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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

An Zeng stood beside the Nine Stars Arena blankly for a moment, then couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Half Star...

In the past, he was the head of the Palace of Magic in the Great Xi Empire. He was one of the few who had reached the Great Perfection of the Small Heaven Realm. Now, his cultivation potential was that of a half-star … An Zeng swore that he would not let Skinny Du see the result.

Otherwise that guy could just go up in the sky and take off.

An Zhe knew better than anyone what a Half-Star symbolized. It signified that he would no longer have any hope to recover his strength to the Lesser Heaven stage, and even reaching the spatial realm would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Then, how should he take revenge?

That day in the depths of the Azure Barbarian Mountain, when he realized that the person he had to save was the one who had schemed against him, his heart had been as dead as ash.

However, he did not die. He survived through the initial sadness and anger by relying on his desire for revenge.

This blow was a little too much, but the struggle did not admit defeat.

So what if he’s a half-star? So what if he’s an ordinary person?

Everyone in the world knew that an ordinary person with a physique would never become a peerless expert. So what?

It’s just retrograde.

An Zeng took a deep breath and told himself that it was just that he was starting a little lower, that it was nothing.

He turned around and returned to his room, thinking about how to make himself stronger.

He had been thinking about this question all this time, and he firmly believed that the things he had memorized wouldn’t grow very slowly.

But now, he had to re-examine his situation and make sure that he did not overreach himself. He had to walk down the path step by step.

Before his physical body was destroyed, his physique could be said to be a peerless genius.

Therefore, he was familiar with how to return himself to the same height as a genius, but he could not do so now.

He suddenly recalled what he said to Skinny Du … … We’ve already started later than others, so our only hope is to work harder than others.

An Zhan left his room and walked to the martial arts practice field.

Although the academy had been abandoned for a few years, its basic facilities were still complete.

Those wooden piles didn’t catch anyone’s eye, so they were still standing on the training field.

By the time An Zaiyue stepped onto the stage, everyone was asleep.

Du was thin and asleep with a cultivation potential of one and a half stars, while Qu Liu’er with the potential of four stars was asleep with the potential of the limitless Xiao Qidao.

In the Huan Shi Academy, everyone was asleep.

An Zeng began practicing his fist techniques, the most basic of moves.

He wrapped a quilt around the stake to keep himself from waking the others with the sound of the stake.

This kind of basic training, is to practice the stability and speed of the punch, but it does not help to improve the strength.

Therefore, An Zeng tied two pieces of iron to his arm, which was about the same length as his forearm. Each piece weighed thirty pounds.

Punching, punching, punching …

An Zhan experienced the feeling of his arm being about to be cut off. Although his body was not bad, his potential was not good. In other words, his dantian’s Qi Sea could not hold more cultivation power.

Therefore, strength did not last for long. If one wanted to win against an enemy, one had to rely on explosive strength.

Two hours later, the wooden stake that was wrapped in a quilt was broken, and An Zhe’s fist was swollen.

The moment he took the bar off his arm, he felt it fly away but it left a sharp pain.

After resting for an hour, An Zeng used the torches in the training field to write a summary of how to cultivate for Du, Little Seven Daos, and Qu Liu`er.

With regards to Xiao Qidao’s physique, An Zhe did not know that he could help much, because what Xiao Qidao needed to do was to develop his potential.

As for Du slimmed down and Qu Liu`er, they relied on perseverance in their cultivation.

The skinny physique of Du was also very ordinary. If he wanted to become a powerhouse, he would need to constantly change his physique and persevere with his cultivation.

Qu Liu’Er’s potential was extraordinary, but her physique was too weak. She needed to constantly increase the intensity of her training.

When he was done, Anjou rose, tied the bars to his arm again, and then broke another stake.

There were still two hours before dawn when he returned to his room and fell asleep.

After the sun had risen, An Zui finished washing up and changed into a new set of clothes before walking out of the room.

The early morning sun was soft and warm, gilding people.

“Hello sir.”

Xiao Qi, Du, and Qu’Er stood at the entrance. When they saw An Zaiyue come out, they all bent their bodies and called out in unison.

An Zhan said seriously, “How can you call me Mister?”

“This is obviously a little … not in accordance with the rules. All of you should call me Lord Dean.”

After speaking, he shook his head. “Not good, this place is called the Heavenly Enlightenment Martial Academy. Its name is really not good.”

“I think it’s better to change it, let’s call it the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect … In the future, all of you can just call me Sect Master.”

Skinny Du and the others thought that An Zaiyue was being modest, but they didn’t expect him to be so thick-skinned. Their understanding of An Zhe had made new discoveries.

An Zhan smiled and said, “The plaque outside the door is now hung just like that. When there are more people in the future, we’ll change it.”

“Now, you guys come with me to do your morning lessons. Don’t slack off.”

The three followed An Zeng into the teaching room. An Zeng walked to the high platform and handed out the things he had written last night to the three of them. “All of these must be remembered. There is also a book on cultivation that each of you must memorize within three days.”

“Three days!”

The skinny Dean looked at the thick book with his eyes wide open: “So thick, I can’t finish even after eating a meal. How can I finish reading in three days?”

An Zhan said seriously, “I’ve said it before, our starting point is much later than others.”

“That’s why we’ll finish all the books that others have memorized in three months.”

“Alright, I don’t believe that I will lose to you, but what if I don’t know how many words to say?”

At least two-thirds of them don’t recognize the words. ”

Xiao Qi said in a childlike voice, “Big Brother Fatty, don’t be afraid. I will teach you.”

“When I was two years old, there were no words that I didn’t recognize. Mother even said that I learned things too slowly.”

