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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 5: I will protect this family

“Xiu’Er, did you have a nightmare?” Su LingYun was woken up from her sleep by Tang Xiu’s miserable shriek and her heart tighten up as she saw that Tang Xiu was drench in perspiration. (TLN: Xiu’Er = Tang Xiu, just a Chinese way of calling their children or someone dear to them by adding an ‘Er to their name)

The immense pain nearly caused Tang Xiu to lose consciousness and he spent an enormous amount of effort to gradually control his breathing. Seeing the nervous and concerned look from his mother, Tang Xiu hesitated a while before nodding lightly to acknowledge her conjecture.

Tang Xiu did not want to tell anyone about the matters regarding the Immortal World. An ordinary person will not have any trouble, but if they had hidden a treasure then trouble will befall upon them, so he did not want to be put in any danger.

Although Tang Xiu believed that his mother would not harm him, but he was afraid that the people who wishes to harm him would make use of his mother or cause disturbance to her tranquil life.

“You little rascal, still being dishonest when you’re sleeping, look at the amount of perspiration you’re having, it’s making you smell bad. I will go fetch some warm water to wipe your body.” Su LingYun monitored her son for a while before giving a light smile and left.

After checking that his mother had went off to someplace further away, Tang Xiu collapsed and inhaled a breath of cool air as he can’t help but shriek miserably in pain again. However, his face was filled with delight.

“Tyrannical, its indeed tyrannical! The Supreme Art of Quintessential Space that came from the ancient era of the Immortal World which lacks heavenly energy actually retrieves energy from the sun, moon and stars for its own usage. Initially I lacked the qualification to cultivate this Art, but luckily I subconsciously cultivated the Supreme Art of Quintessential space when I was in a paralysed state after throwing up blood and fell unconscious. This barely fulfilled the requirements of the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space, giving me the qualification to cultivate it. Or else I would not have been able to cultivate this mysterious cultivation technique based on the mental state that I had when I’m awake and the frail body that I possessed! I’m truly in luck!”

Feeling a thread of star energy and also a weak but distinct life force coursing through his body, Tang Xiu was unable to contain his joy.

But in the next instance, the smile on Tang Xiu’s face froze momentarily as he entered into a deep thought.

The anguishing pain from just now had left a deep lasting impression on Tang Xiu as the pain was similar to the one in the tribulation of the heart when undergoing the tribulation of divinity in the Immortal world – the Demonic Tribulation. Tang Xiu did not wished to experience this kind of pain anymore.

The only fatal weak point of this Art was that the cultivator must possess a substantially strong physique to withstand the abundance of energy from the universe.

The creator of the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space had emphasised time and again that if cultivators wished to cultivate the first stage of the Art, Transcendence of the Stars, they would have to prepare enough rare medicinal herbs, minerals, and also internal organs of ferocious beast like blood essence, tendons and many more to strengthen the body.

The cultivation of Transcendence of the Stars includes training of stamina, toughening of the skin, growing of muscles, strengthening of bones, strengthening of tendons, strengthening of organs, and improvement in blood circulation. It was created to emulate the body constitution of the demon race to resolve the issue on the disadvantage of having a weak body constitution for the god race. Every small part of the cultivation process requires different innumerable rare materials.

The Supreme Art of Quintessential Space requires the cultivator to have a strong body constitution. Even if the cultivation progress for this technique was fast, if the strength of body constitution did not reach the requirement, the cultivator would explode and die on the spot from absorbing too much star energy.

“It was not easy for me to return back to Earth, I do not want to just explode and die. I wanted to cultivate the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space back when I was in the Immortal World because its was a chaotic world of slaughter and I needed a strong cultivation to keep my life. However, the world on Earth pays more attention to law and harmony, there is no need for me to have high combat prowess.”

Tang Xiu gradually calmed down after a brief moment of delight, and at the same time, firmly decided to give up the thought on cultivating the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space.

One reason was that he may face the risk of self-exploding if he continues to cultivate it. Another reason was that the memory of his lover and close friends who joined hands to deal with him was too painful.

“Since there is no need for me to posses high combat prowess and there is danger from cultivating the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space, I could just cultivate other cultivation techniques.” Tang Xiu felt more at ease after putting down the enormous load that he had carried for 100 of years in the Immortal World.

As the grandson of the sect head in the Immortal World, Tang Xiu possess innumerable cultivation techniques and martial skills belonging to the Vermilion Bird Holy Sect, and had also purchased and exchanged countless of legacies and secret techniques.

Tang Xiu even went to raid the whole of the Immortal World just to root out cultivation techniques and martial skills after becoming one of the top few supreme expert in the Immortal World. Therefore, the cultivation technique and martial skill that Tang Xiu could choose from was simply too many.

Art of Golden Swarn, Sapphire Flame Art, Art of Frozen Heart......

Other people may fret over the lack of cultivation techniques and martial skills to train, but what Tang Xiu was fretting over was the choice of cultivation techniques and martial skills to train.

“Xiu’Er, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have slapped your uncle just now, although it helped released my pent up anger but it may caused you to get kicked out of Star City (Grade 1) High School.” When Su LingYun came back after fetching a pail of water, Tang Xiu was still fretting over the matters regarding his cultivation, so when she saw the frowning look on Tang Xiu’s face, she thought that Tang Xiu was worried about the problem regarding his school.

“Mum its alright, what’s done is done, its fine even if we lose this relative or else we will always suffer humiliation for no reason.” Seeing the guilt on his mother’s face, Tang Xiu had no choice but to hide his emotions away as he gave a light smile and consoled her.


