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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 1633 - Why

Chapter 1633 – Why

No one could be sure whether or not An Zheng and the others could stop him from descending directly into this world. If Tan Shanse were to first find the space within the ship, then all the preparations would be meaningless.

“If all of you can survive, you should remember today.”

The soul of the Oldman Huo appeared in the sky above the ship. It was extremely large and shocking.

His hands slid sideways, and the top of the giant ship became transparent, filling the space. Everyone subconsciously looked up and saw the blood-red moon under the clear sky.

There used to be two moons outside of this world, but now, no one knew what had happened. One moon was the battlefield of the first battle, where hundreds of thousands of cultivators died in battle without their corpses being brought back.

Tens of thousands of years later, the first battle would begin on another moon.

Someone knelt down and put his hands together as he stared at the blood-red moon. The crowd went down like the tide and everyone knelt down in prayer.

Corpses littered the field.

This was what was happening on the moon.

“F * ck you!”

Du Shoushou jumped off his own warship and landed on a strange, faceless warship. Waving his Triton, he rushed from one side of the warship to the other, causing the warship to crash into a crater.

Du Shoushou jumped down from the battleship, and with a grab in the air, an invisible large hand grabbed the battleship that had a Faceless Monster’s body and threw it into the sky. The battleship flipped and crashed into the majestic fleet of battleships, directly smashing into the other two warships and exploding them.

The human cultivator’s alliance formed an army of thousands of battleships, and in front of them was an enemy fleet ten times larger than theirs. At least twenty thousand faceless weirdo’s battleships formed a river of stars, rolling down majestically towards them.

With a sweep, he directly cut a battleship that was a few hundred meters long into two. The faceless weirdll fell down, but they were still able to get back up after falling onto the ground, and continued to attack the human alliance like locusts.

A huge sickle swept out, forming a half moon shaped wave of light thousands of meters long in the air. The front row of the ship was swept away, exploding one after another. Wherever the wave of light passed by, all the metal in the way was cut off.

Under the absolute advantage of strength, he didn’t need to find their weaknesses. One strike could turn them into dust.

Tens of Heavenly Awakening Sect’s warships formed a battle formation, the warships turned around to face the Faceless Monster’s fleet, the off-gun on the warship started to spew out flames in an orderly manner, a beam of light shot out, one of the warships, which was obviously bigger than the other warships, was riddled with holes.

“Too many.”

Du Shoushou jumped to An Zheng’s side and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He was very fast to kill the enemies, but he could not kill them all.

An Zheng took out something from his spatial artifact and threw it in front of him with a bang. Du Shoushou was stupefied after taking a look at it.

“We can’t fire the main cannon on the reverse boat. Once we fire it, Tan Shanse will be able to determine its location. It would be better to remove it.”

An Zheng held onto the control stick of the main cannon, and aimed at the river of stars in the distance.


A beam of light that was as thick as a metre shot into the army from one end to the other, piercing througuge fleet! This road of fighting was like cutting into the river from one side of the river all the way to the other … A passageway appeared in the middle of the massive fleet, and wherever the main cannons went, all the warships were destroyed.

“F * ck!”

Du Shoushou shouted excitedly: “It’s fun!”

“Whaity, the cooldown took too long to recover.”

An Zheng kept his main cannon and then rushed towards the fleet in a single leap.

Just at this time, an indescribable colossal dragon swung over from the sky. It was called a huge dragon, but it was more likerrifying whip that descended from the sky and smashed into the Heavenly Awakening Sect’s fleet. At least a few dozen of the battleships were directly smashed to pieces.

“What is that thing!”

“Kill him!”

Many battleships began to turn around and fire at the huge whip, causing bursts of green fog to explode, but it seemed to have no effect on the whip.

“A root of the Seven Leaves of Tathagata!”

An Zheng immediately recognized what it was.

In the vast depths of the universe, there was an unimaginably large Seven Leaves of Tathagata quickly moving towards them. It was simply the faceless weirdo’s flagship, one leaf from the Seven Leaves of Tathagata was equivalent tlanet, and on each leaf, there were many faceless weirdo. They were all created by Tan Shanse using the help of the Seven Leaves of Tathagata.

Seven Leaves of Tathagata’s Giant Hundred Blossom was equivalent to around twenty of the planets that An Zheng and the rest lived on.

The difference in strength was enormous. The enemy’s military strength was at leasundred or even a thousand times greater than that of the human cultivators’ allied army. How could they fight like this?

“I’ll go!”

Du Shoushou immediately rushed over, and his body became huge in midair. His two arms wrapped around Seven Leaves of Tathagata’s body, and he wanted to throw him out. It was too big, completely exceeding the limits of his strength.

