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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 16: Barbarism Must Be Met with Barbarism

Chapter 16: Barbarism Must Be Met with Barbarism

“You have guts to talk about compensation with me? Are you nuts?” Although he was surprised to see the battle prowess of Tang Xiu, black three was not afraid of him. However, the look on his face was serious and fierce. The smile on his face showed that he found the whole situation fascinating.

Even though Tang Xiu showed some brilliant skills in the battle, in the eyes of an ordinary person like Black Three, Tang Xiu was just a youth with some extraordinary brute force.

“I crushed your restaurant, but in return, you beat up my people. Do you believe the restaurant is more worth more than my men??!!” Black Three shouted out loud while closing towards Tang Xiu step by step.

“Black, he is still just a young boy. We apologize to you; please forgive us.” Seeing the ferocious look on Black Three’s eyes, Su Lingyun stood up covering Tang Xiu behind her, just like how a hen protects its small chicks.

“Too young? Do you want to fudge by using just this word?? You think we are all idiots?” Black Three almost touched Su Lingyun and wanted to push her aside.

Before his hand could close in on Su Lingyun’s body, Tang Xiu gently embraced her mother in his arms and softly said: “Mom, it’s all right, let me handle this, you just move aside a little. ”

While Tang Xiu was speaking, he held his mother’s hand. His thumb gently pressed Shenmen Point on her hand.

Pressing on the Shenmen Point would usually help a person fall asleep. Su Lingyun had been worried and exhausted for over a month because of the harassment of Black Three. Due to the huge pressure of this whole issue, she has gone through countless sleepless nights.

The kneading of Tang Xiu, instantly made her fall asleep.

Falling asleep, her wrinkled eyebrows gradually relaxed, a serene and sweet smile appeared on her face.

“” Witnessed the way Tang Xiu had somehow hypnotized Su Lingyun, Black Three eyes went wide, his mouth was also slightly open, rendering him speechless.

Tang Xiu’s leisure hypnotic trick on Su Lingyun really shocked Black Three, even more than when Tang Xiu crushed his six men.

Su Lingyun was under a lot of stress and tension today. In such a state, no matter how tired she was, she would never be able to sleep so calmly, not to mention the loud crying noises the bullies were making.

But Tang Xiu didn’t even take a minute to make Su Lingyun fall into a deep sleep. The kind of ability was really fantastic. The smile on Black Three’s face was gone.

“My mom is sleeping, let’s get back to the compensation, how do you want to sort this out?” Tang Xiu asked ignoring his reaction.

“Shorting it out??” Black Three was afraid of Tang Xiu, a simple touch of his can make him fall asleep. He felt there was no longer any way to get out of this situation safely without giving a compensation, in his mind he already decided to compromise.

“You decide it, if you don’t show enough sincerity, I don’t mind giving you another reminder!” Tang Xiu snapped his fingers with a cold look on his face.

“You!” The domineering attitude of Tang Xiu again made Black Three angry.

Staring at Tang Xiu for a long while, Black Three was so angry that he started laughing. He pointed at the nose of Tang Xiu and said: “Kid, you really got balls... Don’t be fearless just because you know some Kong Fu moves... Do not think you can be afraid of nothing because of some Kong Fu moves... I have been in the underworld, long before you were even born!!”

“I originally intended to forgive you, and perhaps we could even have been friends, But since you are so ungrateful, then do not blame me for being ruthless!!” While saying this, a butterfly knife appeared on his hands and killing intent flashed on his eyes.

The dazzling butterfly knife was dancing in the hands of Black Three, the whistling sound of the wind gave off a sense of oppression while giving a ridicule and disdain look towards Tang Xiu.

A butterfly knife was not considered as a lethal weapon. Martial artists usually preferred daggers, bayonets, rejection stick, even knives and machetes more than a butterfly knife.

But Black Three extremely loved butterfly knife, spinning the knife was cool as f***. He has been practicing butterfly knives for more than 20 years; he even has a huge collection of butterfly knives for himself.

