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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

The matter of An Zaiyue returning to Nanshan Street to look for Auntie Ye was not known to both Du lean and Zhong Jiuge.

After An Zaiyue returned, he was also puzzled. Why did he not encounter any dangers?

He used to be the head of the Ming Mansion in the Great Xi Dynasty, how much danger did he experience?

Thus, he was very clear that Nanshan Street would definitely not be peaceful after Chen Pu’s death that night.

If he went back, he would most likely encounter danger.

That was why he went alone to find Aunty Ye. He planned to wait until he succeeded before telling Skinny Du. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t bring this up.

But that night, South Mountain Street was strangely quiet.

An Zhan would not know that there was a scholar in white clothes who appeared before him that night and killed 279 bandits on the street by himself.

He just walked on the street, casually pointing and then slaughtering in every direction.

Of those four people, there were those from the Chen family, those from the Great Kou Tang, and there were also those from other powers that wanted to take advantage of this situation to enter.

However, there was not a drop of blood on that street. Scholars killed people, and never shed any blood.

As An Zaiyue passed by Nanshan Street, he looked into every small alley he passed, but he could not see that in the deepest corner of the alley, there were piles of corpses.

Anjou squatted on the branch, thinking, and Dean crouched on one side of him.

“What are you doing?”

Dean asked.

An Xuan replied, “Think about where we should go. If Auntie Ye doesn’t help us with Purification, we won’t be able to enter any other sects.”

He looked at the skinnier Du and asked, “What are you doing?”

“In the past, the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning was to go to the toilet and squat for a while.”

“Yesterday, I had nothing to eat, so I habitually squatted down and stopped eating.”

An Zhan asked again, “Then why are you squatting?”

Zhong Jiuge leaned against a nearby tree trunk, closed his eyes and replied, “Master An, you don’t know about this. After squatting, of course you’ll shake it off …”

He sighed and thought to himself, “These two really have a big heart.”

“An Zhan, I want to ask you a question.”

Du sat down on the branch and shook it vigorously.

An Zeng crouched there like a small boat drifting in the ocean.


“Have you ever had a girl you liked?”



An Xuan glanced at Du. “There aren’t many children of the same age in Nanshan Street, right?”

Even if there were, girls didn’t run around the streets.

“You’re only ten years old, what are you thinking about?”

“My dream in life is to find a gorgeous beauty to be my wife,” said Du.

There were at least a dozen shops on Nanshan Street, and each day, when they opened their eyes, they counted the money.

When I opened the door in the morning and walked down the street with my wife by my hand, everyone envied my happy life.

She wiggled her broad hips and I helped her hold it. ”

Zhong Jiuge kept her eyes closed, “You’re so ugly, why would a pretty girl want to talk to you?”

Du: “Look at those beautiful women walking around on the street. They are mostly ugly men. They are ugly and fat men.”

So I’ll be okay in the future, because I’m even uglier than they are. ”

Zhong Jiuge raised her thumb and then suddenly opened her eyes, “Big... Great beauty.”

“Are you dreaming?”

Then he saw An Zeng’s eyes staring straight ahead, his eyes filled with vigilance and puzzlement.

Following An Xuan’s line of sight, he saw a great beauty … a great beauty who mesmerized many men on Nanshan Street, as well as the owner of the pub, Auntie Ye.

Today, Auntie Ye wore a light yellow dress, giving off the aura of a twenty-eight-year-old girl.

This was a strange woman. As she wore different clothes, her temperament would change as well.

Auntie Ye raised her head to look at the three of them, then asked, “What are you doing squatting on the tree so early in the morning?”

Just as Skinny Du was about to open his mouth, An Zhe stopped him. He was afraid that Skinny Du would say something about him flinging his butt around.

“We’re waiting for the sun to shine, and then we’ll tell you she’s early.”

An Zhe had a mischievous smile, but there was a kind of worry in his heart.

He went to the pub last night but did not knock.

He left a small bag outside the tavern. He was not afraid of others taking the bag away because he felt the killing intent in the room.

At that time, Aunty Ye had wanted to kill him, but now she had come looking for him.

An Zaiyue was more wary of Aunty Ye, and she was as well. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

Mu Changyan said that the origins of the struggle for peace were unknown. This also made Aunty Ye feel relieved. Why did she feel that there was something in the youth’s eyes that did not belong to a teenager the first time she saw him?

“Let’s talk, we’re serious.”

After saying that, Aunty Ye turned around and walked away. An Zhe jumped down from the tree branch and followed behind her.

Du Lei looked at the two people leaving one after the other and said regretfully: “This woman is not simple. I don’t know if she will be able to take care of An Zaihai.”

Zhong Jiuge: “Smelly hooligan.”

Skinny Du was stunned for a moment, he did not understand why Zhong Jiuge would call him a scoundrel.

Auntie Ye walked in front with An Zaiyue following behind her.

The two of them kept their distance and their pace was the same.

It was the first time that Aunty Ye had felt this cautious from a young man, so she believed Mu Changyan’s guess more.

After walking into the depths of the forest, Auntie Ye turned around and said, “I have some interest in your background. After all, an orphan on South Mountain Street would not be able to write such a cultivation technique.”

But I won’t ask, because everyone has their own secrets.

It was as if you had a request for me, but didn’t ask me why I had hidden my cultivation.

“I didn’t treat you as a child, so you don’t have to pretend to be a child to let me relax my vigilance … It’s better for us to be honest with each other.”

An Zhan smiled, revealing his pearly white teeth. His smile was harmless. “Please speak.”

Auntie Ye said, “Then let’s be straightforward. You want me to wash your marrow for you?”

An Zhan shook his head. “It’s not me, it’s us.”

