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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

As expected, none of the students who had bullied the students in the Southern Mountain Street had come to class.

An Zaiyue’s performance today had scared the guts out of those vicious and ruthless guys in front of him.

Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang were both severely injured by An Shou, so they were probably still lying in the room and moving around non-stop.

As for Gao Di, after he was taken away by Zhang Lei of the Tyrant Association, he didn’t know what would happen for the time being.

An Zeng had used the medicine he concocted last night, then took a hot bath. Although he still felt unwell, it was already much better than yesterday.

He told Zhong Jiuge to just sit at home and open the window. He sat cross-legged on the brick bed and didn’t move at all. No matter what happened outside, he couldn’t care less.

After a moment of silence, Zhong Jiuge went to find a chamber pot and placed it inside her robe, saying that it was for a rainy day.

When he entered, he found that the room was almost empty.

In fact, there were times when people’s personalities were contagious. In Nanshan Street, Gao Di and the others had bullied him while others had seen and bullied him at the same time.

The impact of the environment on a person was this great.

When the rest of the students saw An Zeng and Du enter, they all had a complicated expression on their faces.

Ann sat down in her seat and closed her eyes to think.

Right now, although he had been able to control his injuries, his physical condition was still too poor. If he wanted to recover his powers and return to the Da Xi family for revenge, he had to find a way to heal his body first.

No matter how powerful his soul was, or how many miscellaneous memories he had, it would be of great help to An Zaihai in the current situation, but it would be hard to say in the future.

The Great Kou Tang was actually very poor and didn’t lack for silver. What he lacked was a genius treasure that could temper the body.

With An Nan’s experience, he naturally knew what sort of position the Great Kou Tang had in the entire Illusory Realm’s city.

Nanshan Street was just a street that wasn’t that big in Huanghun City. The Great Kou Tang was still not completely under control, so everything depended on the Chen family’s complexion. As a result, this Great Kou Tang was not even ranked amongst the top.

Right now, An Zaihai’s physical body could barely be considered qualified. He needed the help of enough medicinal herbs to enter the Ascending Realm after Purification.

His physique was ordinary. If he wanted to cultivate then he had to rely on herbs to change his physique.

It was impossible for An Zongming to leave alone. Even if he wanted to leave, he had to bring along a skinny Du.

So from the looks of it, the quickest way was to get some useful herbs from the Chen family.

“Fatty, do you know where the black market is in the city?”

An Zhan suddenly asked.

“Why are you asking this?”

“Do you want to cultivate?”

“Of course I want to, even in my dreams.”

An Xuan patted Du’s thin shoulders. “I know how to cultivate, but I need enough spirit stones.”

“I estimate that there aren’t any low rank soul stones in the Great Kou Tang, so we can only think of a way from the black market.”

Du was thin and could not cultivate, but he had a brother who worked as a handyman in a small sect. Every time his brother came back, he would talk about cultivators.

Therefore, he knew that if ordinary people wanted to cultivate, the only way was to obtain enough spirit stones and then invite experts to temper their bodies with spirit stones. Only then would they be able to change their physiques.

However, to ordinary people, the value of a low rank spirit stone was something they could never have.

“My brother said that even a low-grade spirit stone could earn fifty thousand silver on the black market.”

He said that in order for an ordinary person to change their physique to be able to cultivate, they would need at least twelve low-grade spirit stones.

Skinny Du shook his head. “That’s several hundred thousand taels of silver, not three thousand and two thousand.”

Even if we had money, where would we go to ask for the help of a powerful person in the Xumi Realm?

“An Zhan, I heard that Kou Da and Kou Jiu are the strongest in the Great Kou Clan, they are only in the early stage of the Ascending Realm.”

“As long as there’s a way to get the spirit stones, I’ll think of other ways.”

“The key point is that we lack money right now, so the only way is to go to the black market and bet on the stones.”

Du skinnier: “That’s impossible. My brother said that the black market only sells fake ones. Every stone doesn’t have spiritual jade, so it’s all a waste of money.”

Moreover, the people who controlled the stone gambling on the black market were the big powers. Those who were scammed dared to be angry but didn’t dare to say anything.

“If little kids like us go, wouldn’t we be toyed to death?”

“Of course, we won’t be able to see a really good stone, so we’ll need to borrow some strength.”

Aren’t the Chen family contacting me? I plan to contact them.

“With the Chen family’s influence in Nanshan Street, there’s always a chance that a stone that contains spirit jade will be able to be seen.”

“The Chen Clan is too dangerous.”

“You saw it too. The people from the Chen family are all like this. That Chen Pu is simply a venomous snake. No one knows when he will come over and take a bite.”

You injured people from the Chen Family earlier and they won’t let you go.

“Furthermore … the one you injured is Chen Pu’s son.”

An Zhan smiled, “Chen Pu, is just a small fry.”

“As long as you have the heart to cultivate, I will definitely allow you to cultivate.”

Skinny Du opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

There was a warm current flowing in his heart, making him want to cry.

Although he knew that with the power of An Zhe and his two half-grown children, it would be extremely difficult for him to obtain the power to cultivate by himself, he would rather believe that everything An Zhe said could be done.

While the two of them were chatting in low voices, someone suddenly stood outside the door and peeked into the room.