Qu Liu`er sighed in admiration. “You’re so amazing, I’m far inferior to you. By the time I was five years old, I was able to recognize almost any of the characters I didn’t recognize.”

“I think I’m the only one here,” he said.

“Then work harder than either of them.”

After he finished speaking, he left the room and walked to the martial arts practice field to continue practicing his body.

He knew all about those cultivation techniques, those routines, and those processes, so carrying those things on his back did not have any meaning to him.

What he needed was to constantly rely on his efforts in the Postliminary Realm to improve his physique.

He tied the bars on his arms and legs and continued his boxing practice.

The cat was squatting on another stake, looking at him lazily.

An Zhan smiled at the cat. “Good Lord, you’re also much stronger than me.”

After you finish eating that crystal core, you will be able to become a low-rank magical beast.

And if I want to change my body, I can’t even do it without a treasure of the purple rank.

In my home in Da Xi, I still have some purple rank things, but in this long world of illusions, I’m afraid there aren’t even any gold rank things, let alone a purple rank. ”

The kitten jumped down from the wooden stake, landed on An Zeng’s shoulder, and started barking softly in the other direction.

He looked in that direction and saw nothing.

On the other side was the library, a four story wooden building, and on the outside was the Nine Stars Arena.

There was nothing else.

The cat seemed anxious to see that there was no movement. 𝚒𝘯n𝒓𝐞𝓪𝗱. ᴄ𝘰𝐦

He jumped off his shoulder and dragged himself over to the library, biting the leg of his pants.

Anjou found it strange and followed the cat in that direction.

The cat ran over lightly, hopping up and down on the Nine Stars Arena, moaning to An Zeng.

An Zeng walked to the side of the Nine Stars Arena and took a look, but he didn’t find anything amiss.

However, he found that the cat’s eyes were even more magical.

The cat’s eyes were originally as bright as the sea of stars. At this moment, the stars in the sky seemed to be rotating in a regular pattern, as if they were rotating galaxies.

Seeing that An He did not understand, the cat became even more anxious. It used its little claws to scratch the Nine Stars Arena.

An Zaixin was curious. He walked closer to take a closer look, and found that the cat’s claws had left shallow marks where they had scratched.

An Zeng bent over, and then his eyes suddenly widened … He noticed that the places where the cat’s claws had scratched, there was a faint purple light flashing.

His mind buzzed as he thought to himself, Could it be that the Nine Stars Arena isn’t the only Nine Stars Arena?

Most of them came from the Da Xi Star Restaurant.

The Star House of the Great Xi Empire was the workshop that produced the most magical equipment in the world, it could even be said to be a huge sect.

However, the people from the Starry Night Potion House were too focused on refining and were not interested in the conflicts in the martial world.

These years, the Starry Night Potion Tower had been making a fortune in silence. It was said that they were already as wealthy as a nation.

At this time, Old Huo slowly walked over from the distance. He smiled as he walked, “You’re not as good as that cat. You’ve been looking at the Nine Stars Arena a lot these few days, but you didn’t even notice the difference.”

However, your cat eyes are amazing. If I’m not wrong, it should be the Nine Revolutions Reincarnation.

In this world, there were no treasures that could escape the cycle of nine cycles of reincarnation.

But it was also strange how these eyes could appear on such an ordinary cat.

“The only record in the ancient texts is that a Raging Flame Qilin has the Nine Revolving Eye.”

An Zhan turned around. “Who exactly are you?”

Old Huo laughed, “This Illusory Realm has always lived in the city. They’re all the same type of desperate people, and they’ve all come here because there’s no other way.”

“If you ask me who I am, I don’t know how to answer … If I tell you who I am, you might not have heard it.”

An Zeng squinted his eyes and looked at Old Huo, full of vigilance.

“Don’t look at me like that. If I had any intentions for you, would I have waited until now?

Besides, what do you guys have that can move my heart? ”

Old Huo sat down on the 9 star stage and took a deep breath before saying, “This is a good item. I spent 36 years to forge it.”

An Zhan suddenly came to his senses. “You’re from Starry Items Pavilion?”

Old Huo said, “Let me tell you a story … In the Starry Night Potion Hall, everyone is focused on refining and no one cares about the martial arts world outside.”

However, there was a young man who had no interest in refining weapons since he was young. He had to cultivate to enter the world and experience the world.

In order to prove his worth, he had done many things to force others to compete.

“Because he enjoyed the pleasure of winning against others, he did more and more bad things, and finally alerted the people of the Great Xi.”

“Do you know what a place is?”

Old Huo was silent for a while before shaking his head. “That’s the place where even Yama can be scared to death when he goes in … When the young man came out of the martial arts world, he didn’t dare to use the name of the Starry Night Potion House. He even changed his name to Huo Wufu.”

Later, after being closely pursued by the people from the headquarter, he had no choice but to secretly return to the Starry Night Potion Hall to ask his father for help.

His father felt that even if his son made a mistake, he still couldn’t die. Thus, he brought him away from the Starry Night Tower, left Da Xi, and arrived at the long-lived city of the Azure Barbarian Mountain.

“Wu Fu is like a fish in water now that he’s here.”

By relying on his own ability, he had defeated everyone in the city and become the new mayor.

But the newspapers of the martial arts world, the martial arts world.

When his father went out, he was killed by a man named Mu Changyan.

“His father specially forged a life-prolonging divine artifact for him, but he was actually unable to use it.”

Old Huo reached out his hand and gently stroked the Nine Stars Arena. “This thing is a high-grade purple rank item called the Heaven Defying Seal.”

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