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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The onlookers were all stunned. Among them, there were some who recognized An Zaiyue. They could tell that the one who beat him was the orphan who usually abided by his word and didn’t even dare to walk with his back straight.

The recognized person was even more shocked. He never would have thought that after just one day, An Zhe would have become a completely different person.

Could it be that even after getting beaten up, he dared only squat down there holding his head, not daring to fight back?

Zhang Lei, whose face was covered in blood, looked like he was seriously injured. His entire face was covered in blood. Even if he recovered, he wouldn’t be able to see much of his face.

There was an inescapable loathing in An Zhe’s bones towards these thugs who usually pretended to be vicious and bullied honest people.

This was also the reason why he needed a place to rest. If he was in his prime, he could just wave his hand and turn these people into ashes.

With his personality that was filled with enmity, these people would not even be left behind if he were to meet them before he was injured.

“Remember how much you owe me?”

An Zeng kicked Zhang Lei, who was scared out of his wits. The latter was lying on the ground like a dead pig, unable to move.

He wanted to answer, but half of his face was badly mutilated. He couldn’t even open his mouth.

Seeing that there was no way for him to answer, An Zhan bent down and said, “Even if you owe me five hundred silver taels, how about it?”

Zhang Lei’s eyes flickered for a moment. He obviously didn’t want to say anything.

When he saw An Zaiyang lift the brick in his hand, he immediately nodded with all his might.

An Zaixian nodded and walked to the side of the first thug to be beaten. “Do you remember how much money you owe me?” he asked.

How could Liu Mengzi not know? He replied shakily, “I remember … I owe you one hundred and forty taels of silver.”

An Zeng sighed, “One hundred and forty taels, forget it … I’ll gather some for you. I don’t want any of it.”

A hint of joy flashed across Liu Mubai’s eyes. “Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

Then, An Zaiyue bent down and broke one of Liu Mou’s legs with a ‘kacha’ sound. “A fifty taels a leg. Just now, you owed me one hundred and forty taels. Now, it’s one hundred and ninety taels. Even if you owe me two hundred taels, is the price fair?”

Liu Mouzi wailed in pain like a pig being slaughtered. How could he dare say no?

He could not help but nod in pain, not knowing what to say to An Zeng.

An Zeng was too lazy to bother with him. He slowly walked to the side of the second thug, Zhou An, and asked, “Do you remember how much money you owe me?”

Zhou An crawled back in fright, crying as he did so, he replied, “I beg you, master, please do not hit me, just how much do you think I owe you … I owe you two hundred taels of silver, okay?”

An Xuan nodded with satisfaction, “Alright, since your attitude is not bad, you can consider it as owing me two hundred taels.”

However, I am an honest person, so I don’t like to take advantage of others the most.

You said you owe me two hundred taels, but I’m not even qualified enough yet. If this gets out and says that my business is unfair, who will look for me in the future?

“I remember that you owe me 160 taels, so I give you a discount …”

With a kacha sound, Zhou An’s leg was broken by An Zhe.

An Xuan said, “Two hundred and ten taels. You owe me two hundred taels. I won’t take advantage of you. I’ll give you another ten taels of face.”

He turned his head to look at the third person, the third hoodlum was so scared that his butt kept sitting back, his hand felt around the floor until it was half a brick, then he picked it up and looked at his own face and said, “Master An, I also owe you two hundred taels. I don’t need you to give me face, can’t I make up for my deficiencies myself?”

“What do you think?”

When he asked if he could do it, he slapped the brick against his face. It was not a small matter either.

An Zaiyue looked at these guys and realized that he had scared them out of his wits. He was afraid that even if someone gave him money in the future, they wouldn’t dare to provoke him again.

Based on his character of exorcising evil in the past, even if these guys were unworthy and didn’t deserve his help, he would still kill them all.

But right now, he still didn’t know much about the city, and didn’t want to easily destroy the killing ring. Thus, he gave up on this idea.

“The leader owes me five hundred silvers, and the rest of the men owe me two hundred silvers. In total, it’s three thousand three hundred silvers. When are we going to settle the accounts?”

Before he could finish, Gowdy turned and tried to get into the crowd, but he was held back by the sharp-eyed Dean.

The thin Dean dragged Gowdie back, his face pale with fright.

He looked at An Zhe and forced a smile. “An Zhe … Master An, you don’t remember me as a vile person. Don’t place me in your eyes. Just treat me as a fart and let me go.”

“Even if I eat shit, I won’t be able to let out such a stinky fart like you.”

He raised his foot and kicked Goudi on the chin. “I was planning to settle this debt with you slowly, but since you are courting death, I will grant your wish.”

I’m basically a cripple with one arm and one leg, so I don’t charge you anything. ”

An Zhan turned his head to look at Zhang Lei, “I’ll leave this person to you. You can decide what to do with him yourself.”

“You owe me 3,300 taels of silver, and I will make a price of 300 taels for this person. I will only charge you 3,000 taels.”

Zhang Lei’s face was covered in blood from the slaps. However, the wounds on his body weren’t particularly severe.

At this moment, An Xuan was like a god of death in his eyes. Even though An Xuan wasn’t tall, he was rather thin and weak, but when he attacked just now, he was like a ferocious ghost.

As long as the conflict continued on Nanshan Street, he would no longer dare to appear in front of it.

Hearing An Zhan’s words, Zhang Lei nodded his head vigorously and mumbled, “Master An, don’t worry. Leave this matter to me.”

An Xuan nodded. “Go, take the money. I’ll leave these people here for the time being. Find someone to go back and get the silver and bring it over to redeem them.”

I’m a fair man. Take one with you if you take two hundred taels.

