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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 28: Incompatible as Fire and Water

Chapter 28: Incompatible as Fire and Water

Tang Xiu was sitting motionlessly on his seat at Star City First High School’s classroom with an unusually ugly expression.

Through a night of effort, although Tang Xiu was able to find a dozen types of rare and precious medicinal herbs as well as all rare minerals needed to concoct the Body Refining Liquid, he didn’t even find any trace of fierce beasts, so he naturally had no idea as to where he could find fierce beasts’ internal organs and blood’s essence.

“Could it be that, because this world’s spiritual energy is too thin, it had caused the extinction of the Earth’s fierce beasts, or the Earth is simply unable to give birth to any fierce beasts?” Tang Xiu’s face turned deathly pale when this possibility suddenly crossed his mind.

Even though concocting the Body Refining Liquid could be carried out without the fierce beasts’ internal organs, blood’s essence, and tendons; however, the effect of the Body Refining Liquid would be greatly reduced, and also multiplied the dangers Tang Xiu would encounter in cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis.

And since he couldn’t any find fierce beasts now, maybe one day he would be lacking a rare medicinal herb and rare minerals. Wouldn’t it be equal to completely making him unable to cultivate the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis?

“This won’t do, I must find the substitutes to concoct the Body Refining Liquid, or find a replacement for the raw materials. Immortal World has Immortal World’s advantages, while Earth also has its own. The science and technology on Earth is very developed, and never will I believe that I can’t solve this problem in cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis!”

Slowly, firm, brilliant lights flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes while his expression also slowly eased, before he finally revealed a confident smile.

“Tang Xiu, Teacher Han wants you to go to the Grade Section Main Office.” A crisp voice suddenly rang near his ears while Tang Xiu was still immersed in his thoughts.

Tang Xiu looked up and found that Cheng Yannan was unknowingly standing next to his seat, and looked at him with a complex expression.

“Thanks for the notice, I’ll be there right away.” Tang Xiu already faintly understood what issues he would have as he nodded at Cheng Yannan, before he got up and left.

Seeing Tang Xiu’s slim back from behind, Cheng Yannan’s lips were squirming as she seemed wanted to talk something but hesitated.

Cheng Yannan had just come out from the Grade Section Main Office, so she naturally knew for what issues Tang Xiu was being summoned by Teacher Han.

“Your marks have always been in the most bottom, people at most will only ridicule and sneer at you, and you wouldn’t have anything to lose anymore, so why did you choose to cheat?” Only until Tang Xiu’s back had disappeared for quite awhile did Cheng Yannan whisper in a soft voice.

The scene Cheng Yannan had just seen really scared her. Not only were all third years’ teachers gathered at the office, but also the principal, vice principal, as well as several people from the school’s administration were there in order to clarify whether Tang Xiu really cheated or not in the last Monthly Test.

Almost all teachers at the office believed that Tang Xiu had cheated on the Monthly Test, because his results were too exaggerated. From the total points of 750, he unexpectedly got 712 points, which became even more doubtful since he beat Yang Jian, who successively became the city’s top scorer in the last Monthly Tests. Let alone the one who got this result was Tang Xiu, who was the most bottom-ranked of the entire third year.

Only Class 10’s teacher-in-charge—Han Qingwu—alone, firmly believed that Tang Xiu didn’t cheat on the test. She didn’t even hesitate to quarrel with other teachers that were headed by Hu Qiusheng, which even made her face flushed red in anger.

“Tang Xiu, Tang Xiu... the issue that you’re cheating is not important, but you’re dragging Teacher Han into the pit miserably.” Cheng Yannan curled her lips, and was extremely disappointed in Tang Xiu.

However, recalling how Tang Xiu was in Class 10 for only a month, and only spent most of his time sitting in the classroom in a daze, as well as recalling all the rumors about him, the kind-hearted Cheng Yannan neither blamed nor complained about him.

“I dare to vouch that Tang Xiu absolutely had cheated on this Monthly Test. If he didn’t cheat, then I will resign at once!” Tang Xiu happened to hear Hu Qiusheng roar in an agitated voice when he just arrived at the Grade Section Main Office.

Maybe it was caused by Hu Qiusheng’s intimidating manners, the office turned deathly silent after he roared his words, and even Han Qingwu, who always strongly argued with him, also seemed frightened by Hu Qiusheng’s words and didn’t utter any words again.

“Hey, Old Tiger Hu, did you mean it with your words that, if I can prove that I didn’t cheat on the Monthly Test, you will really resign?” When Hu Qiusheng thought that he had won the final victory and felt triumphant, a frank and clear voice suddenly transmitted, and immediately followed with the door being pushed open by Tang Xiu as he entered the office.

“You ... you... impudent! You didn’t respect the elderly and superiors. You have no respect for your teachers and their teachings. How could such a person able to get the highest score in the test?” Tang Xiu’s ‘Old Tiger’ remarks instantly made Hu Qiusheng stamp into a rage as he suddenly jumped up from his chair and pointed at Tang Xiu’s nose and cursed, “If you can prove that you were not cheating on this test, I, Hu Qiusheng, will change my name to your surname.”

“Old Tiger Hu, I am sorry, there’s no way in hell I will agree to your request. You’ve got to ask my father’s consent to change your surname into mine!” Upon seeing the flustered and exasperated expression Hu Qiusheng had, Tang Xiu felt very happy.

Tang Xiu’s had always abided to his principle with others that, if “a person respected him for a foot, he will return the respect for 10 feet. Had a person ruin his one grain, he would rob 3 buckets from him”.

