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Chapter 17: Demon

“Black Three, are you sure you want to be responsible for his life?” Tang Xiu said indifferently and watched him coldly.

“Tang Xiu, you should consider clearly. What you do is operate a business, we are just a bunch of idle bullies so unless you kill us, you will not be making a living in Star City!” Black Three said in a low voice.

From Tang Xiu’s words and manner, Black Three already judged that Tang Xiu was the type of man who was ruthless and was the kind of man who could not be offended.

However, Black Three would absolutely not apologize to him, so he started to play rogue.

Black Three used to play rogue as his trump card, this trick was extremely useful against ordinary people, but it was obviously a failure against Tang Xiu.

Before Black Three finished his words, a few chopsticks shot out from Tang’s hand landing directly into Black Three’s thigh.

Black Three jerked up in the air showing the huge amount of pain he was in.

In the next moment, Black Three made loud noises of agony as his body became paralyzed and fell to the ground.

“Black Three, don’t say that I did not give you a chance, you can call for help now, and you will see that I have control over everyone, I would like to see how you try to prevent us from making a living.”

After living in the Immortal World for more than a thousand years, Tang Xiu would typically destroy his enemies with the full potential of a thunderbolt. He would never let his enemies have any chance for a comeback.

The people Black Three had led who harassed the restaurant didn’t do so for only several days, but did it for about six months straight, and this month it intensified, even making the restaurant impossible to operate, which had touched a nerve in Tang Xiu.

Since Tang Xiu had turned against Black Three, it would be problematic if he let Black Three leave. So he had to solve the problem right now.

“You......” Black Three was completely shocked when he heard what Tang Xiu had to say.

Black Three wasn’t thinking about how his approach did not intimidate Tang Xiu, but rather how it brought shame onto himself.

“I will only give you ten minutes, if no one arrives after ten minutes, then I will kill you!” Tang Xiu said, glancing over to Black Three. He made sure to pace his words to increase impact.

Although Black Three could call many people to help, distant water couldn’t quench present thirst. Tang Xiu only needed to control him, it was useless to call other people to help.

“Tang Xiu, we are neighbours, we will meet each other every day, so no need to say it in absolute terms-”

Black Three was not able to finish speaking. Tang Xiu rose his hand, and fiercely punched him in the face. (ED: Translation says slapped, but men don’t slap each other. It also makes more sense in the next few lines)

“So now you regard us as neighbours? Do you know what you did last month?” Looking at Black Three who was astonished, Tang Xiu questioned him indifferently.

“Tang Xiu, do not forget your business is to operate a restaurant, no good will come from insulting us!” Black Three said fiercely as he spat out saliva mixed with broken teen and foul blood. (ED: How would a slap break teeth? Hence the punching instead of slapping.)

“Is that so? Then I want to see what’s the result of my transgression!” Tang Xiu laughed without anger, and then punched Black Three in his face a few more times.

Poor Black Three had dominated the old river street area for more than twenty years. Before today, he had never received any troubles. However, today completely stunned him, for the first time he was being punched in the face multiple times.

Previously, Black Three couldn’t’ feel any murderous intent from Tang Xiu, which made Black Three think that Tang Xiu was merely a harmless sunny boy.

But after he was beaten by Tang Xiu , Black Three carefully looked at Tang Xiu again, his impression of Tang Xiu had changed drastically.

But now Tan Xiu gave off a slight scent of murderous intent. However, Tang’s eyes were indifferent, which was a kind of indifference to life. This kind of attitude was far more terrible than a murderous look.

“There is something wrong with Black Three, are you guys normal? Just hurry up to call for help, it won’t be long until time is up.” Tang Xiu watched others, and urged them impatiently.

There were a few other people who saw Black Three beaten to a pulp, they were nervous. When they found that Tang Xiu suddenly turned his eyes on them, they were shivering. They hurriedly turned their faces one by one, pretending not to hear what Tang Xiu said, while praying Tang’s eyes did not fall on any of them.

“It seems everyone’s mind has a problem, because of that, I will not show mercy.” Tang Xiu sneered at everyone he saw in the kitchen. Tang then proceeded to shove Black Three onto the ground.

There was only a muffled sound as Black Three fell into the trash.

