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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

An Zaiyue’s knife was very blunt. It was clearly not very handy to use a machete to cut meat.

Of course, the feel of the meat may be deeper.

This was because the wails of those who had fallen outside the silver circle were even more mournful and unpleasant than the cries of a cat in heat.

The blood dyed the silver red, then seeped into the soil, dyeing the soil a grayish black color, just like the dark side of a person’s heart.

The two meter circle was not big, just the perfect distance for An Zhe to take a step forward.

He stood in the middle of the circle formed by silver. No matter which direction he attacked, he would take a step forward and strike out with his dagger in perfect timing.

The wooden sabre swept down or hacked down, and with each strike, a person fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. Therefore, the people outside the Silver Ring quickly piled up, but they were still alive.

According to his character, killing people was nothing.

However, there was a thread in An Zhe’s heart. Those on the line would die without a doubt, and those on the line would be spared.

This line is the degree to which evil is done … The people who rushed in now still deserve to die.

More than half of the people on the ground had fallen, and when dozens of them had formed a human flesh wall around the silver circle, the people outside finally realized what had happened.

They began to flinch and look at each other, and the expression in their eyes meant “You’re not up yet?”

And the look in your eyes means why didn’t you go?

It was only natural for Nanshan Street to engage in a brawl. In the eyes of others, such a fight was even more common.

However, the ones who were put down were a group of able-bodied men. The one who took action was a thin and weak youth around ten years of age. As a result, the scene was especially shocking, bringing with it the beauty of bloodshed and violence.

An Zaiyue wiped off the blood that had splattered on his face. That warmth allowed him to feel a bit of the joy and happiness he had felt back then.

This was how he had fought his way out of order back then. He had killed his way out of the law with one move after another.

“Do you still have any answers for me? Why do good people have to abide by rules and bad people don’t have to do it?”

“Who exactly are these rules for?”

When the youth covered in blood asked this question with his chin slightly raised, no one dared to treat him as an idiot again.

“Because … you can only be a bad person if you break the rules?”

Outside the circle, a strong man subconsciously replied, shivering with fear. He didn’t realize that his legs were trembling.

An Zhan’s face was full of blood and his teeth were white, giving people goosebumps. “This is a little interesting … So, at the root of it all, the law doesn’t restrain good people, but evil people.”

“For example, this circle is the law, if you touch upon the law, you have to pay the price.”

No one understood his words.

When the first man turned and ran, the defeat was unstoppable.

The rest of the men were gone, and the sun had not yet set.

It took only a few minutes for the first men to escape from the security battle.

His actions were so precise that fear arose from the bottom of everyone’s heart. Although everyone looked so terribly injured, no one was harmed.

Chen Pu, who was standing at the corner of the street, had a constantly changing look on his face, because he didn’t know if he should continue to carry out his plan or not.

The nine bandits didn’t appear. Not to mention those nine turtles, not even a single one of their thugs showed up. It was obvious that the nine bandits had noticed the Chen family’s scheme.

So, if it was just to kill a young man, was this plan worth it?

A youth wearing a white mink coat walked to his side as he unblinkingly looked in the direction of the dilapidated courtyard.

This young man looked to be around ten years old, half a head taller than An Zeng. His clothes were very beautiful, and there was an unfathomable cold arrogance in his handsome face.

He was only a teenager, but the look in his eyes was even deeper than an adult’s.

His face was as white as jade, and his lips were red, teeth and white. This young man was truly beautiful.

“Third Uncle wants to kill that brat?”

The teenager pointed at An Zui.

Chen Pu’s attitude towards this youth was not of the same generation. He slightly bent his body and said, “Young master, the original plan was for the nine bandits. This brat is only a guide.”

However, the nine bandits did not appear. It was obvious that they planned to give up on this brat.

Therefore, there seemed to be no need to continue the plan.

“I was intending to send someone to ask for permission from the old master, but what should I do to await the orders of the old master.”

“There’s no need to trouble my father with such a small matter.”

The youth in white clothing said in an aged manner, “Since there is no longer a need for the nine bandits’ plan, then we’ll just evacuate them … Also, this wild kid is quite interesting, much stronger than Zhang Lei and the other unpopular delinquents. Third Uncle, please bring him back. The nine bandits don’t want this person, I want him.”

“This person has a trace of viciousness in his bones. If he is nurtured well, he will become my right-hand man in the future.”

He turned around and said, “In the future, I will take over the Chen family’s property. Now that I am eleven years old, I should find some useful help for myself.”

Chen Pu felt a chill run down his spine. He had an indescribable fear towards this eleven year old child.

He didn’t know why, but every time he saw the young master, he would feel that he wasn’t the only one. That sort of cold feeling was as if the young master was a demon that crawled out from hell.

He looked at the distant rundown courtyard and saw An Zhe already sitting on a chair to rest. He suddenly realized that the wild brat’s feeling was even stronger.

“Yes sir, since the young master has already decided, then the plan will not continue.”

Chen Pu waved his hands, and the assassins of the Chen Clan all retreated.

“Third Uncle, I’m eleven years old. You can call me Young Master in the future, but don’t add that small word on top of that. It’s a bit ear-piercing to the ears.”

The youth in white left these words and then left with large strides.

Seven or eight youths of his own age clustered around him, as if protecting the Emperor.

Those boys were the white-clothed youth’s helpers, slowly turning into dogs.

Moreover, they were a bunch of dogs that had been trained since they were young. Perhaps in a few years, they would become mastiffs.