“However, if I hear that you went to someone else’s house to snatch money or force them to give you money, then I guarantee that you won’t live past nightfall.”

An Zaiyue pointed to the side of the street. “Don’t lie on the ground to block the traffic. Get in line for me. Just wait for your boss to come and collect the money for you.”

Zhang Lei didn’t dare to stay any longer. He picked Gao Di up and awkwardly ran to the other side of South Mountain Street.

Du walked over to An Zeng’s side and said, “You’re leaving first place just like that?”

If it hadn’t been for that guy, this wouldn’t have happened today.

Normally, he is the one who bullied you the most, and he also broke the legs of the little deity, making him a cripple for the rest of his life.

“And Li Han, three of his fingers were cut off by him, but now he doesn’t even dare to stretch out his hand for others to see!”

An Zhan sneered, “Let him go?”

Don’t worry, I’ll let Zhang Lei take him away. It’ll be better than if I kill him myself.

“If Zhang Lei doesn’t want to kill him, I can guarantee that he won’t be able to survive in the Great Illusionary Land.”

“It’s good that such a person died. In the future, you don’t have to worry about other honest kids being bullied by him.”

“Remember what I asked you?”

Is it hard enough? ”

“Who would want to live a tough life?”

An Zhan smiled and said, “There won’t be any more tough times in the future. From today onwards, I will let you live and eat whatever you want to eat, wear whatever you want to wear, and play whatever you want.”

You are my only friend in the city, and I will do my best to change our lives.

“Skinny, remember, no one can bully my friends who are fighting for peace!”

In the tavern, Auntie Ye looked at the two youngsters who were hugging their shoulders on the street, her eyes flashing with a hint of intriguing light.

That seemingly skinnier youth truly had a very special temperament. He embraced the fatty as he stood there, raising his finger towards the distant scene, as if he was standing on the tallest mountain in the world, pointing towards the mountains and rivers.

He was clearly a child who looked to be only around ten years old, how could he have such a feeling of respect?

She wanted to know more about this youth, but when she thought about how she had secluded herself here for the sake of her child, Xiao Qidao, she gave up on this idea.

Nothing was more important than the safe growth of Xiao Qidao. As long as the child grew up healthy, she was willing to do anything.

She turned around to look at her child, and then she couldn’t help but sigh … A four year old boy was sitting at the window, eating while swinging his two legs. He didn’t seem to be afraid of the bloody fight before the war.

He looked so much like his father that no matter how much he encountered, he wouldn’t feel nervous and would always be so graceful.

“Big brother.”

Xiao Qidao suddenly shouted to An Zeng, “Do you want to eat melon seeds?”

An Zeng turned around and saw that the child was really beautiful and cute.

He wiped off the blood on his hand and walked to Xiao Qidao’s side. He sat at the window with his butt up. “Qidao, were you afraid when you saw your brother beating someone up?”

“I’m not afraid. In the future, I also want to beat up villains like my big brother. When I see bad people, I’ll beat them until they don’t dare to do anything bad!”

He swung his little fist, but it slipped out of the window.

Auntie Ye was so scared that she rushed forward, while An Chou had already turned around and carried Xiao Qitao away from the air.

An Zaidao carried Xiao Qidao and stood up. He walked to the side of the street and pointed at the thugs who had been beaten up. “Xiao Qidao, you must remember, never be such a bad person in the future. Even if they look good normally, they will have nightmares at night, and their lives will be taken by evil ghosts.”

“Even if they die, they can only go to hell and be tortured by devils.”

Xiao Qidao nodded with all his might. “Big brother, can you teach me how to beat people?”

An Zhan shook his head. “Not good, not good. Cultivation isn’t about beating people up.”

Xiao Qidao continued, “Mother said I can’t cultivate, but I’m afraid Mother will be bullied.”

He frowned and looked back at Auntie Ye.

When he held Xiao Qidao, he could feel that Xiao Qidao’s physique was strangely outstanding. If this physique was sent to a regular sect, he would also be highly regarded.

As long as he could receive a meticulous tutelage, he might be able to truly cultivate the Minor Seven Daos within a short period of time.

But why would Auntie Ye lie to her child?

He peeled off the melon seeds and placed them in Xiao Qidao’s hands.

Xiao Qi smiled with bright eyes.

The cat on An Zeng’s shoulder let out a soft cry, with an expression that suggested that he wanted to hug me and eat me as well.

Auntie Ye quickly walked over to take Xiao Qidao’s hand, thanked him, and then turned to leave.

An Zui wanted to ask what was going on, but seeing Auntie Ye’s twinkling eyes, he felt that it was better not to ask about other people’s secrets.

At this moment, someone came over from a distance with a few large chests. When they saw the maimed bodies on the floor, all of their faces turned pale with fright.

The man in the lead quickly walked up to An Xuan and politely said, “Master An, this is the money that our boss has sent you.”

When the lazy kitten saw this person, it immediately straightened its body. The fur on its back stood up, as if it was trying to protect this person, revealing the sharp teeth in its mouth. i𝑛𝓷𝙧𝘦𝚊d. 𝚌o𝓶

An Zeng comforted the cat with a smile and said, “The tyrant association really doesn’t lack money.”

That person smiled. “How is that possible? How could a tyrant have so much money when he’s such a low level child and a small gang.”

“This silver is from our boss. He wants to meet you.”

An Xuan frowned. “Who is your boss?”

That person made a gesture of invitation: “Our host’s surname is Chen.”

Hearing these words, Du’s thin face instantly changed. He stepped forward and grabbed An Zhe’s hand to shake his head: “An Zeng, we can’t go!”

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