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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 1635 - Postscript

Chapter 1635 – Postscript

“Heavens, what is this? It tastes so good!”

Dada Ye, who was wearing a white half-sleeved top and a short sports skirt, was so excited that he almost jumped up. His straight long legs and a pair of white stockings made him look even better.

She had half an ice cream in her mouth and her eyes were wide open.

“I’ve never eaten anything so delicious!”

She pulled Purple Ivy’s arm and started to shake it: “I still want to eat other delicious things.”

Purple Ivy smiled and nodded, then looked at the elegant young woman beside him. That was his wife, the one he missed in his heart.

His wife held Purple Ivy’s hand and asked: “Your friends are so weird, as if they haven’t eaten anything. Also, why do they call you Purple Ivy?”

Purple Ivy opened his mouth to say that Purple Ivy’s name was sulky, but he held it in.

“Err …” Their names are all my friends who have been writing novels for the past two years. ”

At the front, a row of people walked back with soft legs, each of them looking like noodles.

Du Shoushou said as he walked, “I’m already a Sovereign King too, why would my legs go soft just by sitting on that thing? Don’t tell anyone else about this.”

“What’s that thing called?”

“Purple Ivy said to call it the roller coaster.”

Chen Shaobai looked at Du Shoushou’s pants: “Something’s wrong.”

Du Shoushou blushed. “If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have suppressed the Cultivation Power. With my current mortal body, I can’t really control it.”

Purple Ivy did a bad job and boughair of skintight jeans for Du Shoushou.

An Zheng, Qu Liuxi and the other two also staggered back from the other side. An Zheng shook his head with all his might. The people of this world are really bored. What are they planning to do with all this suffering? ”

On the other hand, Qu Liuxi was still fine as she felt it to be exciting. “This iirate ship, right?

Gu Qianye’s eyes lit up when she saw Da Da Ye carrying a big barrel of popcorn. “I want it too, I want it too!”

Then he rushed out.

Monkey stood there and aimed his gun. He shot ten times and not even a balloon exploded. He glared and took ouiece of Essence Crystal. “Let’s do it again!”

The boss was already crying. “Big Bro, your glass ball isn’t worth much.”

When An Zheng walked to Purple Ivy’s side, he discovered that this fellow was looking at his wallet, he was already holding his breath. After coming back, his life seemed to be a little awkward, although An Zheng did not understand why those pieces of paper were so important.

“You shouldn’t have planned it properly. You should have known what you were going to forget.”

An Zheng fished out a few beads from his pocket, they were the kind of beads that shone brightly, and every bead was as big as an egg.

Purple Ivy was so touched that he immediately kissed it. “I’ll go, I’ll really be giving away eggs in the snow.”

Du Shoushou walked over and poured ouile of gold, silver, and jewelry. “Take it and take it.

Ye Qiandao pulled oueavenly halberd. “I don’t have anything to give you, this...”

Purple Ivy pressed it back down, “Keep it away, it belongs to the control of lethal weapons.”

Qu Liuxi was actually the most considerate of them all. Everyone was a little excited when they came, afraid that they would disrupt the balance of this world, so they all suppressed their own cultivation. did not dare to bring things around.

However, she thought that a spatial artifact shouldn’t be too much of a problem, so she brought out the most ordinary spatial artifact and passed it to Purple Ivy.

Purple Ivy felt that he had treated everyone very badly when he came to the amusement park, but when he returned, he found that his wife was taking charge of his household and was extremely nervous. Seeing that Purple Ivy had brought a group of friends back, she stuffed all of the family’s money into his pockets, warning him not to be stingy.

His wife saw that his friends had given Purple Ivy so many things. She had wanted to call her parents to borrow some money to treat everyone for a good dinner, but now her eyes were wet.

“In the few years that I’ve been out … It’s not much of a material gain, it’s just a group of brothers who went through life with each other! ”

Purple Ivy took a deep breath, stopped himself from crying, and hugged his wife’s shoulders.

For some reason, a thought suddenly came to An Zheng’s mind, “I want to … “Havaste of what it tastes like, do you have it?”

Just at this time, a short fellow with a fat face and ugly face walked over. Du Shoushou did not see him bump into him, but that fellow immediately exploded into rage and flashed to the side: “What are you trying to do? A fight?! ”

Du Shoushou was startled for a moment, and then went over and hugged him with all his might: “What are we fighting for, how abouug?”

The man blushed and walked away with a stupefied expression. As he walked, he said to himself, “Did we run into gay?” “My chest is quite sturdy …”

Purple Ivy suddenly thought of something and said to his wife: “You go and buy some fried noodles, I will go and buy some meat skewers. Although our family’s conditions are bad, the courtyard is not small, let’s go back home and roast some meat.”

His wife laughed. “I’ll listen to you.”

Du Shoushou felt so envious.

Ying Yu walked over wearing a tight dress, his face red: “Isn’t that a little inappropriate, it’s too tight.”

Du Shoushou’s eyes lit up: Beautiful!

Not far away, a group of little beauties playing cosplay walked past. One of them waall and slender with fair skin and had a head of golden hair.

Gu Qianye immediately stomped her foot. “You just remembered?”

Chen Shaobai looked at Gu Qianye: “What about you?”

Gu Qianye was startled for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders and left with her ponytail. “Me? “It’s quite good.”

Du Shoushou moved closer to Purple Ivy and asked, “What do you want to eat tonight? The one called Stupid at noon was pretty tasty, but the name was a bit weird. ”


Purple Ivy glared at him.

“Let’s have barbecue tonight.”

Du Shoushou, Gu Qianye, An Zheng, Qu Liuxi and Monkey turned around at the same time, “Do you have a big waist?”

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