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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 17 - Aint Afraid of Shao Feifei

Chapter 17: Ain’t Afraid of Shao Feifei

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Yang Chengjun wanted to have a preemptive strike on Gu Ning, but he forgot that the head teacher never jumped to conclusions without knowing all the facts.

So, the head teacher turned to Gu Ning and inquired, “Gu Ning, can you explain all of that?”

“Yes, I admit that I’ve hit Shao Feifei, only because she has insulted me first. I went to a jewelry store yesterday. I just wanted to take a look, but she humiliated me for being poor. And today, she laughed at me in front of everyone, saying I needed to find myself a sugar daddy. I simply used a ball of paper to shut her mouth, then she called me bitch. I was so irritated, and slapped her. She threw a bottle of water to me afterwards. I raised my hand to protect myself. Unexpectedly, the bottle of water flew right back at her, and hit her forehead. That’s all.” Gu Ning answered. She did tell the truth, but didn’t say that she deliberately had aimed at Shao Feifei to hit her by the bottle of water.

Gu Ning think there was no need to hide.

The head teacher was more than disappointed now. She turned to Shao Feifei, “Is it true?”

“I...” Shao Feifei wanted to argue, but she was afraid of the head teacher. She didn’t say anything at the end, but lowered her head.

Yang Chengjun, Wu Qingya and Yang Yulu remained quiet as well. They all didn’t want to get into trouble.

Now, the head teacher knew what really had happened.

“It was Shao Feifei’s fault to insult Gu Ning at first, then it was Gu Ning’s fault to hit Shao Feifei back. Since you both have made mistakes, you either both receive a punishment or forgive each other. You can choose.” The head teacher decided to let them make the choice themselves.

Punishment couldn’t solve every problem. Their attitude mattered most.

The head teacher didn’t care whether they would fight again, as long as they didn’t fight in the school.

Gu Ning agreed. That was exactly what she wanted.

So she said to Shao Feifei casually, “Shao Feifei, you can choose. Whatever you want. I don’t mind.”

Shao Feifei thought it was a challenge though. She was angry, and glared at Gu Ning.

Shao Feifei absolutely would not forgive Gu Ning. She was the one who had been injured after all. However, she didn’t want to be punished neither.

Thus, even though Shao Feifei was annoyed, she had to call it an end.

But she promised to herself that she would beat Gu Ning one day in the future.

“Alright, Shao Feifei was hurt, and must go to the infirmary now,” the head teacher said.

Then, accompanied by Yang Yulu, Shao Feifei went to the infirmary. Yang Chengjun glared at Gu Ning before he went back to his seat. The second class began.

There were few people outside. Shao Feifei said with anger, “Gu Ning, let’s go and see! I’ll definitely pay you back!”

“Sure! We must teach Gu Ning a lesson,” Yang Yulu agreed immediately.

The head teacher taught math. She was a strict teacher, and no one dared to zone out.

Gu Ning focused on the class as well. Though she owned the Jade Eyes, she needed to learn.

Luckily, she was a good student in her last incarnation. It wasn’t difficult for her to learn.

As for Yu Mixi, she was still worried during the whole class. She felt slightly uncomfortable about Gu Ning’s change, but she was more concerned that Shao Feifei would revenge on Gu Ning.

At last, the class was over. Yu Mixi asked Gu Ning at once, “Gu Ning, you’ve had bad blood with Shao Feifei. Aren’t you afraid...”

Before Yu Mixi could finish, Gu Ning interrupted her.

Gu Ning wore a serious face. She said in a low voice, “Mixi, I know you care about me, but I just want to let you know staying quiet and weak won’t help you with anything. I’ve had enough, and I don’t think Shao Feifei is able to hurt me.”

“If you’re scared of her, you can stay away from me. I won’t blame you. If you’re still willing to be my friend, then get used to my changes. And I do hope you can change as well. You need to say no to whatever you dislike. You need to fight back against unfairness. Most importantly, you need to fight for what you want. I’m not going to force you to. It’s all up to you.”

Gu Ning would not force Yu Mixi to change. She just wanted to help.

What Gu Ning had said literally shocked Yu Mixi.

She thought Gu Ning was right. If you were always weak and quiet, nobody would care about your real feelings.

Seeing Gu Ning being so outgoing and confident, Yu Mixi was encouraged. She wanted to change too.

Though she was still afraid of Shao Feifei, she wasn’t willing to stay quiet and weak any longer. She wanted to live for herself. She would say no to her dislikes, fight against the unfairness, and fight for what she loved.

Yu Mixi had the answer in her heart, but she couldn’t help doubting herself, “Gu Ning, you’re right. Being weak and quiet won’t help us with anything. I hate to be humiliated any more. I want to change, but can I?”

“As long as you want to, then you absolutely can,” Gu Ning said.

Yu Mixi was determined now, “I will.”

“Mixi, since you’re my friend, I promise if you need me, I’ll spare no effort to help you. And I hate betrayal. Please tell me directly if you don’t want to be my friend, instead of hurting me for benefits.” Gu Ning said, warned and promised at the same time.

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