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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 19: Debt Collection

Chapter 19 Debt Collection

Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu and his mother appeared in a low shanty house.

Because they were short on money, they did not have their own house in Star City, but instead rented the cheapest flat in the shanty area as a temporary residence.

Gently putting his mother on a small plank bed, Tang Xiu started to do some chores inside the flat.

During the thousands of years in the immortal world, Tang Xiu had gotten used to an easy life where others had served him. Sometimes he even had no problems with not eating or drinking for hundreds of years at a time. He was obviously unaccustomed to this when he had to the clean the house.

Within moments, Tang had gradually become skillful, and his face gradually produced a smile.

The room was small, only forty square meters. It was divided into four rooms. The living room with the dining room adjacent to it, there was a worn-out sofa separating the spaces, then there was the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Tang Xiu looked at the clean pillow and old quilt on the sofa, this made him sad all of a sudden.

As the room was too small and there being only one bedroom, Su Lingyun left the bedroom to Tang, she then slept on the sofa. Even when Tang Xiu was schooling, Su Lingyun insisted on sleeping on the sofa, refusing to step into the bedroom.

In Su Lingyun’s words, Tang Xiu had grown up, he must be allowed his own space.

It was precisely this kind of Su Lingyun’s meticulous care and spoiling that made Tang Xiu unable to cut off his attachment and yearning toward his mother for thousands of years in the immortal world, Tang Xiu yearned for mother’s love.

Half an hour later, the house was clean and tidy. Without a spec of dust neither top nor bottom, inside and outside. Just like a brand new house.

As it was late in the day and knowing his mother still had not eaten, Tang Xiu crept into the kitchen.

While Tang Xiu was cleaning the house, a human tragedy drama was unfolding in Lingjia Restaurant.

An hour ago, after Yuan Chuling handed in the paper, he happily went to the examination room where Tang Xiu had the exam. He was looking for Tang to share his joy, but he did not expect that Tang Xiu had already left the school.

Since Yuan Chuling was familiar with the whereabouts of Tang, he did not hesitate to rush to Lingjia Restaurant and the scene in front of his eyes made him shocked and infuriated. The restaurant, which was regarded by Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun as part of their lives was smashed beyond recognition.

Suddenly, Yuan Chuling was crushed by remorse. He blamed himself for his selfishness. He clearly had the capabilities to help Tang Xiu improve his life, however, he had not yet done anything to help.

Yuan Chuling was about to call the police, but he faintly heard some chatter coming from the kitchen, Yuan Chu Ling did not hesitate to rush inside to investigate.

In the kitchen, Black Three and the Green-Haired bully did not notice Yuan Chuling’s arrival. They were still cursing Tang Xiu and his mother with clenched teeth while planning on how to exact revenge on them.

Today, Black Three and the Green-Haired were beaten badly by Tang Xiu. Following that, the rest of their own men had betrayed them. These events had given them a huge psychological trauma, completely blinded by hatred, there was only the need for revenge in their hearts.

While the two of them were discussing how to abuse Su Lingyun, Yuan Chuling walked into the kitchen with an angry face.

Staring blankly at Black Three and the Green-Haired bully, Yuan Chuling grabbed a chair and started mercilessly beating it against them.

Had Black Three and the Green-Haired bully not already been injured, Yuan Chuling could never be considered an opponent to either of them due to their experience and skills in combat. Unfortunately, Black Three’s hands were fractured by Tang Xiu, and a few ribs of the Green Haired bully were also broken. Currently, the two of them were like disabled people, at such a pitiful state even an ordinary person could beat them, much less a stronger person like Yuan Chuling.

Yuan Chuling beat them up for more than ten minutes till he got tired. Black Three and the Green-Haired bully had already fainted long before Yuan Chuling stopped. They were totally covered with blood, gaping wounds, and injuries all over their bodies.

“Did I......did I kill them?” Yuan Chuling finally woke up from his frenzy and realized the shocking scene on the ground he had caused, his face immediately turned pale. He then turned around and ran away.

Just as Yuan Chuling left the restaurant, Ban Shou and the other bullies came back.

When Ban Shou inadvertently saw a line of blood-stained footprints coming from the kitchen to the front door, his complexion changed greatly and he rushed into the kitchen.

Following Ban Shou, Ding Zi and the others could faintly guess what happened as they rushed inside.

Seeing Black Three and the Green-Haired bully lying on the bloody floor motionless, the bullies were shocked and their faces turned pale.

“Quick, they are still breathing, call the ambulance! Hurry!” Ban Shou shouted in a condescending tone. After carefully checking the condition of Black Three and the Green-Haired bully, subconsciously he felt relieved.

Hearing that Black Three and the Green-Haired bully were still alive, the other bullies relaxed and then quickly left.

However, they were sorrowful after they saw the miserable condition.

They knew that if they had not chosen to follow Ban Shou and Ding Zi before and continued to follow Black Three and the Green-Haired bully, they would have also ended up in the same state.

