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Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 10 - Start Of Competition

Chapter 10 - Start Of Competition

After a few days, Early in the morning, the entire family was in an uproar and the family members were everywhere in the Family’s Martial arts Practice Field.

In the middle of the huge martial arts practice field, there was a commotion.

As time passed, the platform was gradually filled with the higher-ups of the family.

The competition could be considered the most famous event, and the majority of the people in the family were present to watch the competition.

On the left side of the platform, there was a white-haired old man. Beside this white-haired old man, sat a beautiful lady.

The white-haired old man is Feng Bai, also known as the current Patriarch of the Family and the lady beside him is Feng Guan.

"Guan-Er, who do you think will win first place in this competition?" Feng Bai asked.

"Father, I don’t know, maybe we will get a surprise from this year’s competition." Feng Guan spoke and she secretly glanced at the distant Feng Yun and a sweet smile appeared on her face.

Unfortunately, Feng Yun’s eyes were closed and he missed the chance of seeing Feng Guan looking at him with a charming smile.

Within the Martial Arts Practice Field, young males and females were discussing amongst themselves.

"Do you think the first place will change this time?"

"Impossible, Feng Yang has already reached the peak of the 8th-layer of The Body Refining, no one can defeat him."

"That’s right, I also think highly of Feng Yang."

"Feng Yun defeated Feng Bing a few days ago, I wonder how far he can go?’

"Feng Yun, that trash? Although he has defeated Feng Bing, it was just a fluke.

"That’s right, trash is still trash after all. It’s already too late for him to start cultivating."

"I think Feng Yun will be beaten to death by Feng Yang, because he is the older brother of Feng Bing."

"I think so too, Feng Yang is a ruthless person and he will definitely try to kill Feng Yun in the competition."

Of course, the focus of everyone’s discussions was all Feng Yang.

As for Feng Yun, no one thought he would be the dark horse of this competition.

Feng Yun was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed waiting for competition.

Time passed, bit by bit until finally, under the watchful eyes to the crowd, the competition was about to begin.

On the main platform, the fifth elder of the family surveyed and waved his hand for the crowd to quiet down.

"Today is the day of our Feng family’s Competition. I will announce the rules of the competition, I hope you can all show a good result for the family."

"The rules are simple, there were a few points in the rules of the competition. The first point was that no one was allowed to kill or cripple anyone in the competition."

"The second point, the elimination stage was used in the competition. Everyone would choose a number to compete in, and the first round would end. The second round would continue on like this."

"In the end, the top three will be rewarded by the family".

After hearing the rules of the competition, everyone was ready to make a move.

A moment later, the number was given out. There were nearly a hundred youngsters in the family.

"Alright, The match starts... now!" The fifth elder said.

As soon as the fifth elder finished speaking, a fourth layer of the body refining cultivator stepped onto the stage. His opponent was also the same realm cultivator.


The two people instantly began fighting, and soon, the outcome of the battle was decided.

Due to the great difference in strength between the cultivators. The speed of the matches was very fast.

After about an hour, it was Feng Yun’s turn. Feng Yun’s opponent was a practitioner of fifth layer of the Body Refining, he is Feng Hong.

Feng Hong stepped on the platform and looked at Feng Yun with disdain, "You are going down yourself or will I send you down myself?."

"I hope your strength is as powerful as your mouth." Feng Yun said.

"Do you think i am the same as Feng Bing? Just admit defeat, otherwise I will throw you out." Feng Hong looked seriously at Feng Yun.

"In your dreams." Feng Yun said with a smirk.

"Come on! let me see how good you are, I will give you three chances!" Feng Hong said with a very confident face while pointing three fingers to Feng Yun.

Feng Yun put on a strange smile, and said with a smirk, "This is what you said, okay? Do not regret it."

The words of Feng Yun made everyone on the field hear it because he talked quite loudly and they couldn’t help but laugh after hearing him.

Nobody believes that Feng Yun will be able to win.

Feng Hong naturally thinks that Feng Yun is afraid and deliberately speaks loudly for bravery. He immediately looked at him with disdain and said. "I won’t regret it, of course, that is if you can force me back a single step in three tricks, then I will admit defeat!" Feng Hong said loudly, for fear that the audience would not hear it.

Feng Yun smiled and said, "Well, as you are seemingly ready, I am going to attack!"

Feng Hong outstretched his hand, pointed 2 fingers to Feng Yun and taunted him to come. "Come here, let alone three strikes, even with thirty strikes you may not hurt me a little." Feng Hong is quite confident because the person in front of him was the famous cripple of the family.

"Then I’m coming," Feng Yun said while walking slowly towards Feng Hong. He looked like walking leisurely in his backyard and not going to fight at all..

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