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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 29: An Overnight Sensation

Chapter 29: An Overnight Sensation

After Hu Qiusheng heard Tang Xiu’s ridiculing words, he originally wanted to jump out and scold Tang Xiu’s ruthlessly.

But when Wei Zhentai came out, Hu Qiusheng had no choice but to suppress his anger, and could only stand on the side and sulk in anger.

After Tang Xiu had vented most of the anger in his heart, he also didn’t act too extreme and began to immerse himself in answering the exam questions.

Although there were 30 teachers encircling and watching him, Tang Xiu didn’t even have the slightest discomfort, but was calm and composed, just like the flowing clouds and waters, as he rapidly answered the exams questions on the paper one after another.

One must know that each time Tang Xiu was given lessons on concocting pills in the Immortal World, there were almost tens of thousands of pairs of eyes gazing at him attentively. Tang Xiu had also been able to deliberately ignore and turn a blind eye toward everything.

Tang Xiu might be able to ignore the presence of 30 teachers in the office; however, those 30 teachers in the office had no way to ignore Tang Xiu.

Upon seeing that Tang Xiu almost didn’t think, and took only seconds to answer most of the exam questions, a lot of teachers at the office couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay with wrinkled brows.

“Humph, you really know how to put on an act. Even the teachers who teach these subjects can in no way easily answer these exam questions. But you can finish it so fast, isn’t this the same with only talking nonsense?” Hu Qiusheng who had long been discontented with Tang Xiu’s conducts and manners, couldn’t help but blurt mocking and ridiculing words from the side.

“Teacher Hu! Please DO NOT disturb student Tang Xiu in answering the exam questions; otherwise, we will have to ask you to step out!” When Hu Qiusheng’s words had almost finished, Han Qingwu ruthlessly reminded him.

Seeing Han Qingwu’s anger, several other teachers in the office who had similar feelings with Hu Qiusheng had no choice but to quickly swallow back the words that nearly were blurted out, and could only silently watch Tang Xiu answering the questions.

Han Qingwu’s short sentence made Hu Qiusheng furiously mad, as if he was more dead than alive. Had it been other teachers who dared to talk to him like this, he could have long flipped out crazily.

However, since the one he was facing was Han Qingwu, Hu Qiusheng could do nothing but tolerate and endure it.

Through a period of contact, Hu Qiusheng had already been aware of Han Qingwu’s character. He knew that Han Qingwu was not the kind of person who had favoritism but was full of integrity and kindness, while she also had a very strong sense of justice and principle, of which made him fear to not provoke Han Qingwu.

But Hu Qiusheng also knew when to stop. Because after he saw that Han Qingwu was really angry, he tactfully stopped provoking, and only sneered in his heart endlessly. He was waiting to see Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu become a joke.

20 minutes later, Tang Xiu had already finished his Math exam papers.

Although they already knew that Tang Xiu’s answering speed was very fast in the Monthly Test, but witnessing that Tang Xiu only needed half an hour to finish the Math questions with this high difficulty degree, the third year teachers couldn’t help but become scared seeing Tang Xiu’s answering speed.

The moment Tang Xiu was about to throw the Math exam paper to the side, Hu Qiusheng immediately grabbed it.

After Hu Qiusheng got the exam paper, his mouth slightly upturned, and was ready to blurt out the ridiculing words he had long prepared.

Just when Hu Qiusheng was seeing the first three multiple choice questions on the Math exam paper, it was as if his throat was like being pierced by fishbone and it got difficult to bear the pain as his face was thoroughly flushed red.

Before he took the exam papers, Hu Qiusheng had already done the first three multiple-choice questions on the Math exam paper, and he found that not only were these three multiple choice questions very difficult, but it also had traps and was tricky. Had the ones who answered it be a little careless and have a shaky foundation, it was very possible to make mistakes. So Hu Qiusheng also thought that Tang Xiu would absolutely write the wrong answers for these 3 questions.