“Ban Shou, who beat them up like this? They nearly killed them.” Ding Zi said with fear, staring at Black Three and the Green-Haired bully on the floor with their deathly pale complexion due to losing an enormous amount of blood.

Ding Zi knew that if they hadn’t come back to the restaurant in time, Black Three and the Green-Haired bully would have definitely passed away.

Upon hearing what Ding Zi had to say, Tang Xiu’s figure subconsciously appeared in Ban Shou’s mind, he shivered suddenly, but did not dare say who he thought the culprit was.

Although Ban Shou did not say anything, Ding Zi and the others understood.

Outside the restaurant, Yuan Chuling had run a long way, but he turned back. Watching people move in the restaurant, he did not dare to go back inside, but instead he hid outside. When he heard the news that they were not dead, he felt at ease.

River Street Old Area, Shanty Area

After busying himself for nearly an hour, Tang Xiu finally tossed out a full table of dishes, showing a sincere smile.

In order to make the dishes, Tang Xiu even had to visit to the market twice.

The first time was to the food market. Tang Xiu only bought some common vegetables. But when Tang Xiu checked the condition of his mother again, he found that his mother was in a serious overdraft state and had multiple hidden diseases, so he could not help going to the market to buy some Astragalus and red ginseng.

He then carefully tasted the meals on the table again to confirm that there were no flaws and then went into the bedroom to wake up his mother.

“Xiu, weren’t we in the restaurant? Why am I at home and in bed?” When Su Lingyun opened her eyes and figured out where she was, she felt light-headed.

“Mom, you are too tired and still dazed from this whole incident, you passed out.” Tang Xiu explained with a smile.

“Mom, the issue about the restaurant has been solved. I have negotiated with Black Three and the others. They have promised not to harass us again and will help us to renovate the restaurant.” Not waiting for his mother to ask, Tang Xiu told all the things that his mother would be worried about.

Su Lingyun’s complexion changed to that of disbelief after hearing what Tang Xiu just told her, she hurriedly lifted up Tang Xiu’s clothes, and checked Tang Xiu’s body. After confirming that Tang Xiu was not injured, she began muttering in amazement, “Black Three and other bullies are from the underworld, how could they possibly let go of us that easily?”

“Mom, as the saying goes, everything has its conqueror. They might consider me as a nobody. But when I showed them the name of the cards of police officer Cheng Xuemei and Hu Wenxu and they were scared, just like a mouse meeting a cat. They feared that I would tell the police officers, so they promised to help in restoring the restaurant, they also gave me a lot of money and jewelry......”

In order to completely reassure the mother, Tang Xiu had to rack up his brain to make up a believable story.

Tang Xiu was surprised at his ability to make up a story which could even convince himself, let alone his mother, who trusted him a lot.

“Xiu, you did a good job. I will visit police officer Cheng and Hu when it is convenient. We have to get close to the police so that the bullies will fear us. You are far better than me at doing this.”Su Lingyun softly said as she affectionately touched Tang‘s head.

“Mom, we should talk about this later. Let’s first eat or the food will get cold.” When Tang Xiu saw that his mother wanted to continue with the talk, he had to push her out of the bedroom.

Su Lingyun was confused and didn’t really pay attention to what Tang Xiu just said. She subconsciously went into the kitchen to cook a meal. She could not help but exclaim when she saw the table full of food, “Oh, why there are so many dishes? Did you order the take-out food?”

“Mom, I spent an hour on cooking these dishes, they are all your favorite food. Does it suit your tastes?” Tang Xiu said nervously as he pressed his mother to the seat. He then gave her a bowl full of food.

Tang had cooked four dishes and a pot of medicine. The four dishes were taro chicken, steamed fish, fried rapeseed, daylily soup and a porridge of medicinal to supplement her weak body and to help her pneuma.

Smelling the delicious flavors, Su Lingyun moved her fingers. She could not wait to hold the bowl and begin eating.

“Mom, eat slowly, do not choke. If the food is not enough, I’ll cook more for you.” Seeing the way his mother was swallowing down the food, Tang Xiu’s heart was filled with a great sense of success. This sense of success made him feel more excited than a breakthrough during practice.

“Xiu, don’t just watch me eating, come join me and have some.” Su Lingyun said after eating for a while. She realized her son was watching her eat in such a manner and felt embarrassed.

“Alright, let’s eat together.” This was the first time that Tang Xiu see his mother forgetting herself. He smiled and then immediately started to eat.

While they were happily enjoying the warm dinner, a loud bang suddenly came from outside. The house violently shook a bit and then three strong men clad in western suits and leather shoes stormed into the house.

Seeing Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu were enjoying a meal, the man with a buzz-cut hair grinned fiendishly and then heavily kicked the low wooden table downwards.

With a loud bang, the old looking wooden table was broken into pieces. The meals on the table were all dispersed all over the floor.

“You have money to pay for your food, but have no money to repay us. Do you fucking think we are stupid!” After kicking the table the buzz-cut haired man shouted angrily. He then raised his hand to slap Su Lingyun.

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