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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 30 - Ten Million Yuan

Chapter 30: Ten Million Yuan

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“No problem.” Qin Yifan actually wanted to close this deal more than Gu Ning. He wanted to own the King’s Green himself. “But Miss Gu, may I ask the source of this emerald?”

Qin Yifan needed to know whether this emerald was from a legal source, so he wouldn’t get into any trouble because of it.

Gu Ning understood, so she didn’t feel offended. “Please don’t worry, it is from an absolute legal source,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing this, Qin Yifan was relieved, “From the size and weight of this emerald, the market price would be over 10 million yuan. I will pay 10 million yuan for it. What would you say, Miss Gu?”

Although Gu Ning kind of knew the price of the King’s Green, she was amazed by Qin Yifan’s offer.

Gu Ning could sell it for an even higher price in the market, but she was satisfied with Qin Yifan’s offer.

If she had brought it to another jewelry store, she probably wouldn’t get such a generous offer.

Ten million yuan were beyond her anticipation. Gu Ning was satisfied of course.

Then they need to sign an agreement and transfer the money.

Once the agreement had been signed, both sides couldn’t regret.

Gu Ning had signed the agreement and got the money, then was about to leave.

Qin Yifan stopped her on her way out, “Miss Gu, this is my name card. If you have any other emeralds of great quality, please feel free to call me.”

Qin Yifan suddenly had the feeling that this girl wasn’t an ordinary teenager. Besides, Gu Ning’s good manners had impressed him.

“Sure,” Gu Ning accepted his name card willingly.

She didn’t need to tell him her phone number, because it was on the contract.

Qin Yifan didn’t bring his sight back until Gu Ning disappeared. He barely could look away from the King’s Green in his hand.

“Don’t tell the chairman about this. I want to surprise him,” Qin Yifan said to his staff. His father’s sixtieth birthday was around the corner. He wanted to carve a small object from this King’s Green, and give it to his father as a birthday gift.

Qin Yifan’s father ran the business of jade. He had seen many kinds of jade. However, the King’s Green was too rare that even Qin Yifan’s father didn’t have one.

Though Gu Ning pretended to be calm, she felt nervous indeed.

Two million. To be honest, she had never had that much money in hands in her last lifetime because of the control of the Tang family.

Gu Ning was nervous, excited and couldn’t believe it was true.

She had checked the message several times, then accepted the fact. Gu Ning deleted the message afterwards in case someone else would find out.

Though two million were a lot for Gu Ning, it wasn’t enough for a start-up.

She decided to use the two million as the fund of stone gambling.

Gu Ning had searched the Internet. The stone gambling market in City G was the nearest one to City F. It took an hour of flight to get there. Gu Ning made a decision that she was going to City G this weekend.

Without doubt, Gu Ning wanted to start up her business from the jewelry industry.

She had Jade Eyes, and could gain money without risking anything of her own.

Jewelry industry was just a beginning. Other industries would be involved in the future.

The Tang family was involved in the real estate and entertainment industries. Gu Ning was determined to take part in those two industries. She was going to win the Tang family.

Gu Ning also knew she must take it slowly. It wasn’t easy to do a successful business. She needed both money and resources.

For example, if she planned to establish a jewelry company, she had to prepare a lot for it.

First was the source, then the store. After that, she needed to register a company. If she didn’t know someone who was in charge, she wouldn’t be able to finish it within a month.

Workers, like designers, managers and engraving artists, were also needed.

She was still a student now. It wasn’t practical for her to manage the company on her own.

Thinking of all these, Gu Ning felt burdened, but she enjoyed it.

Moreover, after she went back home from City G with a large amount of money, she would to Gu Man something about what had happened. And she would buy Gu Man and the family of Gu Qing a house separately.

She also wanted Gu Man to quit her job, which was tiring and only paid peanuts.

If Gu Man was willing to be a housewife, Gu Ning was fine with that. If her mother wanted to develop her own interests, Gu Ning would support her mother too.

Gu Man could open a small store, and hired someone to look after it for her. She could visit the store and work for a while if she liked. All Gu Ning wanted was to let her mother live a relaxing life.

As for the family of Gu Qing, Gu Ning wouldn’t support them the way she supported Gu Man. She would only financially supported them if they needed. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

If they wanted to open a shop or a start-up, Gu Ning was willing to help them without payback.

It was still early, Gu Ning went to a bookstore. She bought several books on jade and stones, then she put those books into the telepathic eye space in a washroom. After that, she left the commercial building, and went straight to her school by taxi.

When Gu Ning was back at school, it was 2:20 pm, and 10 minutes away from the class. Gu Ning was on time.

However, Gu Ning encountered Qin Zheng and Gu Xiaoxiao when she went upstairs.

The minute Gu Xiaoxiao saw Gu Ning, she held Qin Zheng’s arm and gave Gu Ning a provocative look.

Gu Ning was speechless. Did Gu Xiaoxiao really believe she still likes Qin Zheng?

Probably in Gu Xiaoxiao’s eyes, Gu Ning had liked Qin Zheng so much in the past, and it wasn’t possible for her to forget him within a short time.

Even though Qin Zheng had broken her heart, it took time to recover from the pain.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning was different now. Qin Zheng was merely a stranger to her.

Accordingly, Gu Ning ignored them, going straight upstairs. Gu Xiaoxiao was mad though for she didn’t see Gu Ning being upset.

But she still believed Gu Ning was pretending to be calm.

Qin Zheng, on the contrary, was extremely upset.

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