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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 16 - White Stone City

Chapter 16 - White Stone City

Today is the day that Feng Yun is going to join the sect examination. If Feng Yun becomes a disciple of a sect, then the entire family will share his glory.

Feng Yun discussed with Feng Luzong and realized that the Seven Sword Sect is far away from Grey Cloud Town. Although it is also under the wings of the Soaring Heaven Mountains, You would need to travel thousands of miles.

He asked his family for a horse because it is such a long journey and adventure.

Before he left, his father already informed him about the outside world.

This outside world is far from what Feng Yun can imagine!

There is a total of more than a hundred towns like Grey Cloud Town and Grey Cloud Town is still a small one. The big towns even have tens of thousands of people!

So many towns are ruled by the White Stone City!

Seven Sword Sect, Black Water Valley, and Azure Clouds Sect are the three overlords of White Stone City, sharing the domain. But like the family is fighting for power, the battle between the three great sects is more intense and bloody, everyone wants to suppress the other factions or even eliminate them completely!

But the three Great sects are always of equal strength and cannot help but divide the rule and share their powers.

More than a hundred towns are divided into three major powers. It is a coincidence that Grey Cloud Town happens to be under the control of the Seven Sword Sect.

White Stone City seems to be very big, but it is just one of the small towns under Purple Lake City, and Purple Lake City is just one of the eight major cities in Wind sky Nation. Many small towns like Grey Cloud Town and a small city like White Stone City have built Wind sky Nation’s vast ruling system.

Besides Wind Sky Nation, there are also many countries. As for how much and how strong their overall strength is, this is beyond the scope of Feng Luzong. In fact, the situation in Purple Lake City is unclear.

This world is enormous.

Three days later, Feng Yun arrived in front of White Stone City.

Feng Yun looked at the old city in front of him and could not help but be shocked to the core.

’It’s so big!’

The city wall is hundreds of miles wide, and ten meters in height. It looks like a pronged giant dragon in the distance as if it will come alive at any time, and you could feel an invisible pressure.

’Can such a huge city in the Wing Sky Nation be actually only a small city? So how grand is Purple Lake City? How will the Wind Sky Nation’s Imperial Capital Red Moon City look like?’

Feng Yun couldn’t help but admire and want to travel through the entire world and see its’ surprises.

After Feng Yun was done daydreaming about traveling the world, he soon came in front of the city gate.

"One Gold Coin for Entry Fee." One of the Guards said in an indifferent voice.

Feng Yun paid the money and went inside.

Feng Yun entered an inn owned by the Seven Sword Sect. The inn is used to settle the teenagers who are taking part in the entrance examination, so all people in the hall were sixteen or seventeen-year-olds and the youngest is even less than fifteen!

To take part in the entry assessment, the first condition is to reach the Bode-Refining 7th Boundary!

Therefore, everyone here is at least the cultivation base of the Body Refining 7th Layer, and Feng Yun is secretly stunned. Any one of them who will enter into Grey Cloud Town can be called a genius, but it is very common here.

The genius of the towns seems to have greatly reduced. At most, it can be regarded as a talent here.

Only when it reaches the level of the White Stone City, can it stand out as this is qualified to be called a genius.

The Examination is in a few days, so he had to wait till then.

Feng Yun meditated and continued cultivating in the meantime. Although he did not practice much in the past ten days, his cultivation base was upgraded to the Body Refining 9th Layer Late Stage. After half a month, he reached the body Refining 9th Layer Peak!

It is a pity that there is not enough time for him.

After a short break, the sky became dark and Feng Yun felt hungry so he went out of his room and went to the lobby of the Inn.

The Inn has four large courtyards, enough to accommodate two to three hundred people, and is one of the three largest Inns in the city. The other two are naturally owned by Black Water Valley and Azure Clouds Sect.

At this time, many people are eating in the lobby and because they are all young people, even if they don’t know each other, they have common topics, and the atmosphere is very lively.

Everyone is a genius in where town they came from. Naturally, no one will be convinced when it comes to the assessment after ten days, everyone became arrogant because of their status in their towns and they all claim to be geniuses among geniuses.


"Get Out! This table is booked by Brother Qing!" A young man slammed the table heavily and Said.

"Which minion are you?" This suddenly caused common indignation.

All the teenagers are young and vigorous and they are all shouting. The strange thing is that although their mouth is full of excitement, no one raised their hands to fight and just to make his mouth more heated.

"Black Earth Town, Su Family!" The young man’s face became very proud. "You haven’t heard of our Brother Qing’s name. He is only 19 years old this year, but already at The Body-refining 9th Layer!"

When the words came out, all the people suddenly became silenced, perhaps this is not the most powerful cultivator here, but it is definitely the strongest cultivation base realm among youngsters.

In this world, everything else is a fake, and the powerful eats the weak!

In this world, strength stands for everything.

"humph, idiots!"

In a dignified sneer, a slender silhouette walked over, the people passing by and the nearby people were forced to retreat by the powerful pressure that automatically gave the young man a passage.

A 20-year-old young person walked to the center of the lobby, standing proudly and exuding powerful pressure. He is Su Family’s genius, Su Qing.

Body Refining 9th Layer!

Everyone is silent, and these people are actually forced to retreat by the pressure the young man emitted, which is not what an ordinary Body-refining 9th Layer can do!

You must know that they are all geniuses selected in each town. They all faced a certain level of challenge and the challenges they faced, In front of these young people, they feel extremely weak.

"Hahaha, now you know that Brother Qing is amazing?" The arrogant teenager at the beginning said proudly as if he was Su Qing.

"A long time ago the Su Family has two geniuses, it is Su Qing and Su Gang. How come this time there is only one?" One of the young cultivators said.

"Haha, I heard that Su Gang and his friends were killed by someone in the mountains and only one person was able to escape." Another cultivator next to the first one chime.

From the side two voices came, there were two youngsters who are leaning against the wall of the hall. They had also emitted powerful pressure the same as of the 9th-layer peak stage of body refining.

"Zhang Family’s genius, Zhang Hao!" Random Cultivator said.

"Cheng Family’s Cheng Kang!" Another random cultivator said.

These two young cultivators were obviously quite famous and were immediately recognized.

"Plus Shen Jinqi, the talented girl of the Shen Family! These four people are the most talented geniuses who took part in the sect’s examination."

"The enchanter of the Body Refining 9th Layer!"

Su Qing’s eyes are cold because he remembered Su Gang was slaughtered in the Soaring Heaven Mountains, which is a shameful matter for the entire Su family.

Su Qing’s cold eyes swept over Zhang Hao and Cheng Kang and Su Qing coldly said: "After ten days, I will defeat you personally and let you know what a real genius is!

"Su Qing, don’t be so arrogant!" Cheng Kang shook his head and was still lazy. "To defeat you, I only need three strikes! Well, to give you a face I will do it with ten strikes!"

Everyone became silent... ’

’who is more arrogant?’ Everyone thought at the same time.

"You two can go together, I can defeat all of you in ten strikes!" Zhang Hao unwillingly joined the crowd.

The three geniuses are looking at each other coldly, and their eyes are full of fighting spirit.

All teenagers are excited. In fact, the geniuses of the three major Bodies Refining 9th Layer has already predicted that the top three candidates will be theirs.

Feng Yun looks at these geniuses with cold eyes and snorted.

He did not put this so-called genius in his eyes as he can kill any of them in a single strike.

After listening to the idiots and was done eating, Feng Yun returned into his room to cultivate.

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