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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 15: The Restaurant was Smashed

Chapter 15: The Restaurant was Smashed

“Mom, I’m back!” Tang Xiu sincerely smiled and could not help but loudly shout from far away, when he saw the words on the restaurant which was next to his house.

Soon, his smile disappeared.

His mother would usually come out of the restaurant to meet him when he loudly shouted, but this time she did not. Instead, the surrounding neighbors sighed and showed a sympathetic look at him when they heard his shout.

“Did anything happen to the restaurant?” When he saw neighbors’ reactions, he quickly ran into the restaurant.

When Tang Xiu went inside, he saw the restaurant was in ruins. Food, soup, and broken dishes filled the entire hall. The dining tables and chairs were all kicked to the ground, the walls and floors had been damaged beyond recognition.

Smacking sound of “bang bang bang” was coming from the kitchen, faintly mixed with crying.

Hearing the voices in the kitchen, Tang Xiu’s blood boiled instantaneously, and a spark of anger flashed in his eyes.

“Black, please do not smash these things anymore, all of these things in the kitchen are all we have. If you break them, My business would be ruined.” When Tang entered the kitchen, he saw his mother holding the arm of a middle-aged man while crying. Tears were pouring down her face.

“You are now asking me for mercy? What happened now? I asked you pay 5,000 yuan before the middle of this month for the protection fee and its already the end of the month, you still have not paid. You took my words as passing wind. Just break! If I do not give you a lifetime of unforgettable lessons, you will never remember our words in your heart!” The middle-aged man lifted his arm, pushed Su Lingyun to the ground, and then kick the front of the steamer.

The huge steamer fell onto the ground, hot steam and water splashed all over the floor.

“Mom, be careful!” Seeing that the boiling water in the steamer was going towards his mother, Tang Xiu rushed into the kitchen to help her up.

“Xiu, you’re back. Are you hungry? I’ll make something delicious for you now!” After being lifted by Tang Xiu, Su Lingyun burst out of trance then said quickly.

At that time, she was reminded of the situation of the restaurant and felt a bit of helpless.

The dishware were all broken by the seven bullies led by Black Three. Su Lingyun cannot make any food for Tang Xiu, even something as simple as a friend egg rice.

Tang Xiu felt sad, seeing the helpless and hopeless look in his mother’s eyes.

In Tang Xiu’s heart, Su Lingyun not only did the work of a mother but she also perfectly played the role of a father, taking care of him in every possible way.

For more than ten years, his mother has been working hard. She propped up the the sky for him so that he could live a carefree life and have a healthy growth. He had almost forgotten the fact that not only was his mother a woman, but also a powerless and a lonely woman.

Widows were a subject of interest for a lot of gossipers. Tang Xiu felt pained, thinking of the suffering his mother has gone through over the years.

Tang Xiu’s eyes were red as he tightly embraced his mother’s thin body and said: “Mom, I’m not hungry, we will go home for dinner.”

“Go home? You want to go home? If you do not hand over 5000 yuan today, you two cannot leave this place!”The middle-aged black man said coldly, interrupting the conversation between them.

Hearing the words said by the middle-aged man, Su Lingyun was scared and trembled. She hurriedly hugged Tang Xiu in her arms and said while shaking: “Black Brother, this matter has nothing to do with my son, please let him go. Give me a day, and at this time tomorrow, I will hand over the five thousand yuan!”

“Today, you can solve this problem with 5000 yuan, but tomorrow, it might not be this number.” Black three glanced at Su Lingyun once and said cynically.

“Brother, I remember we only required two thousand yuan for the protection fee before, why did it rise to five thousand this month?” Unconsciously Tang Xiu came over between the middle-aged black man and his mother.

The man did not expect Tang Xiu to suddenly stand up to speak and dare to question the changes over the amount. Remembering Tang Xiu’s silly look before, he froze for a moment without saying anything and then looked at Tang Xiu surprisingly.

“Fuck you, Who are you to question us?.” Seeing that black three seemed to be intimidated by Tang Xiu, a green haired bully behind black three shouted out loud, and raised his hand, trying to slap Tang Xiu.

However, when the hand neared Tang Xiu’s face, a broken glass abruptly flew from the ground, mercilessly striking the green-haired bully’s wrist, blood started gushing out of his wound.

