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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 26: Getting Rich Overnight

Chapter 26: Getting Rich Overnight

“Boss, what should we do now?” After enduring the full silence for a long time, the tattooed youth nervously spoke and asked Li Kanglong.

“What the hell can I do... I can only recognize my defeat today and let that high school student play anything he likes. As long as he’s happy, Young Master Long will also calm down, and we would be able to continue opening the Game Hall.” Li Kanglong was full with bitterness and an astringent feeling while recalling Long Zhenglin’s father’s power in Star City.

At this moment, Li Kanglong desperately wanted to fiercely slap his own face a few times. Had he been a little more generous and willing to dig some money up for that high school student, this situation wouldn’t have happened.

Now, not only had he offended Young Master Long, but he might also lose more money.

“Boss, if that high school student really has found out the regular pattern for winning the slot machine’s prize, then we will be losing too much money since we had yet to clean up the game coins in the slot machines for nearly a week.” The tattooed youth spoke in a worried tone.

“Researching the regular pattern to win the slot machine’s prize? You think too much! How the hell could there be such a genius in Star City? If there is such a genius, it would be much better to directly go to gamble in Macau, why the hell would he need to come to my small shop, huh?” Li Kanglong quite disagreed when he heard the tattooed youth’s words.

Although Li Kanglong said that Tang Xiu could never study the general pattern to hit the slot machine’s jackpot; however, unusual restlessness filled his heart.

If it were not for the fear and dread of the powerful backer behind Long Zhenglin, Li Kanglong would have quickly kicked Tang Xiu out from the Game Hall.

While Li Kanglong and his goons were drowning in uneasiness, Tang Xiu was disposing of everything without even the slightest scruple.

After hitting the jackpot for 3 times previously, Tang Xiu already became famous in the Health and Prosper Club. Whenever he was facing a slot machine, the majority of the people would give their queue position to Tang Xiu, and let him display his unique skill of controlling the slot machine to spray out game coins.

However, some others who saw Tang Xiu line up behind them thought that the slot machine would certainly give a 100% winning rate, so they were unwilling to leave their spots. But Tang Xiu only laughed and didn’t speak as he didn’t hesitate to line up in front of other slot machines, causing those people an incessant embarrassment and feeling of loss, not knowing what to do.

Because the Game Hall’s aggressive attitude enraged Tang Xiu, his next moves were absolutely unrestrained, and didn’t even care about the Game Hall’s standing anymore.

After that, everyone in the Game Hall witnessed the episodes of the game coins’ spraying from the slot machines.

3 game coins in, 12,000 game coins spat out.

17 game coins in, 6,000 game coins sprayed out.

99 game coins in, 22,000 game coins burst out.


In just half an hour, Tang Xiu had swept more than half of the slot machines in the Game Hall, with each slot machine giving Tang Xiu several thousands to tens of thousands of game coins, while the most impressive one gave him more than 20,000 game coins.

Even those players who hung onto certain slot machines and refused to give their location remained puzzled even after pondering his actions over a hundred of times. Although they also eventually won the prize, but the odds were very small, and then waited until they had spent their game coins. Never were they able to win the prize more than once.

When they realized that they were unable to even make money by seizing the slot machines, nobody resorted to these petty tricks again and took Tang Xiu cheaply, while the rest of people in the Game Hall also excessively praised him, full of admiration.

Finally, all the players in the Game Hall were disturbed by Tang Xiu, and they also didn’t attend to their own slot machine, but rushed behind Tang Xiu. Wherever Tang Xiu walked, they would always follow him behind, as they wanted to see whether the miracle would continue to happen.

When Tang Xiu was crazily sweeping several tens of thousands of game coins in the Game Hall, Li Kanglong almost cried, because he was perfectly aware that even though the Game Hall’s profit was very big, it didn’t mean that all that profits were his sole possession.

