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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

An Zeng examined Du’s thin wounds and found that only the bones were broken.

To ordinary people, this injury could be recuperated for at least three months or at most half a year and one year.

However, Du was thin and had already washed his marrow, so his recovery speed was much faster than an ordinary person’s.

An Zeng supported Skinny Du to find Madman Qu, while Madman Qu had a face full of worry.

He took advantage of the moment when both Endless Starlight and Skinny Du were not paying attention to him and pulled Qu Liu`er to the side, saying, “This kind of place, why don’t we walk?”

“As you can see, he bullied us, but he couldn’t do anything about it.”

Qu Liu`er stubbornly shook her head. “Master, you can leave, but I can’t.”

“There are only a few of us in the Heavenly Awakening Sect. If I leave, I won’t have any sense of brotherhood.”

The young girl was in high spirits as she said these words, her face flushing red.

An Zhan heard Madman Qu’s words, but didn’t say anything.

“It’s still the Heavenly Awakening Sect!”

Madman Qu subconsciously raised his voice, “Just you few lousy kids want to establish a sect?”

I’ve been brought up at your age, and I know that at this age I’m a man of illusions and that you all think you’re great.

But in truth, you are nothing. There is a proper teacher in the opposite Fantasy Academy, what do you have?

Can An Zeng really help you cultivate?

I also saw it that day. Child, your potential is four stars.

Listen to me, and when I have healed Du’s thin wounds, you will come with me.

If you don’t want to go to the Fantasy World Academy, then master will take you out of Fantasy world and into the sects outside, okay? ”

Qu Liu`er puffed out her chest. “Not good, not good!”

She ran over to help Dean refix his bones. “So what if we’re all children? Can’t children have dreams?”

This is the Heavenly Awakening Sect, and An Zhe is our Sect Master.

Right now, we are weak, so there’s nothing wrong with it. After half a year, I don’t believe that we can’t win.

Those people who have cultivated for many years in the Academy came to bully those who have yet to begin cultivating.

When we win them all, that’s great! ”

Madman Qu looked at An Zhan awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

An Zhan only smiled at Madman Qu, then he patted Du’s thin shoulders. “Feeling aggrieved in your heart?”

“Just hold it in for a hundred and eighty days.”

Skinny Du clenched his teeth in pain: “Don’t worry, I will definitely snatch back this lost person!”

“It’s not shameful.”

An Xuan said: “You just washed the marrow, Zhou Mushan has already ascended to the Third Pin.”

Honestly speaking, they might not even win against Kou Liu.

It’s only by making a simple comparison that you can wash your marrow and not have any quality. You can now break a small tree as thick as an arm with a single punch.

To those ordinary people who couldn’t cultivate, if you bullied them, they wouldn’t be able to defeat you. Would they lose face?

Zhou Mushan had levelled up from rank 3 and was already able to transform his palm into a blade.

“His hand could cut down a tree as thick as your waist with a swish. You and he aren’t on the same level.”

“But don’t give up, because I’m much stronger than those teachers in the Academy, believe me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you.”

He shook his head again, “No, from today onwards, I will call you Sovereign.”

Although to others, this sounded like a child’s joke, but only we know that we are all sincere.

“I also firmly believe that sooner or later, the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect will become the most powerful sect in the world.”

An Zeng laughed, “This flattery is so perfect, it makes my blood boil. I quite like it. It will be better if I pay attention to controlling my emotions next time.”

“You are Lord Sect Master. Can you act like Lord Sect Master?”

An Chao nodded, “Alright, Sect Master, I will prepare some things for you so that you can recover as soon as possible.”

He turned around and asked Madman Qu, “This kind of hard wound, isn’t it best to use the Bone-reaping Grass?”

Madman Qu said, “The Bone Continuing Grass is certainly the best, but who would be foolish enough to use a white rank herb to treat such a small injury?”

The Bone Replenishing Grass did not have a strong medicinal effect, but if it was refined together with the Seven-Ringed Snake Snake Bone, it would be the Great Recovery Pill.

The Small Revitalizing Pellet was an ordinary medicinal pill, and the Great Revitalizing Pellet was one of the more powerful among the white goods.

“As long as the injuries don’t reach the point of no rule of law, a Great Recovery Pill can help the wounded recover quickly.”

An Zhan asked again, “There should be reconstituted Bone Grass in the vast and desolate mountain range, right?”

Madman Qu replied, “Yes, there is, but we will fight for it. You’d better give up on this idea.”

Herbs, with white rank as the dividing line.

Although the fresh herbs were not bad, they were not protected by powerful wild beasts.

From the beginning of the white rank herbs, there had been beasts.

When it came to red rank herbs, there could even be magical beasts entrenched in it.

“An Zhan, forgive me for speaking bluntly, but to be able to snatch away a beast that occupies a white rank medicinal herb, it is already close to a magical beast. You cannot win.”

“I know.”

He turned to Qu’Er and said, “Help me take care of Fatty.”

The Illusory Land was a city that had been built in the depths of the mountain, but its buildings were in fact extremely scattered.

In the early days, it was the villains and the war-ridden people who lived here, building a house here and a house there.

Thus, as time passed, the city district became very chaotic.

The Ancient Berserker Mountain was originally a place where all mountains and seas were poor and full of evil. Even ordinary cultivators weren’t willing to come.

Even though there were many of these people living here, from time to time, magical beasts and beasts would come out to harm them.

Anjou wanted to look for herbs, not just because Dean was injured in his own skinny-looking way.

In the future when cultivating, everyone would inevitably have some accidents.

But Madman Qu’s herbs were very ordinary, not even a jade rank one.

