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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

A lot of people like the night.

As they walked along the street at night, An Zeng and Du skinny and Zhong Jiuge felt like they were walking through another world.

Nanshan Street seemed even quieter tonight, as if the air itself had died.

When they passed by the academy on Nanshan Street, they looked inside. Those corpses were still hanging from the beams of the houses, swaying unceasingly. Looking in from the entrance, what they saw was a stretch of legs and legs.

Several children were crying in the doorway, and then a child of six or seven stood up and clambered onto the table, trying to remove a dead body from the beam, but apparently he could not.

An Zeng’s footsteps stopped outside the academy. He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he did not do anything.

“Sin always comes at night and ends at night.”

Zhong Jiuge sighed, “By another sin.”

“All of you go back, someone will take care of your bodies. If anyone sees you here, your sect will be harmed.”

Anjou said something to the children and walked on.

The children turned around and stared blankly at An Zhe. Someone shouted from behind them, “An Zou, after all, this is our academy. It’s our teacher!”

An Zhan shook his head. “This has never been our academy, nor is it our teacher.”

The children could not understand the meaning of this sentence, they only felt that he was a little cold-blooded and heartless.

But in the end, they could only give up and leave the academy with three steps.

What they didn’t know was that the struggle to keep them from touching the bodies was a protection against them.

Even if Chen Pu was dead, the new power on Nanshan Street would soon rise, so these children’s nostalgia was likely to be the cause of their trouble.

“Where now?”

Dean asked.

“Find a place to sleep.”

An Zeng said softly, then quickened his pace.

The night grew darker.

The three of them did not go home, for the ruined courtyard was no longer safe.

They walked out of South Mountain Street and stopped in a forest. They found a big tree that could shelter them and climbed up to lie on the thick branches, but the three of them were not sleepy.

“Can we change our fates?”

Dean asked.

An Zaihai’s line of sight passed through the leaves and rested on the stars in the night sky. He slowly nodded his head. “There is no one who cannot change their fate. It all depends on the direction of the change.”

In fact, everyone was changing their fate every day, but no one was aware of it.

In truth, fate was not decided by the heavens, but a person walking his own path.

“Every day, the path you walk is the path of destiny. In the end, when you reach a place, you rely entirely on your own feet.”

Zhong Jiuge felt that An Zaiyue must have a story to tell, but he didn’t dare to ask.

Anjou let Dean sleep with Zhong Jiuge while he stayed up alone.

Skinny Du and Zhong Jiuge were both people with big hearts. In addition to being tired, they quickly fell asleep.

After the two of them fell asleep, An Zaihai quietly got down from the tree and headed back to Nanshan Street.

The wine flag was still fluttering, and the doors of the tavern were closed.

An Xuan’s thin and small figure stood outside the tavern’s door in the darkness, looking somewhat desolate.

He raised his hand to knock, but hesitated several times.

He borrowed the sword intent from the wine flag to kill Kou Ba, but Aunty Ye said that you don’t need to come back.

However, before the day was over, An Zaiyue appeared outside the tavern once again.

He thought of Xiao Qidao’s young and tender face and suddenly felt that he was somewhat selfish.

For a cultivator like Aunty Ye to hide his cultivation and open a tavern in Nanshan Street, he definitely did not do it for himself.

Little Seven’s physique was extraordinary, but Auntie Ye did not allow him to cultivate for the sake of Aunty Ye herself.

An Zaiyue suddenly realized that Auntie Ye was protecting Xiao Qidao.

Therefore, An Zhe felt that he was selfish. If the matter of Aunty Ye being a cultivator was exposed, the consequences might not be something he could predict.

So he turned and left.

He did not see her, nor could he feel that Auntie Ye was actually standing inside the door.

Aunty Ye was holding a sword in her hand, a longsword that was as long as rainbow and limpid water.

There was killing intent in her eyes, but there was also hesitation.

Twice she lifted her sword and twice she lowered it.

When An Zeng turned around to leave, she suddenly felt a sense of tiredness.

Then she opened the door, thinking it might not be what she thought it might be.

There was a small cloth bag by the door.

Auntie Ye picked up the small bag and walked back into the room and closed the door.

He sat down and opened the small bag. He found a mid-grade spirit stone of decent quality and a small booklet that was smelt of ink that had just been written out.

“Xiao Qidao’s physique is very good. Even though I don’t know why you stopped him from cultivating, it’s most likely because you want to protect him.”

But how long can you protect her?

A lifetime?

I can’t say that this item is suitable for Xiao Qi, but at the very least, it will give him the strength to protect himself.

Sometimes, letting a child stay mediocre would not stop the disaster.

“There are some things recorded in this book that, if Little Seven is suitable, I hope they can help you repay the favor of borrowing that sword.”

Auntie Ye flipped to the second page of the booklet. After a few glances, her expression immediately changed.

There was an indescribable fear in her eyes, as if the book contained her nemesis.

“Why do you have Da Xi’s cultivation technique?”

Auntie Ye’s voice was trembling as she muttered to herself. It was as if someone had suddenly lifted the veil covering her heart, allowing her to see through the depths of her heart.

“Why do you clearly only know the physique of Xiao Qidao when you’re just an orphan on South Mountain Street?”

Her hand grasped the hilt of her sword once more, and the killing intent in her eyes once again appeared.

