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Repugnant Gateway

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Cang Man Mountain was located at the northern border of the Yan Kingdom and the You Country.

No one cares about this place, and the mountains are dangerous, so it’s a place where real villains roam.

Yan Guo, You Country, Hegemon Country, Zhuohe Country … There were sixteen small countries in a circumference of a few thousand miles. They were called the sixteen kingdoms of You Yan.

The Yan and You Kingdom were relatively strong countries. The two countries fought year in and year out, so there were still many people living in seclusion in the mountain range.

This place was a small world with all sorts of flavors.

Generally speaking, there was no shortage of villains in this kind of place.

Gradually, this place became the paradise of the wicked.

Not only Youlan and Youlan, but all the other countries’ pursuers and villains also ran towards the Cang Man Mountain.

In the span of a few decades, the number of people in the Ancient Savage Mountain grew more and more, actually forming a mountain city with a large population.

A group of bad guys gathered in a place that had a beautiful name. It was called the Diablo Residence.

No matter what kind of place it was, as long as there were a lot of people, there would be a school. Regardless of whether it was a prosperous world or a poor world, the children still had to learn.

Where there were people there was a difference, so there were also rich and poor in Stone City.

If there was a difference, there would be a difference.

However, ever since Fantasy world had sent a white-faced scholar to live in the city seventeen years ago, and defeated thirty-six experts in the city by himself, he was the one who had the final say in the rules here.

Thus, the lives of the people here started to get better from that day onwards. They only needed to pay a sufficient amount of taxes to live in peace.

Nanshan Street was the southernmost street in the city, and was divided into nine bandit territories according to power.

In the school on Nanshan Street, there were over forty children between the ages of five and fourteen years old who were lazily sitting there.

In reality, this academy doesn’t have any specific teachers, and the ones who came to attend the class were the nine bandits. The nine fellows who claimed to be the worst in the world took turns to impart some survival skills to the children …

“Which gentleman is in today’s class?”

Fatty Du asked his companion who was sitting beside him. He was thin and ten years old. Because he was not skinny at all and had a strong body, he was a tyrant in the academy. Other than Gao Di’s group, he was the fiercest.

The child sitting next to him called Anjou.

It was a quiet, competitive, and peaceful battle.

However, this guy didn’t dare fight for anything. He was the weakest person in the academy. If it wasn’t for Skinny Du protecting him, he would have been tortured and disabled by Gao Di’s group long ago.

Every day, An Zeng would act subserviently, and as soon as he saw Dean, he became angry. If it was him who asked this question, An Zhe would have already given his answer.

But for some reason, after today’s questioning, Skinny Du waited for quite a while, but An Zhe still didn’t answer.

Thin Du knew how weak and cowardly An Zeng’s personality was. He had tried to train An Zeng to be more vicious, but three days later he gave up because An Zhe didn’t dare to kill a rat.

Skinny Du turned his head and glared at him. “What are you doing?!”

Then he realized that there was something strange about the fight today, and he just lay there on the table, not moving at all.

Before today’s class, the two older children of Gao Di were beating up An He. It was Du who found out that he had saved him and helped him into the classroom.

He hadn’t moved since he came in, and he was terrified when he saw a large pool of blood under the table.

He immediately tried to help her up, and when he touched her, he realized that she was stiff and cold.

“Gao Di you bastard!”

Although Du was young, he knew what had happened.

An argument … The weakest and most honest child in the academy was beaten up by someone who didn’t even dare to shout, but in the end, he was still beaten to death.

If someone told him to squat and hold his head, he wouldn’t dare to stand.

He would never dare to keep his mouth shut when told to lick the soles of his shoes on his knees.

But his cowardice did not pay for the tolerance of the fierce children. On the contrary, they liked to torment the conflict.

He started with a few curses, then went on to torture himself to death.

The child sitting at the front of the class was called Gao Di. He was the oldest child in the school. He was eleven years old and was as muscular as a calf.

Normally, he bullied An Zhe the most, even if his family wasn’t far from An Zhe’s family.

“Fat pig, are you courting death?”

“Don’t think that I really don’t dare to kill you. If it weren’t for the fact that your brother is a cultivator in the sect, I would have already killed you and fed you to the dogs.”

“If you dare to curse me again for no reason, I’ll take off your arms and legs first!”

Du’s thin eyes were red like a wild beast’s. He pointed at An Zeng and shouted, “You killed him!”

Gao Di was stunned for a moment before sneering, “Pretending to die?”

Wasn’t this weakling’s greatest ability supposed to be acting dead?

In the morning, they just casually beat him up a few times. In the past, they beat him even harder, but he could still bear it. Would he be beaten to death today? ”

Gao Di kicked away the stool and walked over, then kicked on An Zeng’s back: “Don’t pretend to be dead!”

“I know you’re fine.”

This kick directly kicked An Zeng down, but An Zeng’s body actually maintained his sitting posture and fell down.

At this moment, Gao Di and Du finally noticed that An Zhe’s face was as white as snow. His eyes were tightly shut, and his brows were deeply furrowed, as if he was in great pain. It was obvious that he was dead.

Even though this weak child was in so much pain that he couldn’t bear it any longer, he still didn’t make a sound. He only tightly furrowed his brows as he bit the corner of his mouth.

“You bastard!”

Skinny Du threw a punch onto Gao Di’s face. Gao Di almost fell down from the punch. He subconsciously looked at the dead An Zhe and felt a bit of fear in his heart.

