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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 23: It’s Not The Most Shameless, Only More Brazen

Chapter 23: It’s Not The Most Shameless, Only More Brazen

The one who suddenly appeared at the classroom’s door was Han Qingwu.

Han Qingwu’s prestige had been firmly established after more than a year in charge of Class 10, and every student had extreme respect and love for her.

“Tang Xiu, do you know why teacher is calling you out?” In the corridor outside, after staying silent for a moment, Han Qingwu asked in a soft voice.

“If my guess is right, it should be related to the Monthly Test, right?” With his brain’s processing speed far surpassing average people’s, the moment Han Qingwu called him out in a loud voice, Tang Xiu had already understood about the matter, and naturally knew how to deal with it.

Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s answer, Han Qingwu fell into silence again as her round pair of beautiful eyes stared at Tang Xiu and watched him attentively.

At the beginning, Tang Xiu also returned the gaze toward Han Qingwu with eyes full of sexual intentions.

After a long while, Tang Xiu was finally defeated.

Han Qingwu’s expression was too pure with not even the slightest ill-meaning intention and anger, and Tang Xiu simply was unable to have the heart to blaspheme her pureness.

“Teacher Han... Aren’t my English and Math exam papers being confined by you? Could it be that after seeing my tests’ results, you think that I have cheated on the exam and you don’t want me to make a fool of myself in front of the whole classmates, so you want to cover me?” Although Han Qingwu hadn’t said a word, Tang Xiu could read it from Han Qingwu’s eyes.

“You... you really didn’t cheat?” Hearing Tang Xiu’s words, Han Qingwu’s tender body trembled while a disappointed expression flashed in her eyes.

“Teacher, do you remember the words I told you before the exam?” Tang Xiu didn’t answer Han Qingwu, but rather asked an irrelevant question.

Han Qingwu’s delicate white face suddenly turned rosy when she heard Tang Xiu’s words. She clearly remembered that night before the exam, not only was Tang Xiu kissing her, he also deliberately baited her with words. So, she told him that she would be protecting and taking care of Tang Xiu for a lifetime.

“Teacher Han, before the exam, I’ve said that I will take this monthly test seriously to ensure that Hu Qiusheng will regret it and even make him deeply regret. You shouldn’t have forgotten it.” Seeing the puzzled and not understanding expression from Han Qingwu’s garish and beautiful face, Tang Xiu knew that Han Qingwu’s thoughts were straying as he then smiled and reminded her.

“Do you also remember that you said such words? Then why did you make such big scene when you took this monthly test? You were bursting into tears and were in a daze in the Language and Literature exam room. Why did you hand over the exam papers after answering the test for less than half an hour? Did you want to make teacher disappointed?” Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, Han Qingwu was unable to suppress the restlessness in her heart, even her voice imperceptibly increased by several decibels.

When Tang Xiu heard it, he only smiled wryly and couldn’t help but touch his nose, while an embarrassed expression was fully drawn on his face.

“Teacher Han, the process is not important, but the results are. As long as the results are very good, everything is alright, is it not?” Tang Xiu faced the classroom with a pouted mouth and replied in a soft voice.

“The results are very good, ah, you big-headed demon! Your scores are too fake. The Language and Literatures exam got 140 points, 150 points for English test, 150 points for Math test, and Comprehensive Science test is 272 points, with total score reaching 712 points. You’ve even surpassed the genius Yang Jian who successively became the top scorer on the Monthly Test who only got 633 this time. Yours are 79 points higher than him!”

“This shows that I am more of a genius than him. Ah, Teacher Han, shouldn’t you be happy for me? So why do you look like you’re very angry?” With a puzzled expression, Tang Xiu asked back.

“I AM very happy, and even too happy. However, that bastard Hu Qiusheng said that you were cheating on the test. When I insisted on watching the surveillance video in the exam room, he even said that someone was lying. He, from the very start, never believed that you might get such results from the test. Let alone him, even the whole third year’s teachers, no one believes that you can get this kind of result on the test!” Upon seeing that Tang Xiu seemingly hadn’t truly realized the seriousness of the problem, Han Qingwu couldn’t help but roar.