The poor green-haired bully just wanted to be a bit more domineering, Who would have thought he would instead be injured like this, it was so painful that not a single word came out of his mouth.

Green-hair couldn’t hit Tang Xiu, but it didn’t mean that Tang Xiu would let him go.

No matter how the students of class 10 bullied their own. Tang Xiu never said anything, not because he had a good temper, nor was it because he was a coward, but because in the eyes of Tang Xiu, they just could never really harm him.

But these bully are not the same, they not only destroyed his mother’s efforts, but also pushed his mother to an impasse, both physically and psychologically harming her, nothing could make him more angrier than this.

The most critical thing was that his mother was the only emotional entanglement in Tang Xiu’s heart.

So the moment they smashed the restaurant, Tang Xiu already decided to kill them, not to mentioned his mother was pushed to the ground.

The other bully was not able to react to what was going on. Tang Xiu took a step forward, instantly appearing next to the side of the green-haired bully, landing a hard kick to his knee, and stepped on the face, so that he could not speak.

The actions of Tang Xiu were too fast, so fast that by the time the other bully realized what has happened, the green-haired bully was already on the ground struggling for a while.

“Little bastard, you dare to beat us, you don’t want to live?”

“Bastard, quickly take your feet off my brother, or I will scrap your dog leg!”

Seeing that Tang Xiu was beating their own people, a group of bullies outside were furious and rushed at Tang Xiu all at the same time. Only black three stood in place and did not move, but curiously looked at Tang Xiu.

Black Three has lived in the old river street area for more than twenty years; he knew about everything happening around the old river street. Even though the restaurant was opened less than six months, black three knew everything about the restaurant.

According to black three, Su Lingyun of the restaurant was from rural areas, had a young son. Before opening the restaurant, she had done various other types of work, such as moving bags, picking up garbage, or as a saleswoman, as long as she could get money for it, this woman would rush to do the work.

A month ago, a man wearing sunglasses came looking for Black Three; he paid 100,000 yuan to him to deal with Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu.

Although black three felt sympathy towards Su Lingyun, he, after all, had no relationship with Su Lingyun. Being given a choice between Su Lingyun and 100,000 yuan, Black Three did not hesitate to choose the latter.

“Is this Tang Xiu normal?” Watching his actions, Black Three really thought Tang Xiu’s brain had a problem, the rational way he spoke, and also the way he ruthlessly beat his men, “He definitely wasn’t dumb?”.

The commission by the sunglasses man for the harassment of the restaurant was only a bait, bullying Su Lingyun was also a trap. The real purpose was to lead force Tang Xiu out. The one they wanted to deal with was Tang Xiu; Black Three had to check what was special about Tang Xu.

“We have seven adults on our side, he is a weak little boy but he actually dares to take the initiative to attack us, Is he looking to die?!” Soon, black three shook his head, staring at Su Lingyun.

Before, black three had never seriously looked at Su Lingyun. He just felt pity for Su Lingyun’s situation, a person worthy of being respect. Looking carefully at Su Lingyun today, he realized Su Lingyun was quite a beauty, more beautiful than most women he had ever seen, which made some other thought to flash on his mind.

“If Su Lingyun was willing to live with me, I would have been reluctant to deal with her, but unfortunately Su Lingyun was too stubborn, and did not agree.” Thinking about the desperate way Su Lingyun resisted him this month, black shook his head, a burst of impatience rose in his mind.

When the other five bullies ran towards Tang Xiu, Tang Xiu did not show any kind of fear, but in fact, he was thrilled.

Tang Xiu made a moment with his feet, the green-haired bully flew up, directly rushing toward the other three bullies. Then Tang Xiu swept out with his other leg, kicking the guy to the ground who was trying to sneak attack him. The guy landed on the boiling water started giving off painful wails.

When the last person’s fist was about to hit Tang Xiu’s forehead, Tang Xiu sneered, while suddenly stretching out two fingers, poking at the other person’s wrist, and freezing his fist in the air.

Effortlessly dealing with the five bullies by himself, Tang Xiu looked toward the black and strong looking middle-aged man, and said icily, “Black Three, the things in our restaurant have almost been totally destroyed by you, lets now discuss the compensation!”

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