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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 12 - The Final Match

Chapter 12 - The Final MatChapter

The Competition continued for another hour, and finally, it was Feng Yun’s turn.

Feng Yun’s opponent was a practitioner of the sixth level of the Body-Refining realm. Upon seeing Feng Yun, a complicated expression appeared on his face.

Finally, he said with a low voice. "I admit defeat."

From the previous match of Feng Yun, he knew that he was not the opponent of Feng Yun. Feng Yun was already at the 8th layer of the body refining realm and there was a two-layer gap between them, so he had to admit defeat.

For Feng Yun to have won so easily in the second match, it was within everyone’s expectations.

One after another, battles broke out.

The battles lasted for a full three hours before they ended. After the first round of the competition ended, the second round of the competition was about to begin.

The first match of the second round was a big match because one of the young cultivators reached the 7th-level of the body refining realm.

"To think Feng Jiang would meet Feng Kun."

"Yes, although Feng Jiang is very strong, Feng Kun is also very strong."

"Feng Kun has already reached the 7th-layer of the Body Refining realm, and he has many more death experiences than him, so Feng Jiang is definitely not his match."

As the junior members were discussing amongst themselves, Feng Kun stepped into the battle arena.

Feng Jiang also stepped onto the stage, a slight smile could be seen on his face.

"Feng Jiang, you are not my opponent." Feng Kun said arrogantly.

"Feng Kun, we still don’t know who will win!" Feng Jiang said.

"Then I will let you know who will win!" as the sound of Feng Kun’s voice faded, he started attacking Feng Jiang.


After fighting for ten minutes, Feng Jiang defeated Feng Kun.

"What?! Feng Kun lost?"

"Damn it, Feng Jiang also reached 7th-layer of the body refining realm!"

"Feng Jiang won!"

The fifth elder looked at Feng Jiang with a satisfied smile because Feng Jiang is his son. He is naturally proud of his son’s progress in the cultivation.

Although the fact that Feng Jiang defeated Feng Kun surprised the audience, the competition continued.

Time slowly passed, and it was Feng Yun’s turn again.

This time, Feng Yun’s opponent was a young man at the peak stage of the 7th-layer of the body refining called Feng Wei.

Feng Wei stepped into the battle arena, and he arrogantly looked at Feng Yun and said, "Feng Yun, I hope that you can give me a good fight." As he took out a sword from his waist and moved forward to attack Feng Yun.

Feng Wei performed the family’s sword art. He waved the long sword, and the sword light flashed.

Feng Yun also took out a normal sword from his waist and struck towards Feng Wei’s sword attack.


Both of them took two steps back, Feng Yun didn’t use any sword art, he was fighting with just basic sword arts. He didn’t want to defeat Feng Wei too soon. He was fighting him for the sake of combat experience.

Both of them fought for almost 30 minutes until Feng Wei became exhausted and admitted defeat. He was also grateful to Feng Yun for the fight, if Feng Yun wanted to, then the match would have ended in a few moves, and he would be more ashamed.

"This kid has fully mastered Basic sword arts and also has a good fighting sense." On the main platform, the patriarch looked at Feng Yun with appreciation and said lightly.

"The trash became a genius."

"That’s right! To think Feng Yun defeated Feng Wei with only basic sword art."

"I think Feng Yun can also defeat Feng Yang." One of the elders said.

"I don’t think so, Feng Yang is the first genius of the family."

In the field, many people were discussing each other’s thoughts.

The next match was Feng Yang’s but his opponent gave up before the match started.

The matches continued, but Feng Yun and Feng Yang didn’t have to fight anymore and had already moved into the finals.

After one and a half hours, it was the final match between Feng Yun and Feng Yang.

Feng Yang came in front of Feng Yun and arrogantly said, "Feng Yun, although your strength has increased a lot, in front of me, you are nothing at all. Trash is Trash after all."

"Trash? After this trash defeats you, what will you become? Lower than the trash?" Feng Yun said with contempt.

Hearing that, Feng Yang’s face changed, and he said in a heavy voice: "You are courting death, Feng Yun!"

Feng Yang angrily looked at Feng Yun and with a sword in his hand, he moved towards Feng Yun to attack.

Feng Yang waved the sword and streams of tyrannical aura spread out from Feng Yang’s body.

Feng Yun looked at Feng Yang with indifferent eyes, there was no fear in his eyes. After practicing the Nine Heaven Sword Arts, his temperament has changed to a high stage. Not a person in the same realm could make him fear and not even a few stages upper realm could do that.

"Falling water technique!"

Feng Yang roared and performed the family’s secret sword art. A blue-colored aura rushed out from Feng Yang’s body and his sword became covered with water Spirit Qi and moved toward Feng Yun.

"Is this the Falling Water technique? It’s too powerful!"

"I feel like my body will no longer move in front of this pressure."

"Feng Yang is really worthy of being called a genius! He can actually cultivate this sword technique to such a high mastery!"

"I think Feng Yun will lose."

On the field, many people started speaking their thoughts about who will win this match.

" Feng Yang... this child is not bad! He practiced the falling water technique to the great accomplishment realm." The Patriarch nodded and said while looking at Feng Yang in the battle arena.

"Yes, he is a genius in martial arts! He has a brilliant future up ahead." another elder praised Feng Yang.

On the stage, Feng Yun also felt the bright aura of Feng Yang, but it was useless against him. He has an Ancient Fire Demon Bloodline! How could a measly ordinary water aura make him concerned?

Feng Yun also waved his sword and a yellow aura covered his sword, he then thrust the sword towards Feng Yang without any technique.

"Ignorant fool!" Feng Yang said.

Seeing Feng Yun didn’t use any sword technique, Feng Yang was ecstatic. He shouted loudly and unleashed his powerful attack and fiercely collided with Feng Yang’s sword.


The Sound of the metal clashing rang out and sparks flew in all directions.

Both of them took a few steps back, Feng Yang observed Feng Yun and his eyes revealed a hint of astonishment, he then said with a deep voice, "I underestimated you, Feng Yun!"

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