After he snatched Tang Xiu’s exam paper, never once he had thought that Tang Xiu could be this good. And to his surprise, he found that Tang Xiu had correctly answered all of these first 3 questions.

Recalling that it took him 5 minutes to finish these three questions, and how careful he was as not to make mistakes to answer these questions, Hu Qiusheng’s heart naturally refused to believe that Tang Xiu only needed nearly a few seconds to correctly answer these questions.

The fourth question—Correct.

The fifth question—Correct.


When Hu Qiusheng read the last question and found that all the answers were exactly the same as the standard answers, it was as if he was being struck and killed by thunder as his face had turned extremely pale.

After Wei Zhentai called Hu Qiusheng for several times without getting any replies, he became puzzled and took the exam papers from Hu Qiusheng’s hands.

Although the Wei Zhentai was the principal, he had long been engaged with administrative works for years, so he naturally couldn’t be like Hu Qiusheng, who only needed to look at the paper to know whether the answers were correct or not. However, this didn’t hinder him to judge whether Tang Xiu’s answers were correct or not, since he held the standard answers in his hands.

10 minutes later, Wei Zhentai had carefully checked Tang Xiu’s Math exam papers from the beginning to the end, and then he finally knew the reasons as to why Hu Qiusheng was in a daze after reading the answers.

At this time, Wei Zhentai’s heart also had mixed feelings as he saw Tang Xiu with eyes full of a gratifying expression, as well as shame, guilt, and even a boiling and heating up feeling.

“Tang Xiu’s answers on this Math test are fully correct. He received a perfect score on this Math test!” Upon seeing all third-year teachers looking at him with inquiring eyes, Wei Zhentai whispered.

Having said this sentence, Wei Zhentai suddenly felt that he that he become old and weak, and handed over the exam papers to the teacher next to him.

When Wei Zhentai was nearly finished checking his Math exam papers, Tang Xiu had completed his Comprehensive Science exam.

All teachers naturally were competing to snatch it, as if becoming the first one to check it was a pleasure.

Having a perfect score on the Math exam, everyone in the office was also filled with hope and expectation regarding Tang Xiu’s Comprehension Science exam.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu’s Comprehensive Science exam paper also had been fully checked, and all answers were fully correct. Tang Xiu had gotten a perfect score once again.

Then the English exam, except for the listening section, he also got a full score.

Finally, the Language and Literature exam. Except for the essay composition test, he hit a perfect score again.

Because Tang Xiu didn’t need to do the listening section for the English exam, as well as the essay composition in the Language and Literature Exam, he had completed all 4 sets of exam questions, and it only took him an hour and 10 minutes. But, this time mark was not even enough for other people to finish these set of exams.


Still silence.

Still the same deathly silence.

After fully reviewing all of Tang Xiu’s exam questions, all the third year teachers fell into silence.

These teachers seemed to be bewitched as they stood motionlessly with faces revealing a pondering expression, while Hu Qiusheng suddenly seemed to have aged by several decades. There was no longer the haughty and fierce expression on his face; instead, it was replaced with a distraught and dazed expression.

The only one who was excited was Han Qingwu.

Even though Han Qingwu had chosen to trust Tang Xiu before, but before Tang Xiu’s exam results were out, her heart was disturbed and apprehensive. She especially saw how fast Tang Xiu was in answering the exam questions, her heart was boiling up and it filled her throat. But she didn’t even dare to gasp heavily in this kind of atmosphere.

Now, after seeing that Tang Xiu had not only had lived up to her expectation but also gave such answers that were far surpassing of her expectation, beside the excitement from her heart, she also felt gratified.

“Principal Wei, Tang Xiu’s exam result in this time shouldn’t be because he was cheating, yes?” Having found the exceptionally strange atmosphere, and seeing that everyone had fallen into silence after reading Tang Xiu’s exam papers, Han Qingwu, after being silent for a long while, then cautiously and solemnly asked.