As long as the white-clothed youth pointed his finger forward, they would pounce on the prey and tear it to shreds.

Chen Pu walked for a while, and when he turned around, he discovered that the youth called An Zeng had already dragged the wailing wounded out of the small fenced yard.

The youth used one hand to grab the ankles of the injured people and dragged them out like a dead dog before casually throwing them outside the door.

An Zhe felt a little tired. He had attacked too many times today. His body was still injured and not light, so he had slightly overexerted himself. The pain from his wound also began to irritate his nerves.

He tossed the last of the wounded out the door and, panting, went back into the yard and sat down.

There was a fine layer of sweat on his forehead. It was not from fatigue, but from pain.

Those guys in the academy had yet to recover from the injuries they had sustained on their body. The pain from their internal organs gave off the illusion of them being completely twisted.

An Zhe thought about what kind of medicine could be found in this place. If he really couldn’t take it anymore, he should take the medicine. After all, this body was different from his original body.

He had tens of thousands of pill formulas in his mind. He had researched and developed all the drugs needed to treat the wounds on his body, but right now, he didn’t even have the ingredients to concoct the most common white medicine.

At that moment, the sound of shoes crunching in the mud could be heard.

An Zeng didn’t look up. He could tell from the sound of footsteps that Fatty Du was skinny and had returned.

This fellow’s footsteps were heavy, and his breathing was heavier. Clearly, he had been running all the way here.

When An Zeng raised his head, he saw that Fatty’s face was already contorted with shock and nervousness.

The injured and bleeding people outside had obviously provoked deep inside Fatty’s heart.

“Are you alright?”

Fatty stomped on those fellows and rushed into the courtyard. His pair of shoes were already stained red with blood.

An Zhan shook his head: “It’s fine, but the internal injuries Wang Meng had inflicted on him earlier were not good.”

“Come, let’s go to the medicine store. You look too scary right now. I don’t know if you have the blood on you.”

After taking two steps, he turned around to look at the silver, then went back and grabbed a handful of silver and put it in his pocket. Inside the medicine store, Song Lang only accepted that silver was unrecognizable.

The fatty looked at the circle of silver and sighed. “What a pity. Once we leave, we won’t be able to keep this silver.”

With a wave of his hand, the machete flew out and stabbed into the ground in the middle of the circle of silver. The machete’s hilt was pointed upwards, as if it had been pointed by a ruler, perpendicular to the ground.

An Zeng laid on Du’s thin back and smiled, “Let’s go. With this machete, at least none of those unpopular guys in Nanshan Street will dare to come here.”

The Chen family didn’t see the nine bandits acting recklessly. If nothing unexpected happens, they will help guard this silver. ”

Skinny Du didn’t know how An Zeng could be so confident. He was only worried about An Zeng’s injuries. He ran all the way to the only medicine store on Nanshan Street while carrying An Zeng.

An Ying squeezed her little head out from the gap between the two of them and looked around in confusion, with the expression of someone oppressing her.

At the corner of the street, Chen Pu waved his hand and said, “Protect this courtyard. If anyone dares to touch the silver, just chop them to death.”

If the nine bandits’ people come, then tell them that little brother An is a guest of our Chen family. It has nothing to do with the nine bandits.

From the moment they let go of the struggle to face it themselves, they have given up their relationship with the conflict.

“Little … No one can stop the person that Young Master wants.”

After saying that, he also turned around and left.

Over ten Chen family thugs dressed in black quickly walked over and protected the small fenced area.

On the main street, Du was running with his thin body carrying An Zeng. The bumpy An Zhe felt as if his internal organs were being shaken out of his body.

Fortunately, there was a lot of meat on Du’s thin body, so the shock absorption effect was not bad.

Therefore, An Zeng could not help but ask, “Fatty … You haven’t even eaten meat a few times, why are you so fat?”

“How the fuck should I know? Don’t you feel wronged when you said that my body is full of flesh and blood?”

“I’m so sorry.”

“By the way, how long can I eat three thousand taels of silver?”

“No future, your life goal is to convert anything into several kilograms of meat.”

“F * ck, you can eat meat, what kind of future do you want!”

“Hahahaha, what you’re saying is so f * cking reasonable that there’s no way to refute it.”

An Zaihai laughed very hard, and his internal organs hurt as well, but his laughter was so wonderful that he couldn’t stop at all.

It was as if it had been a very long time since such a pure friendship had appeared at his side. An Ying thought to himself while lying on Fatty’s back. In the future, Fatty would definitely eat meat every day, then every meal, then every meal.

However, thinking about how easy it was for Fatty to live, just having meat was enough.

The goal is simple, the person is also easy to satisfy, will be more happy.

“Fatty, can I let you be a high-ranking official in the future?”

“Not good, you should become a high official, I’ll be your fighter.”

“I’ll beat whoever I say?”

“Of course!”

“Alright, that’s a deal.”

“If I say beat him up, you can just rush up and beat him up regardless of the consequences.”

“No problem, but I won’t fight with my parents.”


Why did I hit your parents … That’s right, Fatty, what kind of girl do you like? Are you fat and white, or are you a little skinnier?

“In the future, we will be celebrities of Nanshan Street. At that time, you will have many admirers.”

“If he’s white and fat, then he’ll definitely snatch some meat from me if he’s too thin. If he’s fat, then he definitely doesn’t lack meat, right?”


“Meow ~”

At this time, the little white cat called out, as if he was disdainful of Du’s thin life ideal.

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