At this time, the room was very quiet. The people of the Nine Great Cauldrons had yet to come to class, so most of them lied on their desks to sleep.

The man looked into the room and then waved at An Zaiyue, “Master An, can you come out?”

An Zeng got up from his chair with the kitten in his arms and casually walked to the door. “What’s the matter?”

The person outside the door was the elder brother of the bully guild, Zhang Lei, who was almost crippled by the conflict.

When he saw An Zaiyue come out, he bowed and said, “Master An, our Young Master said that he would go to the Gathering Merchant House to take a look in the afternoon. Master An can accompany him if he’s free.”

Of course, their Young Master was referring to the Chen family’s Young Master, Chen Shaobai.

It was the only auction house on Nanshan Street, and it was said that there were once in a while one or two items that made people envious.

Most of the people living in the city were fugitives. These people used their lives as stakes to hunt low-level magical beasts in the depths of the mountain, obtaining crystal cores to sell at auction houses.

However, most of the profits had been taken over by the auction house, and not many of the fugitives had gotten their hands on the profits.

These silver coins then flowed into the brothels or casinos opened by the major powers.


An Ying’s reply was very straightforward: “Tell Young Master Chen that I will wait for him at the entrance of the Gathering Merchant House in the afternoon.”

After Zhang Lei heard An Xuan agree to it, his broken face revealed a look of relief. “Alright, I’ll go back and report this.”

Oh right, Master An, Gao Di … I crippled his limbs. It’s better than killing him.

“That brat has been left in the mountains for me to kill. If Master An still has any other orders, feel free to speak.”

An Zhan shook his head. “There’s nothing else. You can go now.” i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

Zhang Lei bowed and then turned around to leave. He seemed to see An Zhe as if he was seeing a peerless demon beast.

“Let’s go.”

An Xuan pulled on Du’s skinny body. “There won’t be anyone coming to class today. There might be some hidden conflict between the Chen family and the Great Kou Tang.”

If you want to cultivate, you can’t be lazy.

The world is unfair. Some people are born with good constitution, and most people are as ordinary as you and me.

We’re a lot slower now.

A genius with a good constitution could cultivate the moment he was born, and at the age of three or five, he had already reached the Ascending Realm.

And we’re ten years old, and we haven’t started. ”

“That’s why we have to work harder than those geniuses. Come home with me and start training.”

From now on, you don’t expect to have time to play games.

Remember all the acupuncture points and then practice your speed and strength.

“Before I find a way to change our physiques, you have to at least let yourself live up to the expectations you have for cultivation.”

“Rest assured, I will not fail you!”

After the two of them left the school, the remaining children in the room all let out a sigh of relief. They didn’t know why, but as they sat there, they felt an enormous pressure, as if a huge mountain was on their backs.

After returning to An Zhe’s home, An Zhe discovered that the people from the Chen Clan surrounding him had already retreated.

This caused An Zaiyue to be somewhat astonished. The Chen Clan couldn’t even retain such a small amount of manpower. Obviously, something major had happened.

And today, there was no one from the Great Kou Hall coming to attend the class. In addition, Chen Shaobai, the Chen family’s young master, suddenly wanted to go to the market to gather.

When Zhong Jiuge saw An Zeng come back, his face twisted.

“Master, you’re finally back.”

When Zhong Jiuge saw An Zaiyue, it was as if he had seen his savior. His face was twisted, as if his face had a cramp.

The moment An Zaiyue stepped into the room, he smelled urine on the floor. He frowned and asked, “What is this?”

Zhong Jiuge said, “Master An, you said I’m not allowed to move and just sit there. I don’t even dare to drink a single drop of water.”

“But … but there are some things that I can’t control.”


“Didn’t you already prepare a urinal?”

“That’s right, I did prepare it, it was hidden inside my clothes, but … I didn’t aim it properly …”

An Zaiyue covered his face, “Forget it, Fatty, let’s go out to train and let this guy change his clothes.”

Fatty smiled as he walked out the door. He turned around and gave a thumbs up. “Good job, you won’t even move your pants.”

Zhong Jiuge said, “Of course, this is my professional ethics.”

An Zaidao taught Du how to recognize acupoints, then practiced the speed and precision of his moves. This sort of thing was like putting in hard work, there was no shortcuts at all.

This was also how An Zhe had painstakingly cultivated his techniques in the past.

Skinny and lazy by nature, Du was able to persevere when he thought about cultivating in the future. However, his whole body was aching unbearably in less than an hour.

He suddenly felt that he was far inferior to An Zhe. He turned around to look at An Zhe, and found him squatting in the yard, roasting sweet potatoes, grinning and gnawing on them.

“Didn’t you say that we would train together …”

“I don’t need to train at this stage. If I don’t change my physique, I won’t be able to improve.”

As soon as An Xuan finished his words, he saw a small palanquin appear outside the courtyard. Four men in black robes carried the palanquin to the door.

“Master An, it’s time for us to head to the market. We are here to pick you up under the Young Master’s orders.”

“Then let’s go.”

A black-clothed servant brought out a blue brocade robe from the palanquin and said, “This is something that young master prepared for you.”

An Zeng lowered his head and looked at the dirty shirt that was soaked in blood. He shook his head and said, “I’ll just wear this.”

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