When Hu Qiusheng repeatedly humiliated Tang Xiu and his mother, and even tried to kick Tang Xiu out of school, the relationship between Tang Xiu and Hu Qiusheng as teacher and student had ended. He naturally no longer had the slightest respect towards Hu Qiusheng, and this was reflected in his rude and disrespecting words.

Tang Xiu’s words made everyone in the office unable to restrain their smiles. However, when they saw Hu Qiusheng’s eyes that seemed like he was being burned in flames, they held back the urge to explode in laughter with great difficulty.

“Tang Xiu, shut up! Today, we called you to the office to give you a chance to prove your innocence. If you talk too much again like this, I will drive you out!” Upon seeing Hu Qiusheng’s posture, who was about to burst out into a rage, Han Qingwu quickly stopped Tang Xiu and loudly shouted.

“Teacher Han, I’m sorry, I was just impulsive.” Facing Han Qingwu’s scolding, there was no any dissatisfaction in Tang Xiu’s heart, but instead felt grateful as he respectfully saluted toward Han Qingwu.

Originally, after having seen how rebellious and unruly Tang Xiu was a moment ago, everyone in the office actually frowned, and their impression of Tang Xiu fell to the extreme.

But when they suddenly saw Tang Xiu bowing respectfully to Han Qingwu, thoughtful expressions were drawn on their faces, while they also couldn’t help but to re-evaluate Tang Xiu once again.

Everyone also found that, although Tang Xiu was wearing plain clothes, it was unusually clean and tidy. His short black hair made him look particularly high-spirited. Coupled with his bright and piercing eyes, high nose and thin lips, as well as his tall and straight stature, it gave off the kind of good look and graceful charm feeling.

Upon seeing and feeling the invisible elegance and self-confident charm that was emanating from Tang Xiu, everyone then associated it with Hu Qiusheng’s usual character and conducts. They then instantly forgave the rudeness Tang Xiu had done a moment ago and no longer blamed him for saying those offending words. They instead felt that it was Hu Qiusheng that had forced Tang Xiu to a dead end, and caused him to say those words.

Wei Zhentai stared at Tang Xiu for a moment and then spoke in a deep tone, “Tang Xiu, because your Monthly Test’s results are too exceptional, the school doesn’t know how to deal with your results. But Teacher Han firmly believes that your results are true and valid. And she pleads to us to give you a chance to prove it. I also want you to take this opportunity well.”

“Thank you, Principal, I will cherish this opportunity.” Tang Xiu replied in a neither humble nor proud manner.

“Tang Xiu, if right now you admit that you cheated, we can forgive you. But if you cannot prove it through this re-exam and the whole truth is unmasked and exposed, not only will you find yourself in a bad position, but you also will be dragging Teacher Han into the suffering.”

“Tang Xiu, you don’t need to be like a frigid duck that is reluctant to admit mistakes. In this one year and a half time, we might be unclear about what kind of circumstances you were in, but even if you were cheating, please do so with a little bit conscientious and reasonableness compared to the marks table. Your results are nearly almost a perfect score. Do you think that we are some kind of idiots?”

“Tang Xiu, be honest and you don’t need to rigorously defend yourself. Even if you have cheated, everyone can understand your feelings. If people found that you were cheating and you didn’t dare to admit, this is precisely a problem with moral character.”


When Tang Xiu’s voice had just quieted, several teachers in the office couldn’t help but advise Tang Xiu at the same time.

Most of these people were Tang Xiu’s high school third-year teachers. Their prejudices toward Tang Xiu had already been deep-rooted, in their hearts the results had been set. Rather than advising Tang Xiu, they might as well ridicule and warn him instead.

Hu Qiusheng didn’t speak, but only coldly snorted at the side with arms crossed over on his chest and stared at Tang Xiu with a ridiculing expression.

“Principal Wei, could you start it?” Tang Xiu didn’t pay attention to the other teachers but instead asked with a calm and tranquil expression.

“Since Tang Xiu has already been prepared, everybody take your exam questions out.” Upon seeing Tang Xiu was responding like “facing the Mt. Tai being collapsed, and the elks were still coming and leaving without even blink” from his eyes’ expression, Wei Zhentai nodded in satisfaction.

Under Wei Zhentai’s order, the third year grade teacher’s leader—Xia Mingjie—put out the early prepared 4 papers and handed it over to Tang Xiu.

“Tang Xiu, if you can finish these exam papers within 4 hours this morning, and your results pass the minimum standard, the school will admit that your Monthly Test’s results are true and valid.” Under Tang Xiu’s inquiry eyes, Xia Mingjie explained in a clear voice.

“IF I finished this set of exam papers within the specified time and achieve good results, but still some people are suspecting that I’m cheating, then what’s to be done?” After Tang Xiu took the exam papers, he didn’t immediately answer it, but instead asked while sweeping a glance at Hu Qiusheng that was somewhat as if it was intended to be pointed at him.

Tang Xiu’s words made Hu Qiusheng’s face flushed red, even Xia Mingjie also couldn’t help but cough.

“I have asked the teachers from the high school affiliated with Tsinghua University to compile these exam papers with a sky-high price. These exam papers had only just arrived 10 minutes before you entered the office. Except for the Tsinghua University affiliated high school’s teachers who compiled these exam papers, nobody had ever seen these sets of exam papers.”

“We originally intended to use these sets of exam papers for the next Monthly Test, and temporarily use these exam papers to test you. Because Teacher Han had been struggling and requested for it, only then was I willing to let you see these exam papers. Student Tang Xiu, we hope that you won’t let us down!”

Upon seeing the scene between Tang Xiu and Hu Qiusheng. who were just like the incompatible fire and water, a bitter laugh filled Wei Zhentai’s heart. In order to avoid a dispute from happening again, he had no choice but to stand up and speak.

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