In the eyes of other people, a butterfly knife was usually just practiced for tricks, these 20 years of practicing, on the hands of Black Three, the simple looking knife has become a lethal weapon.

Under the aggressive oppression of Black Three, Tang Xiu dodged back little by little.

The kitchen was quite narrow. Stepping just six steps back, Tang Xiu was already agaisnt the wall, leaving him no space for retreating.

“Boy, I think you are quite normal unlike what the rumors outside says, but I believe you are a very assertive person, Why not convince your mother to live with me, and I will protect your mother and you from now on, how is it?” Tang Xiu was in a tight spot, Black Three on the other hand got more ferocious.

“Saying such words, now no one can save you!” Tang Xiu sighed, and then slightly moved his feet. The green haired bully who was the first to be knocked down onto the ground actually flew up, directly heading towards Black Three.”

Unconsciously Black Three drew the butterfly knife in his hand, but realizing what was actually thrown at him, he tried to recover his own attack, if not his own guy would be injured severly, instead he tried to actually catch the guy with his arms.

Thinking that stopping the body would be simple, Black Three was relaxed. However, in the next moment, when he made contact with the body, his face went pale.

Who would have thought, that the green-haired bolly was thrown with such speed and force.

Underestimating the impact had actually dealth a fatal blow to him.

The impact was as if a rapidly running train had mercilessly crashed at him, and directly knocked him in to the air.

The sound of bones breaking was clearly heard.

That wasn’t all, green-haired guy’s body did not halt after hitting Black Three, instead they both flew back quite a distance.

After a long while, with a thud sound, crashed into a wall, and powerlessly fell to the ground.

Just one hit, and both of them directly fainted.

“Wake UP!! If you pretend that you cannot stand up, then you will never get to stand up again!” Tang Xiu snapped. After Tang Xiu kicking Black Three, he glanced at the other five bullies who were awestruck and stunned on the floor.

The moment Tang Xiu spoke, the all jumped up all at once.

However, instead of listening to Tang Xiu’s order of waking up Black Three and Green-Haired Guy, the five bullies rushed towards the direction of the kitchen door, trying to escape from this hell.

“Trying to escape? You think you can escape so easily??” After shouting, Tang Xiu moved his hand very quickly, five chopsticks directly pierced into the thighs of the five bully’s, paralyizing and making them fall on the ground.

Dominating the Immortal World for thousands of years, Even after returning back to earth, Tang Xiu still naturally had an arrogant aura about him. Even though he did self-cultivation in school for a month, The arrogance and domineering personality he had in his bones was not even slightly reduced. When he faced the bullies, he felt as if he has returned back to the Immortal World.

“If you continue to act, the chopsticks in my hands will penetrate your brain next time, not your thighs, do you want me to try!” Tang Xiu spoke indifferently, ignoring the pitiful situation of the five bullies.

Hearing the words spoken by Tang Xiu, the screams immediately stopped. There was fear and panic in the eyes of the five bullies.

These people usually frightened the old and the weak, they have never actually seen bloody stuff. They dared to come and harass the restaurant, because they knew the background of it, that only a weak woman and a student with something wrong with his brain were the only ones there.

The five people never imagined that a “stick” would be this hard to break.

Under the stare of Tang Xiu, the five bullies crawled back to Black Three and the Green-Haired Guy. Enduring the pain they were suffering, they sprinkled some water on their face, which immediately woke them up.

“Go! Beat that little bastard. If he were to die, I will take responsibility!” As soon as Black Three’s eyes opened, he began to shout.

Pia! The moment the words came out of his mouth, he heard a brisk sound, and then he felt extremely painful.

Feeling that some kind of salty liquid was coming out of his mouth, along with some solid fragments, Black Three touched his lips. His fingers turned red, the solid fragments were pieces of his teeth.

He no longer knew what he was feeling, was it helplessness, anger, hatred or just embarrassment?

“Was I beaten?”

“I was beaten by him without even getting to fight back???”

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