There were some necessary medicine, but right now, the Tianqi Martial Academy simply couldn’t find them.

Anjou knew how to identify the herbs, so he decided to go out and see if he could find some.

Wherever there were herbs produced, there would be a group of people who would go crazy over them.

Regardless of whether it was the healer or the person who wanted to sell the herbs, they would take the risk.

Especially those who yearned to make a fortune, as long as they were lucky enough to get a piece of jade herb, they could sell it for over ten thousand taels of silver without a problem.

If he could get a white rank herb, then for a normal person, he wouldn’t need to worry about food and drink for the rest of his life.

Thus, all of the medicinal herbs in the vicinity of the illusory world had long since been plucked clean.

A true healer would never take medicine for cleanliness.

If there was only one tree, then he would only take the leaves and the fruits, leaving the roots for the following year.

But for the drug users, they don’t care what happens next year.

An Zhan picked up a short knife and dagger. He also found a small crossbow in the Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy’s storeroom. Unexpectedly, he could still use it.

A rope, a kettle, and a little hard wine.

After tidying up properly, he quietly left the Tianqi Martial Academy.

It was almost noon, so he calculated the time. Before nightfall, he would only be able to travel a few dozen miles.

There shouldn’t be a single useful herb within tens of miles.

Thus, An Zaixin had prepared three days of rations and planned to use one day to enter the depths of the mountain. He would then use one more day to try his luck and return one day.

Cangman Mountain was a famous dangerous mountain in the north, separating the sixteen kingdoms of Youlan. The mountain range headed east and west, passing through several small countries.

The lands of Yan Country could be considered not small within the sixteen kingdoms of You Yan. However, a fifth of it was occupied by the Vast Berserker Mountain, so it was actually very fatigued.

An Zhe left the Illusory world and stayed in the city, climbing up to a place that ordinary people couldn’t enter.

Although he had only washed his marrow and his talent was poor, his physical body was strong and flexible enough.

At first, there was barely any road for dozens of miles. By the time the sky was almost dark, there was no road left.

With a short knife, An Zhe cut through the hanging vines and branches, moving slower and slower.

No one knew exactly how terrifying Cang Man Mountain was at night.

Even a true cultivator would not dare to enter the depths of the mountains so easily at night.

Because most of those terrible things move at night.

The good lord cat lay in the clothes of the struggle for peace, but he did not go back to sleep. His eyes were wide open as he stared outside.

The stars in its eyes revolved, as beautiful as the night sky.

He reached out his hand to touch it, then said in a low voice, “Let’s go a bit further and find a place to rest. We’ll continue on our journey tomorrow morning.”

The kitten seemed to understand what An Ying was saying, and it let out a soft meow.

A human and a cat passed through the night, passing through the dangerous primitive jungle.

When the moon had climbed high enough, Andersen had to stop and find a suitable place to hide.

This was because the dangerous aura around them was getting more and more intense and chaotic.

In the middle of the night, the predators would appear.

In the primitive jungle, it wasn’t exactly safe to climb on top of a large tree.

In this place, a one meter thick python was not uncommon.

An Zhe’s eyesight was good, he could see a distance in the darkness.

Just as he was looking for a suitable place to rest, a gale suddenly blew over his head, closely followed by a large black shadow pressing down from above the forest.

The sound of metal clashing against metal could be heard from far away.

An Chou immediately lowered his body and then couldn’t help but smile to himself, “That should be a rare winged eagle, a legitimate mid-tier magical beast. Any hair on its body is a red rank medicinal herb... Coming out to hunt, it doesn’t like small meat like us.”

He rubbed the cat’s head. “However, the Unicorn has always lived alone. Since it dared to fly around in the forest so ostentatiously, it must be the king of this area.”

When the sun rose, the Unicorn returned to its lair to rest.

“Its lair is empty. Let’s go there and rest. There’s nothing that dares to rashly invade the nest of the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle.”

The kitten rubbed its head against the wall, probably scared out of its wits, so it curled up even tighter.

An Zeng sniffed his nose. “However, the stench of the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle is really unpleasant.”

We’ll follow the smell and hope we can find it. ”

If it was at the pinnacle of the An Zhe Empire, just a single strand of hair was enough to suppress the Winged Scaled Eagle.

But now, he had to be careful.

He followed the stench, but he did not encounter any danger.

Where the Unicorn Winged Hawk passed, the other beasts did not dare to venture.

Perhaps it was due to his good fortune that he saw the nest of the Unicorn Winged Hawks on a cliff.

It was a huge cave built halfway up the cliff. After exiting the forest, the moonlight sprinkled down and one could faintly see that the cave was dozens of meters wide.

However, there was no way up. To enter the nest of the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle, one had to climb up the cliff.

Andersen patted the cat, made him lie down in his clothes, and began to climb up the rock.

Under the night sky, that youth’s figure was so small yet so strong.

The nest of the Unicorn Winged Hawk was over a hundred meters high on the cliff face. It would not be easy for An Zhe to climb up.

Especially since it was still night, it was even more dangerous.

However, deep in the mountain, there was no safer place than the nest of the Unicorn’s Winged Eagle.

After a good half an hour, An Zhe finally climbed to the bottom of the Unicorn Winged Hawk’s nest.

He only felt the size of the cave when he got close to it. It would be fine for him to sleep with at least a hundred people around.

The things that laid their nests were all large trees that had been cut off by the Unicorn Winged Hawks.

He climbed in through the crack and lay down to catch his breath.

At the very least, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything tonight.

After lying down, An Zeng felt the cat in his arms twisting uneasily a few times. Then, he saw a pair of green eyes staring straight at him.

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