“Maybe he didn’t mean it.”

A man’s voice came from outside the door. It was low and gentle.

When the door was pushed open with a squeak, Auntie Ye realized that she had forgotten to insert the door properly.

The person who entered was a scholar dressed in plain clothes. He looked to be around thirty years old, and his face was somewhat haggard, but he was very handsome.

He was a lazy, slovenly handsome man. The stubble on his chin did not affect his temperament in the slightest. He was young, but he had experienced many vicissitudes of life.

When he looked at Aunty Ye, there was guilt in his eyes.

“Sorry for disturbing you late at night.”

He stood in the doorway, closed the door behind him, but did not go any further.

“As I said, you are not welcome here.”

Auntie Ye said with a cold tone, “We are here to seek refuge in the city of Huan Huan. You are here too, like the ghosts that will not disperse.”

The scholar replied, “I have been entrusted by an old friend to protect you. I know that you have some misunderstandings towards me, but I can’t do nothing about his entrustment.”


Aunty Ye suddenly raised her sword. The sword intent on the tip of her sword was awe-inspiring. “I saw you stab him in the chest with my own eyes. What kind of misunderstanding is this?”

The scholar’s face was gloomy. “It’s not that you don’t know the pain he endured when he poisoned the Inner Palace. The reason I killed him was because I didn’t want him to continue to suffer.”

You know all this. You hate me because I ended his life.

You were not an unreasonable woman, but you became paranoid because he was dead.

You always feel that he and I love you, that I killed him on purpose. ”


Auntie Ye’s voice was trembling, and so was the hand holding the sword.

“I’m not leaving.”

The scholar waved his hand, and the book on the table flew over and landed in his hand. He lowered his head to look at it.

But anyway, he has no malice toward you.

The techniques in this book were indeed suitable for Xiao Qi.

“I know that the only thing you are living on right now is Xiao Qidao. You want to protect him, so you’re not allowing him to cultivate.”

“However, such a thought is wrong. If anything happens to you, Xiao Qidao will not understand cultivation. What should we do?”

Auntie Ye sneered, “Didn’t you vow that you would protect us?”

The scholar nodded. “I will die before you, so if you die, there will really be no one else by Xiao Qidao’s side.”

Aunty Ye’s face changed. She couldn’t hold the sword in her hand anymore and it fell on the floor with a dang sound.

The scholar continued, “That youth called An Zhan, or perhaps he was reincarnated.”

This reincarnated person was once very powerful. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to easily write such a high-grade cultivation technique.

You should help him because his future is limitless.

“Find a friend for Xiao Qidao, a long-time supporter. Let Xiao Qidao stay away from you and me. There’s someone else you can trust, someone you can rely on.”

Auntie Ye asked, “Why didn’t you help him yourself?”

The scholar smiled bitterly, “My name is Mu Changyan, and I’m the mayor of the city. Sooner or later, he will find out, so if I help him, he’ll suspect me.”

But you’re different. You’re Xiao Qidao’s mother. You personally helped An Zaidao protect him with all your might in the future.

You and I both know how powerful our opponents are. Perhaps we will all die one day, and no one knows when that day will come. ”

“You’ve come to the city to seek refuge, so I’ve come as well.

I don’t trust the people here, so I killed everyone who could threaten you and became the lord of the illusory city.

I’ve rearranged this place so that everyone is afraid of me.

“All of this is just to make you safer.”

Aunty Ye’s hands were shaking more and more violently. She could no longer speak.

Mu Changyan said, “We are brothers, and we love you.”

But you chose him, and I was jealous and angry, but he was still my brother and you were still the woman I loved.

“No matter how you look at me and work for you and your son, I will do it willingly.”

After a moment of silence, he said, “If you believe my words to be reasonable, then go find An Zaihai and help him wash his marrow. Afterwards, let him and Xiao Qidao go together to the Fantasy World Academy.”

The Fantasy World Academy was originally opened by me for Xiao Qidao. It was his safe haven and the school he grew up in.

“With An Zaihai protecting him, and me, Xiao Qidao will be able to safely grow up in the School of Illusory Realm.”

Mu Changyan turned around and was about to leave, “You and I have no future, but Xiao Qidao has a future.”

“The kind of protection you’re sticking to right now is actually only your selfishness. It’s not for him, but for yourself.”

Auntie Ye’s body swayed a few times before she sat down on the chair helplessly.

“The poison in my body, I can carry it for a few more years.”

Mu Changyan’s tone softened. “In the next few years, I will do my best to teach Xiao Qidao and teach his father.”

After saying this, he pushed open the door and left. His back seemed so lonely.

Auntie Ye stood up with tears streaming down her face. She wanted to grab onto something, but in the end, her hand only grabbed onto the air.

On that day, he was deeply poisoned.

She wanted to extract the poison for him, but Mu Changyan wouldn’t allow it, because the poison couldn’t be dispelled.

In the end, Mu Changyan managed to extract the poison, but she was still unable to save him.

However, Mu Changyan was poisoned as well … No one knew when the poison would break out.

Auntie Ye cried. The heavens were too unfair to her … Two men that were very important in her life, one dead, the other on the verge of death.

She turned around and glanced at Little Seven, who was sleeping soundly on the bed.

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