their lustful nature, they provoked many powerful clans that led to their demise.

There was another reason for their extermination that they have some treasures that others desired to obtain. In that chaotic age, many clans fought each other, some died, some fled.

There was only this information given by the pill, and what happened in history, why it suddenly changed, was not mentioned in given information.

The pill had refined by one survivor of the Ancient Fire Demon clan, He was the grand elder of the clan and also one of the most powerful experts of the history. His name was Zhou Sheng.

He has only digested one-fourth of the pill, the rest of the information will be in other parts of the pill. The more he obtained the inheritance of the Ancient Fire Demon Clan, the purer his bloodline will become. The Heavenly Yang Cultivation technique was the secret art of the Ancient Fire Demon Clan.

Zhou Sheng found the Nine Heaven Swords Arts and the black sword in the old ruins, He could not use them but according to him, this sword is an extraordinary sword, maybe even an immortal weapon.

Feng Yun looked at the black sword which looked like an old iron sword, but this could be an immortal weapon. The black sword was 3-inches wide and 1-meter long, as Feng Yun bit his finger and a few drops dripped on the sword, the blood absorbed by the sword and it began to tremble slightly. After, it became a flash of light and entered Feng Yun’s Dantian.

When Feng Yun looked inside the Dantian, The Black sword was floating in his Dantian like a supreme being.

Feng Yun tried to contact the sword and the next moment it appeared in Feng Yun’s hand. It has changed from before, now it looked more smooth and sharp, there was no rust or any sign of damage. It looked newly made sword. Feng Yun examined the sword, but he did not find anything extraordinary only this sword sharper. Feng Yun knew that this was a mysterious weapon, even Zhou Sheng was unable to find out about this sword. So how can Feng Yun do that even ancient experts couldn’t do it?

Feng Yun thought about Nine Heaven Swords Arts and started to study this sword art. Nine Heaven sword was very difficult to understand and more difficult to practice. But Feng Yun continued to study the Sword Art.

He did not know how much time passed. He slowly moved, and the wooden sword in his hand traced a mysterious and indescribable trajectory.

However, the learning of the Nine Heaven Sword Art was actually more difficult than he had imagined. Even if he had already mastered the basic Swords Arts, there were still many places he could not get his hands on, and he could only rely on careful study during his swordsmanship.

This caused Feng Yun to be quite shocked. One must know that within the younger generation, Feng Yun is the most genius in learning the Sword Arts.

But just for understanding the first move alone was enough to waste many hours, one could imagine how difficult it was.

Feng Yun’s eyes flashed brightly, filled with surprise because of the difficulty of comprehending, It is enough to prove that Nine Heaven Sword Art was extremely strong. Feng Yun is even certain that as long as he used this move, no-one in the same realm could block it.

"Just the first move is hard to understand, and there are a total of nine moves in this Sword Art."

"Hiss, what kind of swordsmanship is this?"

Such a magical sword skill thoroughly stirred his interest, made him determined, and gave birth to a strong desire to master it.

He promised to himself that he will surely grasp these nine styles of swordsmanship!

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