In fact, Li Kanglong was but only the Game Hall’s boss on the surface, because the majority of the shares mostly belonged to other people. So, once he lost too miserably, not only would he be kicked from his boss’ position, he even had to dig the money from his own pocket to fill the deficit.

But facing Long Zhenglin’s threat, Li Kanglong didn’t dare to take any actions.

Li Kanglong at most could subsidize it using his money bit by bit should the Game Hall fall into extreme deficit. But if he dared to ignore Long Zhenglin’s words, he could and would lose his life.

At this very moment, Li Kanglong’s regret literally had made his intestines green. He was bleeding from his heart.

Li Kanglong regretted that he was too stingy, and also regretted he was too headstrong in front of Tang Xiu.

Had Long Zhenglin gave his permission, Li Kanglong wished that he could immediately run and kneel to Tang Xiu, and beg him to not continue playing.

But under Long Zhenglin’s smiling expression that faintly threatened him, it caused Li Kanglong to simply not dare to approach Tang Xiu, let alone apologize to him.

“Damn, Tang Xiu is really awesome, it’s no wonder that he got good results in the test and has always been taking the first grade, and also took so many Olympic Games competition medal back for the school.”

“Huh, it’s not right, hasn’t Big Brother Fei said that Tang Xiu’s brain is damaged? But I’m really sure that his performance just now could never be explained by only luck. Tang Xiu must absolutely have calculated the slot machine’s odds and its general patterns to hit the jackpot.”

Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan looked at Su Xiangfei’s complexion that already turned pale and ugly as they both whispered to each other.

“Do you think Tang Xiu is very clever? Envying Tang Xiu because he won so much money?” Upon seeing Su Duanxin’s and Tan Liquan’s envious expressions, Su Xiangfei let out a disdainful smile, “I firmly believe that his mind still has some problems!”

“You can think about this, how could such a big Game Hall run a business in the most bustling Ensemble Heroes Street in the Star City? Could this Game Hall’s boss be a nobody? If he let Tang Xiu continue making trouble like this, where the hell should the Game Hall’s boss put his face? Tang Xiu is only making money and exchanging it with his life!” Looking at Tang Xiu’s complacent and proud expression, a pitying expression flashed across Su Xiangfei’s face.

After listening to Su Xiangfei’s analysis, Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan couldn’t help but tremble with fear...

At the next moment, they no longer looked at Tang Xiu with envy and jealous’ eyes, but instead turned into pitying and sympathetic looks.

Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan were also aware that the world absolutely had never been so clean just like it seemed on the surface. So the more money Tang Xiu won at this very moment, the more impossible the Game Hall would let him go.

If Tang Xiu realized and was aware of what had to be done, he would willingly turn in all his game coins and buy his way out from the Game Hall.

If Tang Xiu wasn’t aware of his predicament, it could be estimated that Tang Xiu’s fate would be very miserable.

So, no matter how much money Tang Xiu had won this time, his efforts were useless.

Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan didn’t know that, although Su Xiangfei at this time thought that Tang Xiu wouldn’t be able to walk out of the Game Hall, but he had already identified one thing, that was, Tang Xiu’s mind had returned to normal, and it was even more sophisticated compared to before he got a car accident.

Moreover, Tang Xiu’s confident expression and his unscrupulous behavior also made Su Xiangfei’s heart palpitate, because he even faintly felt that Tang Xiu had nothing to fear even though he especially won big in the Game Hall, as if he had a powerful backer. Tang Xiu should have long been preparing the way out; otherwise, it didn’t make sense, and it was hard to imagine that if he completely was unable to think it through.

Half an hour had passed and Tang Xiu had basically wiped clean all the slot machines in the Game Hall. At this time, he had gained a shocking amount of 470,000 game coins.

Tang Xiu had played all of the game machines here, not to mention that he didn’t come here to play, but to win. Tang Xiu didn’t even wait for the Game Hall’s personnel to come and deal with him as he took all the game coins he had won and came over to the front desk to exchange it into money.