Seven Leaves of Tathagata flipped his roots a few times to throw Du Shoushou off, then with a sweeping blow, he smashed Du Shoushou flying. With a boom, Du Shoushou ruthlessly smashed into the moon, though it was unknown just how deep in.

The leaves on the Seven Leaves of Tathagata opened up one by one, and a giant flew over from behind. That giant was similar to the flowers on the Seven Leaves of Tathagata, and was at least twenty times bigger than the planet that An Zheng and the others were on.

To be so ridiculously powerful, an Emperor level attack shouldn’t have any meaning on his body.

Tan Shanse stood on the giant’s shoulder and squinted his eyes as he looked at An Zheng and the others, his gaze filled with disdain.

“What’s the point of all your preparations?”

Tan Shanse laughed with pride: “The moment I take back my physical body, all of you have really become ants.”

He pointed at An Zheng and said, “No matter how fast you climb and how fast you raise your strength, do you still have the courage to fight against me when you see me now?”

An Zheng’s answer was a sword.

That sword pierced through the giant’s heart likiver of stars.

Tan Shanse raised his hand, and the giant followed suit as he raised his hand to block before his heart. The sword stabbed into the giant’s arm, turning into a wave of ripples that dispersed outwards, completely unable to penetrate.


Tan Shanse laughed at the sky, “All of you have struggled for tens of thousands of years but in the end, you all still cannot escape this kind of fate.

He held up the mirror, and it immediately began to emit waves of light. Tan Shanse’s body also started to emit the same color, and his soul was about to leave this body and return to the body of the giant.

“I want you all to watch as I return to my physical body. Only then will you all truly feel despair.”

Tan Shanse laughed out loud, he had the qualifications to laugh out loud.

But just at this moment, the giant suddenly raised his hand and grabbed Tan Shanse inside. How big was the giant’s other hand? Even if Tan Shanse could teleport, he wouldn’t be able to escape. Furthermore, he was in this state right now …

A small hole appeared on the giant’s forehead, and a person slowly walked out from the small hole. He opened his hands, and the giant then opened his hands, and Tan Shanse who was inside was already at the verge of death.

“This... How is that possible? ”

Tan Shanse stared at the man with his red eyes, filled with anger.

“There’s something you’ve never known, and of course I won’t tell you.”

That person looked at Tan Shanse with contempt: “You are the most successful clone I have ever made, I am very pleased, with you saving a lot of energy on my own, I only need to watch you. But you, you have always firmly believed that you are the real body while I am the clone … Sometimes I think you’re pitiful, so hardworking, so desperate, and all you do is what I want you to do. ”

That person was Feng Xiuyang.

He raised his hand, and the mirror beside Tan Shanse flew into his hands, and with a kacha sound, it shattered.

“I am not proud even when I count the entire world. What I am most proud of is that I have plotted against myself.”

Feng Xiuyang laughed: “I schemed against one of my clones.”


Tan Shanse roared out, following that, blood spurted out from his mouth.

“Thank you, my doppelganger.”

Feng Xiuyang snapped his fingers. Pa … Tan Shanse’s broken body exploded, and the spirits inside rushed out, but were caught up to and burnt away by the evil fire, and not long later it was completely burnt away.

Feng Xiuyang looked at An Zheng and asked: “How are you supposed to thank me?”

An Zheng laughed bitterly.

“Even if I kill Tan Shanse first, there’s no meaning.”

“You’re right.”

Feng Xiuyang said indifferently: “There is no meaning in killing him thousands of times, he is the clone and I am the original body... How he looked down on that consciousness within his body. Truly pitiful. He never knew that there was not much difference between that consciousness and himself. ”

Feng Xiuyang turned around and returned to the hole in Giant’s forehead. The hole had disappeared.

The giant’s eyes suddenly lit up, and said: “An Zheng, actually, I have always admired you, so I plan to give iry for the last time … Sign a blood contract with me and become my servant.

An Zheng reached out with his middle finger towards the sky.

Feng Xiuyang sighed, then suddenly shot a beam of light towards An Zheng. His eyes were so large, the power of the beam of light was much stronger than the attack An Zheng executed with the cannon earlier.

An Zheng pushed out both of his hands and gathered all of his power in front of him to form a defensive layer.


An Zheng was smashed into the ground, his body was already in a broken state and not an inch of his body was intact.


Qu Liuxi and the others were only a step away from being able to catch up. She threw herself beside An Zheng, and her tears flowed uncontrollably. Where’s your Reverse Scale Armor? Where’s your Divine Armor?! ”

Du Shoushou’s eyes were bloodshot as he squatted there and looked at An Zheng who was gradually losing his aura: “He transformed the Reverse Scale Armor into your staff, and did not let us tell you …”

Qu Liuxi shouted out, and blood spurted out from her mouth.

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