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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 14: Frigid Irony and Scorching Satire

Chapter 14 Frigid Irony and Scorching Satire

When the basic language examination ended, Tang Xiu subconsciously let out a breath of relief. Although he didn’t answer with the standard answer, Tang Xiu had the confidence to get more than 140 points in the basic language test.

After lunch, Tang Xiu did not go back to the dormitory to rest, but instead left school and went to the provincial library opposite to the school.

As early as two weeks ago, Tang Xiu was no longer satisfied with the knowledge of the textbooks and went to soak in the school library all day long.

Later, Tang Xiu learned that he could enter the provincial library with the school library card, and the collection of books of the provincial library is hundredfold of the school library. Then, he decisively abandoned the school library and lingered in the provincial library every day.

Tang Xiu going to the provincial library was not only to study but also to improve his ideas generated from his mind to ensure the training direction for the future.

In the math exam in the afternoon, Tang Xiu only spent half an hour for it. He then handed over the paper and left.

Tang Xiu’s behavior caused an uproar. In order to increase the learning pressure on the high school students, the school specifically increased the difficulty of the examination.

But Tang just spent half an hour to finish the paper, which made the others think of one possibility, which was that Tang Xiu thought the exam paper was too difficult and abandoned the test.

“Although this math test is very difficult, Tang Xiu should not abandon the test, or else he would let Miss Han down.

“Oh, Miss Han will definitely lose this time. Although she does not care about that salary, I would feel uncomfortable when I think of the savage smile of Hu Qiusheng.”

As the two invigilators watched Tang left, they could not help whispering.

When the first day of the examination ended, the students of grade three intensely discussed, which Tang did not participate in. Instead, he tried and revised the exercise of practice which occurred in his mind.

When the idea of the last power law and tactics are declared a failure after practice, Tang could not help but have the look of decadence.

“Do I only practice the universe tactic? But where to go to find those rare herbs and minerals?” Tang Xiu felt very puzzled.

“Boss, I feel that my performance of the examination this time was okay. If tomorrow’s performance of the exam will be like today, then it’ll be good.” Yuan Chuling touched the arm of Tang and said excitedly.

“Come on, there are still two months left, I believe that you can certainly get good marks.” Tang Xiu glanced at Yuan Chuling and said with absentmindedly.

“Hey, I did not think I could master the knowledge I abandoned for so long and it’s all thanks to your teachings and incentives. By the way, how was your test today?” Yuan Chuling smiled then asked curiously.

“I think it is okay?” Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment and whispered.

“Tang Xiu, you are bragging, aren’t you? Afraid that it will expose after several days?”

“You cried for an hour in the basic language test and even abandoned the math test. You still think it is okay?”

“The students of the key class are really powerful, not only do they have good scores, their bragging skills are also first-class.”

After Tang Xiu said that, he heard of a burst of ridicule.

Cheng Yannan who was sitting in front of Tang was also puzzled and felt disappointment as she watched Tang Xiu.

Whether it is the language exam in the morning or the math test in the afternoon, Tang made a big influence in the examination room. Thus, many people knew about the performance of Tang Xiu in the examination room, which made the people who originally hate Tang hate him more and the people who originally had hope in him be completely disappointed.

See Tang was teased by his classmates because of his words, Yuan Chuling was anxious to slap himself heavily on his face.

Yuan Chuling subconsciously looked at Cheng Yanna for help. Although Cheng Yannan entered Class 10 earlier than Yuan Chuling and Tang Xiu, Cheng Yan Nan successfully conquered the classmates of Class Ten with her sturdy combat effectiveness and metamorphosis of learning, completely securing her big sister position.

Because of Cheng Yannan’s care, Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling had a very moist life in Class 10. Not only did they get a good learning environment, but they also got Cheng Yannan’s care and greetings from time to time, which made the classmates of Class 10 be more envious and jealous of Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling while they were enjoying their life.

In the past, if someone dared to tease on Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan would already stop them, however, this time Cheng Yannan directly escape from the eyes of Chuling and continued to write on her papers, as if she knew nothing.

“Aha, these two gutless cowards. You two have bad scores and yet you don’t even recognize it, are you still a man, mhm?”