This was the first time he had seen someone get beaten to death.

But very quickly, the ferocity in his bones took the initiative.

He waved his hand and shouted: “Wang Meng, Wang Zhuang, why don’t you two bastards hold him up for me!”

“You two were the ones who beat him to death, why should laozi be beaten up!”

His two eldest children, Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang, rushed over and hugged him.

Although he looked down upon the struggle for peace, he had always thought that he was only sorry for it. But the moment he saw it die, he realized that he had made a friend of it in his heart.

“You killed my friend!”

“I want to avenge him!”

“Your mother’s been told off.”

Gao Di ran over and kicked Du’s thin lower abdomen. The latter immediately squatted down in pain.

“Your friend?”


Gowdy wiped the corners of his mouth, then grabbed Du’s thin hair. “A friend of a coward, an idiot?”

You’re the only one in all of Nanshan Street who treats this bitch as a friend!

This sort of motherless bitch would just die if she died. There wasn’t a single one of them in all of Illusory Realm’s cities, so he wouldn’t be missing a single one.

“Du Pheasant, you’re a fucking man after all, to think that you would accept a person like this as a friend!”

He slapped Du’s thin mouth and said, “Apologize to me!”

Thin Du looked up and struggled with all his might, but Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang were about the same height and were also very strong, so he couldn’t struggle at all.

Seeing that he refused to apologize, Gao Di continued to fan his hair. His palm hit Du’s thin face again and again. The sound of his palm slapping against the ground was so loud and heavy.


Gao Di’s eyes reddened, and he slapped himself until his hand was swollen.

At first, Du’s thin face was red from being slapped until it turned purple, but the unyielding energy in his bones supported him, and he refused to lower his head: “Gao Di you bastard, if you don’t kill me today, I will kill you sooner or later for revenge!”

“You killed my friend, I won’t let you off!”

“Then I’ll kill you!”

Gao Di turned around and ran back. He fished out a dagger from his seat and strode over with a ferocious expression, “Don’t think that your father doesn’t dare to kill. This is the Cang Man Mountain, killing a person is nothing!”

“Even if I don’t kill you today, I’ll cripple you. I’ll let you all know who is the boss of Nanshan Street!”

“Big Brother, don’t!”

Several other children rushed over to stop Gao Di, “We can’t kill him. His big brother is from the main sect, if we cause any trouble, then it’ll be bad.”

Just teach him a lesson, he’s not the same as that trash An Zui.

“An Zhe that slut didn’t have his parents, if he died, then so be it.”

“You’re not allowed to call my friend a bitch!”

“You’re the fucking bastards!”

The skinny Du was like a madman. He finally got rid of Wang Meng and rushed up to smash a fist onto the corner of Gao Di’s mouth, directly knocking out his first tooth.

Gao Di cried out in pain and his eyes turned red. He kicked away the child in front of him and rushed forward to stab Du’s thin and small stomach. “Du Pang!”

You and Anjou are both bastards!

“I’ll kill you both today!”


As the knife stabbed in, blood splattered.

Skinny Dean was stunned. Gao Di was also stunned.

A withered hand appeared out of nowhere to block his thin stomach. The dagger was in the other hand, and blood was dripping from it.

The dagger was very sharp, almost cutting off his fingers. However, his hand was still tightly gripping the dagger, not moving at all.

Du, Gao Di, and the others looked down and saw that the already dead An Zhe had somehow crawled up. He was sitting there with his hand out, clutching onto Gao Zui’s knife.


The children were terrified. With a howl, they turned around and ran.

At this time, one of the nine bandits who came to class, the one called Mr. Sixth Mr. by the children, walked in with big strides and saw this scene.

He didn’t know what had happened in the past. He thought it was just the kids fighting and using the knife. “All of you, stop it!”

Believe it or not, I’ll sell you all out of the mountains! ”

Gao Di used all his strength to pull out a few daggers, but he was unable to. The sound of the blade and bone grinding together was absolutely creepy.

He subconsciously looked into An Zeng’s eyes, only to discover that those eyes, which should have been filled with cowardice, were filled with an unprecedented viciousness.

It was as though the eyes of a savage beast that he had only seen once before.

Bloody, brutal.

Gowde let go of her hand in horror and stepped back several steps.

Kou Liu strode over. “An Zou, you little rascal, you still dare to hold a knife?”

“I told you to put it down!”

Skinny Du knew how fierce Nine Big Kou was and he immediately went to fight for him. However, he found that An Zou’s eyes were turned towards Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang.

Then, he heard An Zeng ask word by word, “Who killed me?”

Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang were scared out of their wits as they turned around to run.

However, An Zhan suddenly stood up and rushed over. He grabbed Wang Meng’s neck and then pressed the dagger against Wang Meng’s lower abdomen: “You killed me?”

“Ghost … Ghost!”

Wang Meng was scared to the point that his soul almost flew out of his body.

“Little bastard, if you don’t let go of me, I’ll tear you apart!”

“Rip me?”

An Zaiyue turned around and glanced at Kou Liu, and the fierceness in his eyes caused even Kou Liu to jump in fright.

An Zaihu grinned coldly. His teeth were stained with blood. “Tear me up?”

“Then you have to wait for me to take revenge.”

He raised his hand and stabbed the dagger into Wang Meng’s thigh.

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