“You are the one that pulled the efforts for these exam papers, and these were also delivered to my office, and only had been planned to temporarily test Tang Xiu. So how would Tang Xiu be able to cheat, while even I was in front of you when you opened the exam paper?” Wei Zhentai’s voice was like a gigantic bell that rang in the office as he affirmed Tang Xiu’s test results.

“Then, Tang Xiu’s Monthly Test scores should also be valid, correct?” Han Qingwu continued asking while the issue was still hot.

“Tang Xiu just did this set of test volumes that are at least 2 levels higher in difficulty than the last Monthly Test. Since Tang Xiu got perfect scores in this test, then his 712 points in the last Monthly Test isn’t surprising.” Wei Zhentai was naturally perfectly aware of Han Qingwu’s worry as he then smiled and nodded his head.

“Such being the case, should Teacher Hu’s gamble with Teacher Han be fulfilled? Besides, Teacher Hu seemed to have said that if I didn’t cheat in the Monthly Test, then he would resign at once. I don’t know whether Teacher Hu’s words could also be counted to have any weight?” When Wei Zhentai was preparing a few words to comfort and praise Tang Xiu, as well as encouraging Tang Xiu to make persistent efforts, Tang Xiu’s sharp and clear voice suddenly resounded in the office.

Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, everyone’s heart in the office slightly jolted as they subconsciously focused their vision on Hu Qiusheng.

However, Hu Qiusheng was as if he lost his soul after having read Tang Xiu’s Math answers. As he was only sitting in his seat in a trance-like state with despondent eyes, to the extent that he didn’t even know what everyone had said in the office.

“Tang Xiu! Although Teacher Hu’s attitude towards you was a little bit extreme; however, it’s also because he’s expecting too much from you that caused him to do that. And since Teacher Hu has known that he had misunderstood you, he surely feels very uncomfortable towards you. Could you not to make things more difficult for Teacher Hu? Okay?” Looking at the dazed Hu Qiusheng, Han Qingwu’s heart was unable to bear it and subconsciously pleaded for Hu Qiusheng.

The people in the office apparently didn’t expect that Han Qingwu would plead for Hu Qiusheng, but she was also the first one to plead for Hu Qiusheng. At this time, they looked at Han Qingwu with eyes full of respect and admiration.

They perfectly knew that before today, Hu Qiusheng’s words had always been provoking of Han Qingwu everytime and everywhere. Had each and every one of them were to ask themselves honestly and put themselves in Han Qingwu’s shoes, they absolutely could never have done the same thing.

“Then, I’ll leave everything to Teacher Han. If Principal and other teachers don’t have anything more for me, then I will go back to the classroom first.” Tang Xiu’s test had ended, and he purposefully said these words since he wanted to remind Hu Qiusheng that he hadn’t forgotten the dispute between himself and Hu Qiusheng, while also forcing Hu Qiusheng to get back to his right mind and return to Class 5, because Tang Xiu didn’t really want to hit a person that had been downed already.

Since his purpose had been achieved, and with the plead from Han Qingwu for Hu Qiusheng, Tang Xiu also was in a happy mood to give this favor that cost him nothing. Besides, he had helped Han Qingwu and this also could show his generosity at the same time.

“Student Tang Xiu, can I ask you a question? Your performance this month has improved to the highest, from the beginning, you haven’t fallen, have you?” When Tang Xiu was about to step out from the office door, Wei Zhentai suddenly asked.

“Principal, is this question very important?” Tang Xiu paused his footsteps as he revealed a faint and vague smile, “Principal, rather than paying attention to this issue, you might as well pay attention towards those students with ordinary results. After all, there are nearly a thousand third year students every year. But if we re-evaluate it, only very few or several dozens of students could pass the university entrance exam and be admitted to the famous and prestigious universities. Principal, how would you think?”

After he had finished speaking, Tang Xiu turned around and left, no longer giving any chance for Wei Zhentai to speak.

After the long silence in the office, Wei Zhentai only let out a sigh, his originally straight spine suddenly turned bent, while some traces of regrets were also drawn on his face.

The expression of drowning into deep thought was also shown on the other teachers’ faces.

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