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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 1432 - Myriad Realms (2): An Eternity Is Too Long; One Needs to Seize Every Moment!

Chapter 1432: Myriad Realms (2): An Eternity Is Too Long; One Needs to Seize Every Moment!

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Tang Xiu actually planned to resurrect Old Sycamore and Eagle inside the World Core, but he still had some lingering fears after going through the terrifying experience just now, so he decided to exit the World Core and returned to the pocket world in Longquan Mountain Range.

Tang Xiu could resurrect Old Sycamore and Eagle with just the cultivation of a Supreme Immortal as long as he succeeded in refining the divine medicine, let alone now when his cultivation had already climbed to the God-Emperor Stage.

A burning incense stick’s worth of time later, the two fragrant medicinal pills shrouded in spiritual energies were produced successfully in the two cauldrons.

Tang Xiu took out Old Sycamore’s and Eagle’s soul and blood essence and used the pills to help model perfect bodies for them according to their appearance when they were alive. After that, he injected their soul and blood essence into their medicinal bodies respectfully.

Tang Xiu acted with the utmost prudence during the entire process and finally sighed in relief after finishing the entire procedure without a hiccup.

He used his divine sense to manifest the lake water of the Ying Yang Divinity Lake in the air before him after that and transformed it into two clouds of mist and shrouded the two medicinal bodies in them, allowing the mist to permeate the bodies little by little.

Old Sycamore was the first one to open his eyes two hours later and revealed a dazed expression when he saw a smiling Tang Xiu before him, unable to comprehend where he was right now.

“Old Sycamore, you did well, and your brother did well too,” Tang Xiu said emotionally after directing his gaze at him for a while.

“Your Majesty, it seems like my death wasn’t in vain since you are still alive. Did you resurrect me and Eagle?” Old Sycamore looked all around and then asked hesitantly after seeing Eagle look at him with an equally puzzled expression.

“That’s right. I would have unquestionably died back then, but your and Eagle’s sacrifice allowed me to live...” Tang Xiu recounted the events that had occurred after Old Sycamore and Eagle’s death selectively.

“You have our gratitude for resurrecting us, Your Majesty. Our eternal loyalty shall belong to none other than you.” Old Sycamore and Eagle’s eyes welled up with tears after learning what happened, and the two of them kneeled in front of Tang Xiu immediately.

“I still have some things I need to deal with on Earth, so consolidate your cultivation in the world inside my Dantian. We shall battle in the God Realm once we return.” Tang Xiu chatted with Old Sycamore and Eagle for a few moments and then transferred the two of them into the world inside his Dantian directly.

After making arrangements for them, Tang Xiu entered the World Core again and analyzed the heavenly laws inside carefully.

He chose the simplest and easiest heavenly law first and gradually moved on to comprehend the relatively harder and complex heavenly laws.

Tang Xiu even sat down on the peak of the divinity vein mountain directly to comprehend the heavenly laws better, as it was common sense in the God Realm that refining divine stones could promote the rate of comprehension. As such, the increment in the rate of comprehension through refining the divine vein was 100,000 times faster.

This session of comprehension lasted for 10,000 years.

In these 10,000 years, Tang Xiu had comprehended the heavenly laws of the God-Kings, God-Monarchs, God-Emperors, and God-Sovereigns left inside the World Core, and also comprehended the heavenly laws of the twelve Supreme Gods and the Free and Unfettered God. Tang Xiu’s cultivation also soared as a result of this and he had already become a peak-stage Supreme God now.

“Just a single instance of enlightenment actually lasted 10,000 years. This divinity vein is too magical!” The clothes on Tang Xiu’s body disintegrated into dust when he stood up and his gaze had also become much more mysterious and charming.

An attached look appeared on Tang Xiu’s face when he looked at the divinity vein mountain that had halved in size.

Actually, Tang Xiu could have comprehended all the heavenly laws in the World Core even without the divinity vein, but it was hard to say how long that would have taken him. It could have been a hundred thousand years, a million years, or even ten million years.

However, Tang Xiu didn’t want to wait that long as he was afraid that the remaining five Supreme Gods would have long perished by then and that would leave him incapable of avenging his master.

“An eternity is too long; one needs to seize every minute!” The words of a famous person from Earth appeared in Tang Xiu’s mind suddenly.

Tang Xiu had obviously made a lot of gains from using up so much of the divinity vein.

Setting aside the fact that his cultivation had climbed to the summit of the Supreme God Stage, he had comprehended the heavenly laws of hundreds of thousands of God-Kings, God-Monarchs, God-Emperors, and God-Sovereigns, and also experienced their entire cultivation process, which was equivalent to cultivating with divine force, and progressed his cultivation by leagues.

Furthermore, another gain of his was that he had already become the Lord of Myriad Realms after refining the World Core and could control the life and death of the myriad realms now.

And becoming the Lord of Myriad Realms actually wasn’t his largest gain. After he had comprehended all the heavenly laws inside the World Core, he had combined all them through a flash of inspiration and created a dozen or so heavenly laws that belonged to him, and the strongest heavenly law among these was the space-time law.

“An eternity is too long; one needs to seize every moment!” Tang Xiu whispered in his mind and exited the World Core.

As he used the space-time law, Tang Xiu’s surroundings rippled with spatiotemporal fluctuations and his body directly entered the time axis at the point when it was a day before he entered the pocket world in Longquan.