Seeing Tang Xiu’s walking direction, the Game Hall instantly turned deathly silent as everyone’s thought could only be spoken in their throats.

Everyone perfectly knew that the real play was going to unfold.

Even if Tang Xiu had won a lot of game coins, if he had no way to convert those coins into money, then his previous big efforts were only wasting his time.

Everyone had the same thought that it was impossible for the Game Hall to convert Tang Xiu’s coins into money, or they would never let Tang Xiu safely leave the Game Hall.

But awkwardly, to everyone’s astonishment, the Game Hall’s boss not only didn’t obstruct Tang Xiu, but also revealed an apologizing smile, and even personally delivered all money to Tang Xiu’s hands, while also nodding to Tang Xiu and respectfully escorting him outside of the Game Hall.

Clearly seeing with their own eyes as to how the Game Hall’s boss had literally nodded and bowed to Tang Xiu, everyone was gasping and dumbstruck. They all thought that their eyes were having problems, or they were simply in a dream as they could only stand motionless and speechless on their spot for a long time, unable to respond to anything for the matter.

Tang Xiu himself also felt bewildered. He had long been mentally prepared that he could only solve this problem with violence, and never did he have the thought that this Game Hall would let him out like this.

“How could it be like this? How could it be possible that the Game Hall’s boss let Tang Xiu out? The Game Hall’s boss is absolutely worried about the bad aftermath it could bring, so he didn’t want to take care of Tang Xiu inside the Game Hall, but intends to wait for Tang Xiu to arrive at a remote place, after which he could begin to clean him up. Yes, it should be like this, the scenes in the movie usually developed like this.” Upon seeing the differences between the script scenario and his imagination, an astonished expression covered Su Xiangfei’s face.

Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan, who also had been waiting to see the major drama, could only find that the good play was not even happening, they felt they were just like being messed by somebody. Only after listening to Su Xiangfei’s analysis did their hearts feel better.

“Big Brother Fei, let’s quietly follow Tang Xiu and find out what kind of fate and end he will get?” Having hesitated for a moment, Su Duanxin suggested, as if he wished to jump over and move.

When Su Xiangfei heard it, his eyes lightened up and did not hesitate to nod and agree. The trio then quickly chased him.

Outside the Game Hall, Tang Xiu had almost just stepped out of the doorstep when Long Zhenglin stopped and blocked him.

“Eldest Brother, are you really short on money that much? If you’re short of money, I have a way to make you rich overnight!” After nearly an hour of entanglement, Long Zhenglin had already successfully approached and followed Tang Xiu closely and wormed his way into being friends with Tang Xi, and even shamelessly saluted Tang Xiu as a Master with a brazen face.

Although Tang Xiu hadn’t given his consent or was willing to admit to having such a young brother like Long Zhenglin, but Long Zhenglin brazenly ignored Tang Xiu’s opinion and persisted to address Tang Xiu as his Eldest Brother.

“You only fancy my ability to calculate and want me to make money through gambling. But I have merely won a little more than 30,000 yuan from the Health and Prosper Club, and now I am surely being targeted by them. Do you think to use me and get rich overnight through gambling?” Tang Xiu glanced at Long Zhenglin and snapped.

“Eldest Brother, you... how do you know that I want you to go gambling? Oh right, you have that smart brain in your head. You certainly can guess my mind with the flick of your toe.” Hearing that Tang Xiu easily discovered his intentions, Long Zhenglin couldn’t help but feel surprised. But then, as he recalled Tang Xiu’s reaction in the Game Hall, Long Zhenglin quickly felt relieved.

“Eldest Brother, if you are really confident about your gambling ability, not only have I the means to make you rich overnight, but you will also have the chance to make someone owe you a favor. With that person’s favor, you can conveniently do a lot of things in the Shuangqing Province.” Seeing that Tang Xiu already guessed his purpose, Long Zhenglin didn’t tuck and hide again, but rather blurted out with an excited expression.

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