The trash bin in the restaurant was full of oil and water. Black Three and others thought that the trash bin was dirty, so they deliberately avoided the trash bin when they went to the restaurant to ransack it. So the trash can was full of various oil and leftovers, emitting a burst of foul odor.

When Black Three got smashed into the trash can, he screamed a burst of oppressive pain, at the same time, he “danced” and spilled water everywhere in the room

Because his hands were broken, Black Three’s attempt to escape the trash bin failed even though he tried with all his might. The more he struggled, the more oxygen he consumed. He came close to suffocating. His body’s movement slowed down as the oxygen depleted and soon his voice disappeared.

Black Three’s body twitched from time to time and there were bubbles constantly popping from the liquid’s surface. The other people stared at Tang Xiu. He was standing beside the trash bin looking indifferently. The six other bullies had no way of pretending that they didn’t hear Tang.

Before today, the six bullies had been blindly worshiping Black Three, they thought that Black Three was invincible and in their hearts he was unbeatable.

But when they saw Black Three being beaten up by Tang Xiu again and again, not even having the chance to fight back. The demonic image of Tang Xiu deeply imprinted into their minds.

“6 minutes has passed, you still haven’t called for backup, it seems like you do not want to go back” As the bullies looked at the trash bin abstractedly, the sound of hell breaking loose suddenly screamed into their ears, instantly waking them up.

Two of the bullies were timid. They fell on the ground when they heard Tang Xiu’ voice. The others were also shaking. The eyes looking to Tang were full of fear and horror.

“Everyone should pay for their own mistakes. Since you do not need help, then you all can stay in the trash bin with Black Three.” When Black Three no longer made any noise and had no sign of fighting back, Tang Xiu wrinkled his brow. He then grabbed the feet of Black Three and dragged him out of the trash bin.

Tang ignored the other bullies pleas and proceeded to kick the green haired bully into the trash bin.

The green haired bully’s hands were not broken. He struggled to climb out from the trash bin when he was pushed into it.

Green Hair had no time to breath. He heard a sharp piercing sound and then felt a sharp pain in his hands. His hands ceased to function as they were pierced.

The green haired bully watched Tang Xiu in fear, realising that Tang was staring back.

At the critical moment, Tang Xiu pierced the green haired bully’s arm with two chopsticks.

Not waiting to hear the green haired bully’s screams of pain, Tang Xiu kicked him back into the trash bin.

This time, he did not attempt to get out since he did not have the strength to get out.

Watching the green haired bully twitching in the trash can and Black Three who was lying on the ground motionless, the other five bullies lost all hope. They never imagined that Black Three and the green hair would have been beaten up this badly today.

Thinking that the fate of Black Three and the green hair would be theirs soon, the other five bullies collapsed in prostration. After they exchanged glances, they did not hesitate to kneel in front of the Tang Xiu.

“Tang......Tang Xiu, you cannot blame all of us. Someone else gave us money to only attack your restaurant.”

“Brother Tang, we were here by the order of others. You have scolded and beaten us, please forgive us. We are just the bottom of the society, and sometimes we are forced to do these actions.”

“Brother Tang, although we did ransack your restaurant, we swear to the God, we never hit your mother, we haven’t even touched her. Only Black Three and green hair are extremely cruel and merciless, the others just for backup.”

When the first person asked for mercy, the few other people spilled out their beans and spoke out their difficulties.

The bullies looked much older than him, but called him brother. This felt slightly weird for Tang.

However, of the thousand years inside the immortal world, Tang Xiu had come across more ridiculous things, so it didn’t really shock him when they mentioned it.

Everyone has their own way of survival. The people who are the high rollers of society have their own way and so do the people who were living as the scum of society.

Several people were crying and begging. However, they did not forget to secretly look at Tang Xiu and observe his reactions.

When these bullies realized it was useless for them to flatter and respect Tang Xiu, The status of Tang Xiu in their hearts increased, whilst becoming very mysterious.

Because according to their survey, Tang Xiu was just an ordinary high school student in Star City coming from a remote rural town, he even had a car accident.

But from what happened today, the information provided was vastly different than reality.

After a long silence, the bullies continued to watch Tang Xiu in fear. Tang Xiu snapped, “Who bribed you to ransack our restaurant?!”

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