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Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 13: Monthly Test Began

Chapter 13 Monthly Test Began

Tang Xiu was very clear about the unique position of Han Qingwu in school. He also faintly heard the story of Han Qingwu’s life, but he did not think of how there is such a relationship between Han Qingwu and him.

Knowing the truth of the matter, he figured out the answers to some questions that Tang Xiu was confused about before.

He got high marks but did not get the best student of the province when he was in grade one in high school. However, he got the award when he had low scores in grade two.

After the car accident, he clearly got treatment and compensation, but later he somehow gained another ten thousand yuan of courageous bonuses.

His mind clearly had a problem, Hu Qiusheng also hated him, the school did not expel him but to let him still study in chief classes.

Although the younger uncle Su Shangwen took all the credits so that all of his family had a good impression on him and his mother was grateful to him, couldn’t wait to take out her heart and gave it to him, but Tang Xiu always felt that his younger uncle Su Shangwen would not help him without propagating.

“Miss Han, did you say you will protect me from now on?” Silently watching Han Qingwu for a moment, he suddenly felt that it was particularly funny when he saw Han Qingwu looking sacred and serious.

“Mhm.” Han Qingwu was immersed in the decision that she made. She heavily nodded her head without feeling anything is abnormal.

“Miss Han, you also said that you will take care of me forever?” Tang Xiu continued to ask.

“Mhm!” Han Qingwu continued to nod her head.

“Miss Han, what if I got the last place in this examination?” Tang Xiu asked her again.

“I...I...I will not want the salary this month.” Reminding the bet with Hu Qiusheng, Han Qingwu was unable to be calm, however, she was also afraid that she will put too much pressure on Tang so although it would be suck, she helplessly said that.

“Miss Han, you should always remember what you just said, this time I will take the exam seriously, and ensure that Hu Qiusheng will regret his decisions.” Watching Han frowning, Tang Xiu finally did not have the heart to continue to tease her.

After saying the words, Tang Xiu was already gone and left Han Qingwu to be in a trance alone.

“That’s not right, this guy was just clear-minded when he talked to me as if he was deliberately tricking me. Not to mention his previous frivolous look, how does that look like a guy who has something wrong in his mind?”

“Yuan Chuling also told me that Tang Xiu’s hidden disease because of the car accident has been cured and Tang Xiu’s academic performance will soon be better.”

“But after my observation in this month, he hardly looked up at the blackboard, and did not listen to the teacher lectures, or as before, read the book by himself. In the second half month, he did not even turn the pages, sitting there in a daze for whole days.”

Han Qingwu tried her best to figure it out but did not understand what was going on. At last, a scene unconsciously emerged out in her mind, when she was kissed by Tang Xiu. She suddenly blushed with shame and involuntarily put her hands on her hot cheeks.

Yuan Chuling looked nervous when she saw Tang Xiu went back to the classroom, “Boss, did Miss Han criticise you?”

“No, Miss Han just encouraged me to try my best to take the exam and ask me how did I prepare for it?” Tang Xiu shook his head, and immediately answered him carefully.

“After changing the environment, there is no more pressure from before and with the protection of Cheng Yannan, there was almost nobody to disturb us, so I had a good study efficiency in this month. Basically, I have mastered all of the knowledge of grade one of high school. I am sure I can be admitted to junior college if I continue to study for two more months.”Yuan Chuling contemplated for a moment and said loudly.

“Junior college is not enough, our target is key university or even famous university.” Tang Xiu patted Yuan Chuling’s shoulder and said softly.

Yuan Chuling could not help to make a supercilious look. He would like to refute Tang Xiu but thinking of the situation of Tang Xiu this month, he was silent.

In the expectation of a student of grade three, the second monthly test already started and Tang Xiu would take his first exam after his soul came back into his body.

Although it was only an ordinary monthly test, but whether it was the high school students or the teachers of grade three they all took it very seriously. After all, the type of test questions and difficulty were completely similar to the college entrance examinations from over the years. To a large extent, the monthly test scores can be reflected the college entrance examination scores and can be regarded as the exercise before the college entrance examination.

Only some students who had bad performances and are totally hopeless to get high scores paid no attention to the exam.

There were two classes of students who were cross-sitting in the examination room and they were liberal arts class and science class students, so it was very likely to put an end to the possibility of plagiarism cheating.

“Tang Xiu, do not look around, take the exam. Oh, if you counsel in the fight and get a bad scores of the exam, I will look down on you.” Tang Xiu looked around the candidates. There was a crisp sound behind, but it was Cheng Yanan sitting in his back seat.

“Come on!” Tang Xiu smiled and then took out his own test equipment.

Tang Xiu fainted to hear someone talking about him and also felt that someone was pointing at him, but he did not care.