“Mum, lets not worry about the things that have not yet occur, maybe I will still be able to continue studying in Star City (Grade 1) High school. Even if I’m not able to remain there, Star City (Grade 7) High School should be willing to accept me I guess? By then we would have to see if mum is willing to continue spending money on me.” Su LingYun wanted to say more but was interrupted by Tang Xiu. (TLN: Hi guys, I made a bit of mistake regarding the name of the school :/ the raws are “星城一中” which directly translate to “star city one middle”. Previously I translated it as just “Star City High School” but it seems that the letter “one(一)” had a meaning to it, I can’t think of a nice name for it so I just bracketed and put it as “grade 1” hahahaha)

“You little rascal, you’re the only son that mum had, how can I not be willing to spend money on you!” After staring at her son intensely and realising that her son really had no intention of blaming or resenting her, Su LingYun relaxed subconsciously.

When Su LingYun was helping Tang Xiu to wipe his body, Tang Xiu was still racking his brain on what cultivation technique and martial skills to train on and did not notice anything inappropriate. However, only when he felt his pants being pulled down and a cool breeze brushing around his groin did he came back to his senses.

“Mum I will do it myself, just go over to one side to rest!” Tang Xiu pulled up his pants at the speed of light while snatching the warm towel away from his mother’s hands as he exclaimed with his face flushed red.

“You little rascal, I was the one who gave birth to you, which part of your body have I not seen before.” Su LingYun was laughing and scolding Tang Xiu at the same time, but she did not insist on helping Tang Xiu to wipe his body and instead turning around to pack their stuff. “Xiu’Er, the doctor had told me that there was no issue with your body and that the repercussion from a year ago had actually been cured miraculously, how do you feel?”

“After throwing out a few mouthful of blood at uncle’s house, I feel that my whole body had loosen up and my mind is more active now, my disoriented intellect in the past have also seem to be straighten out. Mum, I have a feeling that I will be able to reclaimed back the top ranking in my cohort that used to belong to me.” Under Su LingYun’s nervous gaze, Tang Xiu spoke with his face ‘filled with excitement’.

Tang Xiu naturally understood what his mother was worrying about , so he spoke entirely in accordance to his mother’s thought process. Of course, what Tang Xiu had said was not exactly lying to his mother but more of covering up the truth with good intention.

After his soul returned back to his body, Tang Xiu had realised that he had a lot of blood clot accumulated all over his body and knew that it was the repercussion from the car accident.

Initially, Tang Xiu wanted to give Su ShangWen a gruesome beating when he activated the Origin Ignition Art, but when he took action, he suddenly recalled that he was now on Earth where world peace takes precedence and not the vicious slaughter of the Immortal World. Su ShangWen was just a relative that he loathed and not a murderous enemy, so Tang Xiu retracted a lot of energy back and used this energy to clear all the blood clots in his body.

Therefore the repercussion in Tang Xiu’s body did not just get cured miraculously but was due to Tang Xiu curing himself. As for his studies, Tang Xiu had already recovered back his initial intellect after his soul returned back to his body, and coupled with the ten thousand years of scholarly knowledge and godly skills, if he did not obtained the top ranking in his entire cohort then he would have spent ten thousand years in the Immortal World in vain.

After making sure that there were no issues with Tang Xiu’s body, Su LingYun went to do the outpatient procedures.

When they reached home and did a simple clean up, Tang Xiu had no choice but to head over to school due to his mother’s insistence.

“Xiu’Er, your uncle shouldn’t have made things too difficult for you since we are still his blood relative. If you really can’t stay in Star City (Grade 1) High School then mum will try to squeeze you into Star City (Grade 2) High School, worst come to worst there is still Star City (Grade 7) High school.” Before stepping onto the school compound, Su LingYun was fixing up Tang Xiu’s uniform as she was reluctant to part while speaking in a gentle voice.

“Mum I got it, I will concentrate on my studies and not think of other stuff, because I still have you.” Tang Xiu lightly hugged his mother, using a delicate voice and said, “You have to take care of your body too, or else I would get distracted.”

Tang Xiu turned around and left after saying his lines, leaving Su LingYun there with eyes seemingly red.

“Such a bear-like child, suddenly being so loving, I’m really not used to it.” Feeling the great change from her son, a sense of satisfaction began to well up while feeling deeply moved.

What Su LingYun didn’t know was that Tang Xiu had not gone far, as he reached a turning point of the school building, he made sure that his mother could not see his figure before hiding at a corner at lightning speed, silently gazing at her.

When Tang Xiu saw that there were tears at the corner of his mother’s eyes with a face full of smile and delight, Tang Xiu’s nose soured as two streaks of tears surge out uncontrollably.

Nobody could imagine how deep the relationship between Tang Xiu and Su LingYun were, including Su LingYun herself.

Separated for ten thousand years, and yearning for ten thousand.

In the ten thousand years in the Immortal World, Tang Xiu was always thinking about his mother and was also the greatest inner demon in his heart. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to put down his longing for her.

Even though Tang Xiu have not seen his mother for ten thousand years, but in his heart, him and his mother had been together for countless of reincarnation, Su LingYun would always be his mother and Tang Xiu would always be her only son in every reincarnation.

Luckily the ten thousand years in the Immortal World had let Tang Xiu to possess a strong control on his emotions, coupled with the fact that he was feeling downcast from being betrayed and harmed by his lover and close friends, or else Tang Xiu would have hugged his mother and cried in bitterly when he returned back to Earth.

“Mum, you were the one that protected our family for the past seventeen years, from now onwards let me protect this family of ours!” Tang Xiu thought to himself silently as his mother’s figure walked further away and disappeared into the crowd.

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