“Are they men? If they are men, then why do they always hide behind the woman. If I were them, I would’ve already been dead.”

The classmates were worried that Cheng Yannan would protect Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling, so their words were soft. When everyone found out that Cheng Yannan’s attitude to Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling had changed, their language became more and more unscrupulous.

Under the ridicule and abusiveness of the crowd, Yuan Chuling’s breath became more and more rapid and his face became red. When Yuan Chuling could not help to pound the table and stand up, Tang Xiu gave a quiet cough to prevent Yuan Chuling’s impetuous behavior.

“In fact, it’s none of your concern whether our monthly test results are good or bad. You are not eligible to ridicule. If your academic performance is very good, you will not have to sit in this classroom, right?” Tang Xiu glanced at the classmates who liked having a fight in the blood and said lightly.

Tang Xiu’s simple words were as if it lit the powder keg, instantly boiling up the classroom.

“Tang Xiu, you have no sense of class honor and your monthly test scores have something to do with us. If your test scores are good, then the total scores of class 10 will go up and will not at the bottom of grade three. If you are poor, aren’t we affected by you?”

“Tang Xiu, your test scores every time are almost zero, how can you have the courage to take the exam? If I were you, I would abandon the test to not trouble others!”

“Tang Xiu, Miss Han let you stay in class 10 with great pressure. In the No.1 Middle School of Star City, except Miss Han, it is estimated that no class dares to accept you. Without Miss Han, you would have been expelled from the school long ago. Miss Han is so good to you yet how do you not understand Miss Han?

Tang Xiu apparently did not think that his own words would become a target for public criticism. However, when he heard these words, Tang Xiu did not angry but instead showed a smile on his face.

Tang Xiu knew that these people did not have much malicious intent as their understanding and care for Han Qingwu were true and their class sense of honor were also true.

“The Book of Songs goes: ‘cast me with papaya, repay you with peach. ” When Tang Xiu talking, he got up and left the classroom.

After he left, the classroom became deadly silent.

After a while, everyone became sober from Tang Xiu’s words.

“What did he say? Did he say he want to get the first place in the monthly test?”

“We certainly got it wrong. It is fair for him to get last place as for first place, he can only get it in a dream.”

In the classroom, only two people did not speak. Although his face showed a look of contemplation, Yuan Chuling was a little excited.

Fiercely staring at the crowd, Yuan Chuling left the classroom with his things as he was afraid he would beat someone if he continued to stay in the classroom.

“I heard that after he was seriously damaged after the car accident, not only is he unable to remember the new things but his knowledge also have been forgotten quickly. When he entered class 10, his basic knowledge was almost blank. Can he get No.1 after a month? ” Cheng Yannan whispered.

In the second day, the monthly test continued.

In the examination room, Tang Xiu’s was still gloomy because of the basic language test.

In the comprehensive course test, as the other candidates were still scratching their head with the papers, Tang Xiu got up and left indifferently.

In the English test in the afternoon, including the time of the listening part, Tang Xiu only spent half an hour for the test and then handed it over. At the mean time, the others were still trying to finish the other questions.

The No.1 Middle School of Star City carried out closed teaching and they usually did not have any holidays. They would only have a holiday of two or three days to go home at the end of each month. This was called the monthly leave.

After the monthly test, the students had a short time to rest.

After the end of the month test, Tang Xiu did not stay in the school to continue to study hard like the other high school students nor did he go to the library. Instead, he waited to walk along the River Street because he knew that his mother must have got a lot of delicious food waiting for him.

Tang Xiu was living in rural areas before he was admitted into the high school. Until he got the first place in the exam and was admitted to No.1 Middle School of Star City, this was the first time for him to go out of the countryside.

In order to take care of Tang Xiu, Su Lingyun Tang lived in the city with him.

As Su Ling Yun was a rural woman, it was easy for her to do farm work but to find a job in the city was difficult. Thus, in the three years in Star City, Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu had suffered a lot.

Fortunately, Su Lingyun worked hard. However, she has always tried to do it the dirty work. After a few years, she finally accumulated a little money and borrowing ten thousand yuan, they rented a place and led a peaceful life.

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