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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 18 - Puppet Test

Chapter 18 - Puppet Test

Ye Xun strode into the corridor.


He just stepped in and saw that the walls on both sides were suddenly cracked. A pair of bronzes puppets came out, and then bang bang bang, one pair after another. The copper puppets came out of the wall. Hey, hey, the two copper people who appeared at the beginning danced their arms to Ye Xun, and the wind whistled, reaching at least the Body Refining 7th Layer!

Ye Xun folded his hands and repel the puppets. He is the master of the Spirit Gathering Initial Layer, for repelling the two Body Refining 7th Layer is naturally easy.

Bang, bang!

He walked all the way, facing the copper puppets on both sides, but there were not many copper puppets who could stop Ye Xun’s footsteps. However, when Ye Xun stepped out of 50 meters, the copper people here became significantly stronger!

Body Refining 8th Layer!

Going forward, Body Refining 9th Layer, Body Refining 9th Peak, Half Step spirit gathering realm.

Fortunately, you can pass the test at a distance of 50 meters!

When the teenagers were shocked, they were also relaxed.

Ye Xun didn’t talk anymore. After pressing a stone on the wall, all the copper puppets took it back. He walked back and waited quietly. Soon, half an hour came, and the young people got up, By the time everyone is almost back to the state of Peak.

"Get started!" Ye Xun has no-nonsense. With his fingers, he reopened the organization. "You, the first!"

The young man quickly stood up and carefully entered the corridor.

Ten meters, two ten meters, thirty meters, the man defend the attack of the bronze puppets while struggling to move forward, but this copper puppet is too much, and after he blocked him, bang bang bang He was constantly being bombarded, even the body of the Body Refining 7th Layer couldn’t hold the impact, and his mouth suddenly spurted blood.

Hey, he fell on the ground around 40 meters.

Ye Xun immediately shot on the wall, and all the puppets stopped working immediately and retracted into the wall.

"Failed!", he said coldly. Then pointing to another person, saying, "You, the second!"

Everyone couldn’t help but see the loser. I saw that the man was beaten badly. Fortunately, the bones did not break, but the skin was traumatized.

They are relaxed, and if they cannot pay the price of disability or even life, everyone will have to reconsider whether they want to continue.

Ye Xun restarted the puppets and started the second person’s test.

The same is the Body Refining 7th Layer, this strength is quite a big gap, the second person will be much more powerful, successfully pulled out 50 meters, but he did not go ahead, immediately ask to stop it.

"Through the pass!"

"Through the pass!"


Time is slowly passing, more and more entering the corridors, facing the test of the puppets, the clearance rate is less than 50%, and only two people can get the points, and only one point!

Ye Xun swept his eyes over the last five people, four of which were the Body Refining 9th Layer. They were the strongest presence among the youngsters.

He thought about it and pointed to Su Qing, saying: "Next, you!"

Su Qing, after a glimpse, a hint of gloom appeared on his face. Why is he first? With his strength, it should be the last finale! He didn’t dare to be angry with Ye Xun. He had to enter the corridor with a black face and secretly decided to exert his full strength to let everyone see how terrifying he had.


Su Qing strode forward, bang bang bang, the copper man one after another jumped out, but he was easily smashed and quickly rushed through the minimum requirements of 50 meters, and for the Body-refining 9th Layer, it is naturally very easy.

"Haha, I will definitely get the first place!" He laughed heartily and started the impact of after 50 meters’ Copper puppets Formation.

Su Qing started the impact of 50 meters.

Bang! bang!

This guy dares to be so proud, but he does have very strong strength. At this time the strength of the bronze man has been upgraded to the Body Refining 8th Layer, but they could not stop him.

He broke into 60 meters without stopping and got his first extra point.

"Not enough! Not enough!" Su Qing laughed and kept his feet on.

The uppers had the strength of the Body Refining 9th Layer is now!

"Give me back!" Su Qing’s eyes red, fighting intent flew, even the puppets of the Body Refining 9th Layer could not resist his hands, and the puppets were stepped back.

He went deeper into ten meters and entered the Copper puppets of the Half-step Spirit Gathering Layer.

From the Body Refining 9th Layer to the Half-step spirit Gathering realm, this is a qualitative leap, and the Blood-Refining Boundary’s bronze puppets have at least increased 1 time in power!

Su Qing laughed, and the fists and hands were actually a fierce battle with these bronze puppets.

His talent is really terrifying, and he can harden the Blood-Refining Boundary’s bronze puppets with the strength of the Body Refining 9th Layer Peak! Although the bronze puppets have no wisdom and are controlled by the authorities, it is still amazing to be able to do this.

Su Qing fell to the 83rd meter!

"Passing!" Ye Xun showed a smile of satisfaction.

"Next!" He pointed to Cheng Kang.


Cheng Kang’s body leaps and flies into the corridor. His body is extremely fast. The bronze puppets of the Body Refining 7th Layer is too slow to punch, and he can’t touch his clothes.

50 meters, 60 meters, seventy meters!

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