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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 19 - End Of The Sects Examination

Chapter 19 - End Of The Sect"s Examination

Cheng Kang’s pace slowed down, and in his front are the Bronze puppets of the Half-step Spirit Gathering, which is a huge test for him! He is the best at the sword martial technique, but in such a small area, there is no room for a sword!

"Cheng Kang, are you afraid?" Su Qing didn’t suffer too much injury. After a simple adjustment, he recovered more than half, and he suddenly taunted Cheng Kang because he got eighty-one meters.

Cheng Kang, who lost to Su Qing in the past, became more determined and immediately began to move forward.

He advanced a few more meters and fell eighty-three meters!

Ye Xun stopped the puppets and said: "Not bad, pass!"

After that, one by one, they challenged the test.

Zhang Hao, eighty-seven meters!

Yu Han, Eighty-nine meters!

Both of them have surpassed Su Qing and Chang Kang.

Feng Yun noticed that when the bronze puppets slammed into Yu Han and Zhang Hao, there was a faint white light on them, and it was subtle, if not for his sharpness and awareness, he wouldn’t see this flash.

It is this white light that helps them resolve most of the power and enable them to go further!

’It should be some kind of protective gear, amazing!’ Feng Yun thought.

"The last one!" Ye Xun pointed to Feng Yun.


He started. "Bang! Bang! Two copper puppets immediately attacked him, but he easily slammed them with his hands as his body was more powerful than others, and it was because of tampering with the flame last time and added with the pure yang Qi of the divine grade cultivation technique.

The copper puppets in the wall continued to attack, but could not stop Feng Yun’s footsteps, and soon he walked out of 50 meters.

At this time, Feng Yun and the copper puppets suddenly became faster and stronger!

But all the copper puppets were all smashed by Feng Yun, and they punched again under the operation of the same formation, but it was futile and useless efforts because the strength of Feng Yun is overwhelming.

70 six meters!

Eighty meters!

Cheng Kang’s face became gloomy.

Feng Yun stepped into the Copper puppets Formation of the Half-step Spirit Gathering realm and continued punching them.

Eighty-one meters, eighty-two meters, eighty-three meters, eighty-four meters!

More than Su Qing!

Like Cheng Kang, Su Qing’s face has become ugly.

"How is that guy’s body so powerful?"

Yu Han and Zhang Hao did not speak, and as Feng Yun was about to approach their results, their hearts suddenly throbbed.

As a genius, if you are surpassed, there is an unpleasant feeling.

Ninety meters!

Feng Yun is still not stopping!

He screamed and used his Spirit Qi for defense and continued to move forward.

Ninety-two meters! Ninety-five meters!

Beyond anyone!

Feng Yun didn’t stop. In terms of points, the ninety meters and ninety-nine meters are the same, so he wants a hundred meters.

Ninety-eight meters! 99 meters! 100 meters!

Feng Yun successfully passed the entire Copper puppets Formation!

This result of Feng Yun stunned Ye Xun for a while, but changed it to a smile like there was not a stunned expression on his face in the first place.

"Good, Good, Good! You are in the first place!"

As a result, seven people received additional points. Feng Yun was first, Yu Han was the second with four points and Zhang Hao was third with three points. Cheng Kang and Su Qing tied for fourth place with two points and left the two Boys with Body Refining 8th Layer each scored one point.

In addition, twenty more young cultivators passed the test, and the rest of them had to leave.

Only 27 people passed the examination and became the outer disciple.

"Follow me!" Ye Xun led the twenty-seven people to leave and come to an elegant courtyard where another man was already waiting for them.

"Very good!" Ye Xun smiled at the twenty-seven people. "Congratulations, you passed the assessment and became the discipline of the Seven Sword Sect! Now, sign your name and detail about you for you to officially become disciples of the sect!"

After people reported their name and age, Ye Xun took white tokens from the house and one after another, handed it to everyone.

Feng Yun looked at the token that says ’Seven Sword’ and the other side is Feng Yun.

Ye Xun quickly explained: "You have entered the class for the outer disciple, but after breaking through to Spirit Gathering Boundary, you can be promoted to the inner disciple. The sect does not look at age, only at the cultivation base. If you encounter a Spirit Gathering Layer at the same class, even if he is younger, you will have to call them Senior Brother or Senior Sister!"

"The identity disc of the inner disciple is black. When you break into the Spirit Gathering Realm, you can come here for the black token!"

"Going up, there are purple tokens and golden tokens!"

"The purple wood token represents the cultivation base of the Foundation Establishment Realm, The Sect Elders!"

"There is only one golden token, and that is the Sect Master!"

"And remember all rules and crimes, if someone broke the rule or committed a crime, as this is disrespectful for the Sect, you will be severely punished!"

Ye Xun took the call and said, "Okay, you guys are coming with me and I will arrange the houses for you all!"

"Yes, Senior Brother Ye!" Feng Yun and the other people nodded.

After a while, they came to a huge courtyard. Ye Xun arranged a place for them, one person and one room. There was no need to separate men and women, after everything was settled, Ye Xun said: "Every ten days, there will be an Inner disciple coming to explain to you the doubts about cultivation. You should work hard and don’t let the Sect’s hope down!"

When he finished, he immediately left.

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