“Teacher, be calm, you need to be calm.” Seeing that not only several heads were popping out from his classroom, but also some people from other classrooms were attracted to see the commotion due to Han Qingwu’s shout, Tang Xiu quickly reminded her.

“You’re the one who should be calm, big demon! Now Hu Qiusheng even insisted that because you got such good results at the test, it’s entirely because you had read the test papers questions in advance, but also made oblique charges that since I couldn’t afford to lose, then I deliberately leaked the test papers questions to you. Now you tell me, what’s to be done with this matter?” Han Qingwu stared straight as she approached Tang Xiu, angrily appealing him with a charming and loveable expression.

Han Qingwu didn’t realize that her manner at this time she had completely forgotten her own self.

In front of Tang Xiu, Han Qingwu seemed not like a teacher, but more like a pair of friends.

“What, he was so shameless?” Tang Xiu apparently had never thought that his sudden outbreak would result in such a counterproductive effect.

Previously, Tang Xiu thought to hide his strength and then improve his test scores bit by bit, making it seem natural. Thus, it would be easier for everyone to believe it.

But every time Tang Xiu thought of that snob—Hu Qiusheng’s—face, anger filled his heart, not to mention there were also Yang Jian, and another group of people such as Su Xiangfei who were cynical, mocking and ridiculing him. Which then made Tang Xiu suddenly change his previous thought.

Even if he got a moderate score on the test, as long as he was progressing, he would certainly be suspected of copying and cheating.

Besides, their test’s results were average in general, so everyone could have suspected that he was copying someone and cheating. Thus, he might as well leap up in a single bound. Therefore, the others would be unable to suspect that he was cheating and copying other’s tests. But since he got the highest score, who else could have been his target for copying?

After having listened to Han Qingwu’s explanation, only then did Tang Xiu realize that for people with noble nature, even if you shot him from behind, he would only suspect that the gun was only being shot accidentally. But for people without shame, even if you do better, they could and would always find countless reasons to discredit you.

“Tang Xiu, if you and teacher ensured that your test scores are true and valid, I have a way to clear up your name, so that bastard—Hu Qiusheng—has to apologize to you!” Upon seeing Tang Xiu’s excited expression, a trace of strange expression flashed from Han Qingwu’s eyes; she had unexpectedly believed Tang Xiu’s words.

Han Qingwu was speaking in English for this sentence. Although she believed Tang Xiu’s words, she still couldn’t help but want to test Tang Xiu and find out if Tang Xiu was really as he said, that he had already achieved the first-grade standard.

“Teacher Han, in fact, I wanted to tell you that after the accident. Although there was a problem with my brain, but my performance actually didn’t fall. I just become tired of the tests, so my grades became so bad, do you believe me?” Tang Xiu was perfectly aware that jumping up from the bottommost grade to the topmost grade was also a little bit too unbelievable, so he simply weaved a lie.

Of course, Tang Xiu also replied this sentence in English.

Seeing that Tang Xiu not only fully understood the content in her English sentence, but also used such authentic and fluent American-English to reply to her with confidence, Han Qingwu’s eyes instantly brightened.

“Tang Xiu, are you really not joking with teacher?” After having been lost in words for a moment, Han Qingwu responded back to the of Tang Xiu’s previous words while couldn’t help feeling overjoyed.

“Teacher Han, I can lie to you for once, but I couldn’t deceive you the next. Whether what I’ve said is true or false, you can find out in the next two monthly tests, right?” Tang Xiu blinked his eyes and replied with a smile on his face.

“Good, great, I can imagine that Hu Qiusheng would regret it, and even vomit blood at once tomorrow.” After having gotten positive answers from Tang Xiu’s mouth, Han Qingwu couldn’t help but burst into a happy laughter, and then handed over the English and Math exam papers to Tang Xiu.