“When the scores of the monthly test come out, you are going to be shocked.” Tang Xiu took a deep breath and adjusted his state of mind to the best condition.

Soon, two invigilators came into the classroom, holding thick exam papers.

The invigilators did not immediately hand out the papers, but instead swept the classroom again with their eyes and stressed the examination discipline. They were unhurried to hand out the papers to each candidate’s hands.

When walking in front of Tang Xiu, one of the invigilators obviously stopped for a moment, then his face revealed a disdainful smile.

Tang Xiu forced a smile when seeing this situation because the teacher was the Physics teacher Xia Mingjie when he was studying in class five. He did not think that he would come over to inspect his basic language.

Getting the papers, Tang Xiu did not write at once, but swept it again from start to finish, to confirm that there no mistakes of the questions. At the same time, he recalled of all the knowledge for the test over again.

Next, Tang Xiu quickly wrote down the answers on the paper one by one.

Just half an hour, Tang Xiu finished all the questions besides composition writing.

“Everyone says that a father’s love like a mountain, then what’s like a mother’s love? Spring’s soft breeze, summer’s clear spring, autumn’s fruit, winter’s sunshine, or warm light in the dark night? Please use mother love as the title to write a composition which not less than 1000 words.”

After reading the title of composition, Tang Xiu suddenly stood in amazement and then his emotion crashed. Tears welled out of her eyes.

When Tang Xiu was still three years old, Tang Xiu’s father died and he was raised by his mother.

In Tang Xiu’s memory, there was simply not an existence of a father. It was his mother bringing him up, and also his mother who taught him how to behave. After Tang Xiu’s mind became handicapped, it was his mother that did not become the slightest bit disgusted and impatient and stubbornly took care of him.

There is too much memory of the mother and in the thousands of years in the immortal world, those memories had deepened again and again, so that Tang Xiu would not forget.

Tang Xiu immersed in the memory of his mother for a long time and was unable to extricate himself. He did not notice that he has become the focus of the examination room.

“Did you see that? That guy who is tearing is Tang Xiu. He was once be admitted to our school in the first place, but now he is the last one in the grade.”

“Oh, it is no need to cry even though not know the answers, that is too much of a shame, it seems to be something wrong with his mind.”

“Since his brain has a problem, he needs to leave school to go home, why is he still staying in school, what if he suddenly hurt others?”

Two invigilators also found Tang Xiu abnormal, in fact, they were the first to find Tang Xiu’s abnormal emotions, but seeing Tang Xiu only torn silently and did not affect the other candidates, they did not say anything.

When the behavior of Tang Xiu caught more and more attention of candidates, they would like to remind Tang Xiu and even expelled him from the examination room.

When one of the younger invigilators angrily went to the seat of Tang Xiu before hitting him, Xia Mingjie gently sighed and quickly caught up with the young invigilator to prevent his behavior.

“Tang Xiu now is the examination time, but please seize the time to seriously answer, or you may miss the exam.” Xia Mingjie gently knocked the seat of Tang Xiu and softly reminded.

Heard the reminding of Xia Mingjie, Tang Xiu unknowingly discovered that the time was over an hour in the past. He was sitting in the classroom for an hour without doing anything and seeing that the time left is only less than half an hour, he quickly began writing his essay.

“Old Xia, with Tang Xiu’s ability, no matter how long he sat in the examination room, it will not affect his scores.”As Tang Xiu began to seriously answer, the young invigilator Ran Pan stressed the exam time and examination discipline and then left, but he could not help complaining to Xia Mingjie.

“What a pity for the child, if not for the car accident that happened a year ago, his future would be absolutely bright.” Xia Mingjie watched filled with sympathy and regret.

“Oh, this is life. To enter into our school in the first place of our city, and now even reduced to the penultimate grade, this gap is too big.” Thinking of the performance for Tang Xiu, Ran Pan also sighed.

“Yes, I still remember this child’s speech when he won the first prize in the Olympic Physics Competition, his tolerance, vision, ambition, I am proud to be his instructor and teacher. I do not think he would fell to the present situation. Really unfortunate.” Xia Mingjie sighed with regret.

“Old Xia, do you think that it’s possible for Tang Xiu to return to normal in the last few months, and then catch up, to win his honor once belong to him?” He swept the essay written by Tang Xiu seriously, Ran Pan asked.

Xia Mingjie lit up his eyes when he heard the words, then they became sad, “This year, I have been looking forward to a miracle that day. Unfortunately, miracle does not appear, and now Tang Xiu has been moved to Class 10. The time for the college entrance examination only leaves a short period of about two months. Even if his mind is really back to normal, it would be difficult for his scores to catch up.

Actually, Ran Pan felt it was pleasant to say that, finding Xia Mingjie seriously discussing this problem with him. He could not help smiling and shaking his head, quickly changing the topic.

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