“Ji Mu, since you sent this fortune to me, I shall give you a satisfactory result.” A favor needed to be repaid tenfold. Tang Xiu had obtained the World Core because of the information provided by Ji Mu, so he didn’t want to owe Ji Mu; accepting him as a disciple was far from enough to repay the favor of him providing information regarding the World Core.

Tang Xiu’s figure shuttled through space-time and arrived in the Netherworld.

Dark mists lingered within the Netherworld and depicted a truly eerie scene. Even the palace of the King of Hell was overcast in gloomy darkness and was shrouded in an aura of decay.

The extraction of the divinity vein, as well as the sealing of the Divine Origin City after the Battle of Ruin, had led to the gradual disappearance of divine origin force from the primogenitor star, and the divine origin force within the Netherworld inside the Yellow Springs had been equally affected by this.

The King of Hell had God-Monarch Stage cultivation before the Battle of Ruin, but due to the disappearance of divine origin force after it, he was forced to sacrifice his cultivation to keep extending his lifespan. Hence, he barely had a peak Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivation right now. As his cultivation had dropped by a lot, his control over the Six Paths of Reincarnation had also weakened greatly and he could barely control the life and death of Earth’s creatures now.

“King of Hell, you do remember me?” Using the divine power of incarnation, Tang Xiu transformed into Sacred Demon Supreme God’s appearance and sauntered into the King of Hell’s palace before shouting at him.

The King of Hell almost attacked reflexively in anger after hearing someone shout inside his palace, but an invisible force bound his movements before he could even say anything and filled his mind with endless fear momentarily.

The King of Hell revealed an ecstatic look when he saw the appearance of the person who had arrived before him.

“This King greets the Supreme God. Your Excellency, you have finally come to visit us in the Netherworld. We have waited for you at the Netherworld for several epochs.” The King of Hell didn’t dare to look up at Tang Xiu and bowed his head subserviently.

“You good-for-nothing. I assigned you to manage the Six Paths of Reincarnation, yet you have made such a mess of it. What’s the use in keeping you alive then?” Tang Xiu ignored his subservient manner and slapped him directly. “Fetch the Book of Life and Death. I want to see how well you have managed the Six Paths of Reincarnation.”

The King of Hell didn’t show any resentment after being slapped a few dozen or so meters away by Tang Xiu and didn’t hesitate to hand the Book of Life and Death over to him after crawling up.

Tang Xiu scanned the Book of Life and Death with his divine sense and found Ren Ranran and Ji Rou’s name quickly. He then erased their names from the book cleanly and requested a few thousand souls from the King of Hell before leaving.

From the very beginning, Tang Xiu neither revealed his purpose behind this visit to the Netherworld nor did he assign any new task to the King of Hell. The pitiful King of Hell racked his brains hard for the next several hundred years about why the prime Supreme God had descended to the Netherworld and whether he had missed an opportunity unknowingly.

After leaving the Netherworld, Tang Xiu allowed the thousands of souls to enter the Six Paths of Reincarnation and then reconstructed Ren Ranran’s and Ji Rou’s bodies before sending their souls inside.

Ji Mu cried in joy when Tang Xiu appeared before him with Ren Ranran and Ji Rou and almost thought he was dreaming.

“Ji Mu, what are your plans for the future?” Tang Xiu called Ji Mu to the side after a while and asked his opinion.

“Disciple shall leave the decision in master’s hands,” Ji Mu replied without the slightest hesitation.

“You have a responsible nature and I suspect you don’t want to live a life of killing after experiencing what happened to Ranran and Rourou. How about helping me supervise the Netherworld then?” Tang Xiu asked after pondering for a while.

“Supervise the Netherworld?” Ji Mu’s eyes turned into wide saucers after hearing this and thought his master was kidding with him.

“That’s right. Become the King of Hell who commands all the Palace Lords of the Yama King Palaces and supervise the Six Paths of Reincarnation.” Tang Xiu explained patiently, “After obtaining the World Core from Duanmu Lin and refining it successfully, I have already become the Lord of Myriad Realms and am the overseer of the life, death, and order of the myriad realms now. The Netherworld and the Six Paths of Reincarnation are the most special and important division of the myriad realms, so I’m not reassured in leaving its supervision in others’ hands. Only you can undertake this heavy responsibility.”

“Thank you, Master. This disciple will definitely live up to the trust you have placed in me.” Ji Mu finally understood how heavy a responsibility it was after hearing Tang Xiu’s explanation, but he didn’t hesitate to bear this responsibility at all.

After talking with Ji Mu, Tang Xiu went to meet Long Zhengyu and the others.

Long Zhengyu, Li Laoshan, Yue Kai, Hu Qingsong, Zhao Liang, and the rest of the Tang Sect’s disciples were discussing crossing the tribulation, so they gathered around him subconsciously with ecstatic expressions on their faces when they saw him arrive.

Over the past few decades, other than Long Zhengyu, three more disciples of the Tang Sect had reached the Crossing Tribulation Stage, so the four of them were planning to cross the tribulation together this time while the rest of them planned to cultivate patiently and ascend to the Immortal World when they reached the Crossing Tribulation Stage in the future.

As they were going to ascend together, Long Zhengyu handed over almost all of the cultivation resources to Li Laoshan along with the administrative rights of the Tang Sect while the Su Family undertook the management of the Magnificent Tang Corporation.

Tang Xiu greeted everyone and then teleported to the Ghost King Valley in Shennong Ridge.

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