Auntie Ye: “Are there two people?”

“Then your cultivation technique will not be enough as a reward.”

“I can write another.”

Aunty Ye said, “There’s no need. Although the high-level cultivation technique is suitable for seven physiques, he is so small after all. He might not even be able to use it for another ten years.”

I plan to send Xiao Qidao to the Fantasy World Academy. After I purify your marrow, you will protect him and take care of him. I will think of ways to let you enter the Fantasy World Academy as well.

“Furthermore, he received the care that ordinary disciples of the Institute cannot.” … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

An Zaiyue did not doubt her words because he knew that Aunty Ye must have a powerful background.

It was a deal, so there was nothing wrong with talking about it.

As for everything that had happened in the School of Illusions, Aunty Ye wasn’t too worried about it.

The Fantasy World Academy was Mu Changyan’s. She trusted him.

While An Zeng and Aunty Ye were discussing these things, a youth came out from the fake boulder in the backyard of the Chen family’s run-down courtyard.

Very few people knew that there was a secret passageway that led directly to the secret chamber.

All the true treasures of the Chen family were hidden in the secret chamber.

After Chen Pu succeeded in his plan, the first thing he did was to send his son, Chen Qi, into the secret chamber, leaving most of his subordinates behind to secretly protect Chen Qi.

No one knew how powerful the Chen Clan’s background was.

But Chen Pu had worked for the Chen family for so many years, so he was well aware of how much good things the Chen family had.

The things in the secret room were much better than the things that Zhong Jiuge had taken from the storage room while pretending to be Chen Pu.

Chen Qi carried a rather large bag on his back and then waved his hand. The deathsworn Chen Pu had cultivated over the years swept over from all sides, waiting for Chen Qi’s command.

“Take me to hell, Master Nine.”

Chen only said two sentences, and the second sentence was: “Tell me in detail about my father’s death on the way here.”

There were all sorts of people living in the city, and most of them came for the same reason.

Either because he was being chased down or for some other reason, he was at his wit’s end.

All these years, the Chen family had been trying to recruit people who could be used, and this Ghost Hand Ninth Elder was one of them.

At this moment, Chen Qi was carrying a list of strange people in Nanshan Street that the Chen family had controlled over the years.

With this roster, it was as if Chen Qi had obtained a huge network of contacts.

The true legacy of the Chen Clan fell into his hands.

Chen Pu’s trusted aide Deng carried Chen Qi and flew outside, saying while running, “Young Master, Master should have died in the house of that child called An Zeng.”

Our people are looking for the body, but there’s a force we don’t know about at the moment, so it’s not going very well.

We need to hide ourselves now, then think about revenge.

“Moreover, Young Master, you look like everyone on Nanshan Street knows you, so you have to be even more careful. There are quite a few people that covet the Chen family’s treasures.”

Chen Qi nodded: “Uncle Deng, I know what to do, that’s why I asked you to take me to Ninth Master Ghost Hand.”

After a moment of hesitation, he said: “Young Master, then you are another person, another identity.”

Chen Qi nodded: “It’s just a name. It’s not a big deal.”

As long as you can avenge my father, I won’t have anything to do with my enemy’s surname.

Besides, it wasn’t as simple as taking revenge.

Father has given you to me, and he has given me to you.

“We are going to become the strongest force in the city, making everyone kneel at my feet.”

“Don’t worry, Young Master. Your subordinate will protect you even if he dies.”

The group of people quickly walked through the small alley and stopped outside an unremarkable small courtyard.

Chen Qi came down from the courtyard door and tidied up his clothes. He walked to the door and stood there. After clearing his throat, he said, “Junior Chen Qi requests an audience with Ninth Master.”

The door creaked open, and a skinny old man with red eyes and a nose full of wine stood there. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Chen Qi. “Someone from the Chen family?”

“I was. I met with some trouble, so I wanted to take back some favors from Ninth Lord.”

“Where are the things?”

the old man asked.

Chen Qi took out a jade token and shook it. “Ninth Master should recognize the Chen family’s guest order.”

The old man nodded before turning around and walking inside, “Is the Chen family finished? Only a child like you will be in charge.”

Chen Qi followed him in, saying as he walked, “Senior, you don’t need to care so much. Just do what you should do.”

The old man’s footsteps paused for a moment before he coldly said, “You’re right. I owe your Chen family a favor, so just return it. You shouldn’t say too much.”

“Speak, what do you want to do?”

the old man asked.

Chen Qi pointed at his arm that was limp. “Help me recover this arm.”

The old man looked at Chen Qi’s arm and shook his head. “I can’t recover, my tendons are broken, and my injuries have been sustained for a long time. It would be fine if I came a day earlier.”

Chen Qi asked, “How can I use this arm?”

The old man replied, “Take it apart and change it.”

Chen Qi frowned. After pondering for a moment, he nodded: “Then I’ll take it apart and change it.”

The old man asked, “Aren’t you afraid of the pain?”

Chen Qi sneered. “My heart hurts, so I’m not afraid of other kinds of pain.”

The old man’s expression changed, and then he let out a long sigh: “Switch arms, it’s not as simple as you think. You need at least three mid-grade spirit stones, and you also need a fresh arm that can only be cut off. Also, the owner of this arm must have a similar bloodline as you.”

Chen Qi looked back at Deng and said, “Go and find some arms that are about the same age as mine. The more the better.”

“If I can’t, I’ll cut it off from older people. I can’t wait.”

Deng nodded and said, “Your subordinate will do it. Even if you cut off the arms of the children on Nanshan Street, your subordinate will go somewhere else to do it.”

Then he turned and walked away.

After a moment of silence, Chen Qi said, “Help me change my face.”

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