After taking the exam papers, Tang Xiu then leisurely returned back into the classroom as Han Qingwu left with a relieved and eased feeling.

When Tang Xiu had almost entered the classroom, the evening bell indicating the end of studying time ringed in the school, causing the previously still and quiet school to be thrown into rocks of a lake, and instantly boil up.

Tang Xiu cleaned up his desk and then quietly left school.

Previously, Yuan Chuling had told him a lot of ways to make money. Although Yuan Chuling himself didn’t seem to be reliable, but Tang Xiu really considered his words.

Of course, Tang Xiu didn’t come out this time for robbing, neither was it to buy lottery tickets, nor to speculate the stock market.

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu’s figure appeared in a Game Hall called “Health and Prosper Club”.

Tang Xiu had long known the existence of this Game Hall, and even repeatedly passed this place, albeit he had never entered. He only knew that there were many boys in the school who were addicted to the game hall and often spent their pocket money in this place, as well as always coming out from this place cheerfully.

When he had just stepped into the Game Hall, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but cover his nose. Even his straight and nice looking brows were wrinkled upwards and slanted.

Tang Xiu was almost suffocated since the Game Hall was very noisy with shouts and screams, filled with lingering smoke with a bad stench; it was completely a different world compared to the outside.

But remembering his goals, Tang Xiu held back his impulse to run out.

The Game Hall was about 400 square meters large, and had all kinds of slot machines, with a variety of slot machine designs inside. There were all kinds of large and small slot machines ordered in 6 rows, for a total of 100 pieces.

Almost every slot machine was surrounded by a few people, or even a dozen people standing there. It was truly unexpected that such a small Game Hall could actually gather over a thousand people.

And to Tang Xiu’s surprise, he even found that amongst these more than 1000 people, even less than a half were wearing uniforms and mostly were from neighboring schools.

“With regards to minors, gambling machines are way too deceptive for them. At first, many minors were thinking that they were only playing games. The results were that they finally became addicted to them and abandoned their studies. This Game Hall was opened in the middle of the downtown area and didn’t even ban students from entering, this bad influence is really too much.” Silently observing the crazy and lively scene in the Game Hall, a disgusting feeling rose in Tang Xiu’s heart toward the Game Hall.

Tang Xiu didn’t immediately start, but silently watched the method to play with the slot machine.

With such amount of people inside the Game Hall, Tang Xiu’s behavior didn’t cause any attention.

An hour later, Tang Xiu went to the new waiter and exchanged 10 coins before he lined up behind a slot machine.

The basic operation of the slot machine was very simple, one only needed to insert the coin and then pull down the handle. If the symbols in the box in the middle were matched, then one could get the reward money, while the sum of money was related to the odds with the symbols’ occurrences.

Sometimes even if it didn’t match, if a specific symbol jumped out, you still could have a certain reward, and this symbol was usually a cherry. Sometimes, the machine will set a “universal” symbol that could substitute and match any other symbols, and the reward for this “omnipotent” symbol was greater than the usual reward.

However, making money out of slot machines was very difficult, and Tang Xiu had been observing it for an hour. Most people playing slot machines basically didn’t get much yield. Even if some people occasionally had small wins, they would soon lose the money they had won.

With his fast brain’s operating speed that was far above ordinary people’s, Tang Xiu already familiarized himself with the rate of return for each slot machine from this hour of observation. He also knew the rules of each slot machine in his mind.

“Tang Xiu, it’s actually really you! I thought I had seen the wrong person. You have no money to pay your tuition, but you’re rich enough to play slot machines in the Game Hall. Just wow! You are really awesome!” Just when Tang Xiu’s turn was about to come, someone’s barks suddenly came out of nowhere and bursted near Tang Xiu’s ears, causing Tang Xiu to have no choice but to shift his attention from the slot machine and look back.

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