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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 14 - Fisrt Time With Feng Guan (R-18)

Chapter 14 - Fisrt Time With Feng Guan (R-18)

Just as Feng Yun entered his house, another person came next to him. Surprisingly, Feng Guan appeared in front of him with a seductive smile on her face.

"Aunt Guan, It is you! Please, come inside." Feng Yun said and let her enter the house and after she entered, he closed the door. Coming inside the room, Feng Guan sat on the chair and Feng Yun also sat in front of her, there was a small table between them.

Feng Guan looked at the smiling face of the young man in front, which looked much more handsome than it did in the past.

"Aunt Guan, how was my performance in the competition, did you like it?" Feng Yun looked at Feng Guan with a smile and said. As Feng Yun looked at the stunning body of Feng Guan, his thoughts started to wander and lust began to spread in his mind.

"I liked it, and you were even looking so handsome in the battle arena." Feng Guan said while seductively licked her lips and looked at Feng Yun. When she noticed that Feng Yun was staring at her body, her face became flushed a little.

It’s not her fault as when Feng Yun’s bloodline changed, his manly aura also changed, and keep note that this is the first time she fell in love.

Heavenly Yang cultivation technique refined the Spirit QI of his body into the pure yang Qi, Which attracts the yin Qi of the female cultivator, so it explains why Feng Guan became more attracted to him.

Pure Yang Qi was also the reason that Feng Yun felt more desire to conquer the yin Qi of female cultivation. Coincidentally, Feng Guan cultivated Moon Yin Secret Art, and she is already at the Peak of Body Refining Realm, and also a virgin which added to Feng Yun’s desire to have her.

Feng Yun stared at her charming face with full desire to eat her. Feeling his gaze full of lust and admiration, Feng Guan’s pretty face turned crimson.

Unable to hold back his desire, he decided to make the first move as he knows that Feng Guan has feelings for him, if not then he will not force any girl to cultivate with him.

He went in front of her and held her face between his hands and he didn’t even hesitate the slightest when locking his lips on her lips.

Sucking softly of Feng Guan’s lips, Feng Yun waited a long time. When he found no reciprocation from her, he stopped kissing her as he was afraid he did something wrong.

Tilting his head back so that he could see her face, Feng Yun sighed and said, "I love your aunt, do you love me?"

Though he knows she loves him because she always likes to tease him and is she is very obvious with her actions, so when he kissed her, she should’ve kissed him back.

Shaking her head absentmindedly since she still hadn’t recovered from her first kiss and her face is still flushed, Feng Guan loudly said.

"I... I love you too, Feng Yun!"

Listening to this, Feng Yun smiled and looked at her with eyes full of love and resumed kissing her.

This time Feng Yun didn’t stop kissing at all and waited until Feng Guan was finally ready to kiss him back.

First, he slowly sucked on Feng Guan’s lips, after which his tongue slowly licked her lips and tried to go inside her mouth which he successfully entered.

But before her tongue could escape, Feng Yun used his tongue to battle fiercely with her tongue and continued their deep kiss.


Feng Guan’s face was completely red. She closed her eyes and her eyelashes shook gently. He tightened his arms around her waist and continued invading her mouth fiercely.

Feng Yun slowly brought her to the bed and once both of them were on the bed, he kissed her lips again.

Aunt Guan heaved a sigh of joy and answered his kisses. He then filled her entire body with kisses and bites while slowly taking off her clothes.

Feng Yun slowly strips off the clothing of Feng Guan. After there is nothing left on her body, revealing that seductive body. Feng Yun inwardly gasped in admiration as this truly was a masterpiece of God. Abundant breast, rich buttocks, and slender waist, furthermore that female celestial like facial features, and skin which even the first-rate silk couldn’t compare.

Feng Yun placed his hands on her breasts and he once again became stunned from feeling the softest thing in his whole life. Feng Yun unconsciously squeezed both of his hands causing her breast to make several shapes.

Feng Yun continued playing with her breasts, making various shapes out of them. As for Feng Guan, she half-closed her misty eyes which had a passionate hot gaze, and her breathing was even hotter as if it were the steam of boiling water. Her jade hands were held around the neck of Feng Yun, refusing to let it go, and her mouth is unconsciously giving out seductive moans.

Feng Yun began using his fingers to pinch both of her hard nipples and because he had no experience in this area, he pulled on them with all his strength.

"Mmmm! Don’t be too rough, Feng Yun... Be gentle please..."

Listening to her gentle voice when she whispered in his ears and looking at her brown eyes, Feng Yun did as she said and didn’t pull her nipples too hard.

Feng Yun boldly went forward for another kiss, to which Feng Guan obliged and kissed him back.

"Darling, how is it? Do you want it?" Feng Yun said with a smile. He was also greatly enduring his lust.

Feng Guan charmingly snorted and biting her lower lips, she closed her eyes, then looked sideways, refusing to admit defeat.

Feng Yun chuckled, and his big hand slides down. Passing her smooth lower abdomen, he lightly caressed the inner thigh of Feng Guan’s but refused to get over to her secret garden. This time Feng Guan felt empty to the extreme.

Feng Yun couldn’t bear to stay still and immerse himself in Feng Guan’s neck. There he left rosy hickeys. Her enchanting body thoroughly enraptured him and his lips slowly slide down towards her sacred mountain peak. Feng Yun’s head got inside the mountains and then sucked the small cherry on top of it inside his mouth. His skillful tongue circled around it with One hand grasped the other mountain and softly rubbed it. His other hand had the pearl of the breast clipped between the crack of his fingers. Very quickly, two plumps’ breasts became increasingly firm, and Feng Guan was not able to bear the simulation of two small cherries and came.

Feng Guan let out loud moans, and even she didn’t dare to believe that she was letting out such lewd voices. Feng Yun slowly slides down his head while kissing her body, and his hands still held her breast. His lips swept over her delicate navel and kissed her pubis, then that fine hair stuck on his face. After that, he slowly came down until he saw the two pink lips trembling ever so lightly and revealing the juicy walls hidden behind them. Feng Yun’s breathing turned even rougher.

Feeling Feng Yun’s lips on the edge of her secret garden, Feng Guan suddenly felt a warm current flowing out from her private parts, so she exclaimed: "No, don’t.", but Feng Yun didn’t stop.

Stretching his tongue, Feng Yun first lightly licked the outside, after which his tongue slowly made its way inside Feng Guan’s pussy.


Tasting the pussy which felt sweet and sour from being covered in her sacred juices, Feng Yun began greedily ravaging her insides as his teeth brushed against the small button accidentally every once in a while.

As Feng Yun continued licking the inside of Feng Guan’s pussy, she could no longer stay calm for long. Moaning loudly, she interrupted Feng Yun who was trying to make his tongue go deeper.

"Love me, I want it." Feng Guan said with hazy eyes.

Feng Yun smiled and nodded. He moved on top of her and used his hands to guide his dick between her legs and waited for her confirmation to pierce her pussy.


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