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Ranking Systems

My Novel have three .

Martial Ranks

Monster Ranks

Magic Ranks.


The Metal and Colors belong to the Martial Ranks. The Highest of the Human Martial Ranking is the Saint.

Copper = Beginners / Amateurs

Bronze = Class E

Silver = Class D

Gold = Class C

Platinum = Class B

Mithril = Class A

Adamantium = Centennial Beast

Black = Millennial Beast

Saint = Myriad Beast

Calamity = Demigod

The Ranks of Monsters are Classified in Classes

(Example is Class A. Above Class A are called Centennial, Millennial, Myriad, and Calamity. Take note that this Auxiliary chapter is newly posted, so there might be cases when you will see other Monster Classifications like Grade A or Rank A monsters. )


[ Magic Ranks ]

Magic Ranks are simple enough. The power rankings of magicians are called Circles.

The lowest is the First Circle, while the highest is the Tenth Circle. ]

[ Each Circle has ten stages. Only after the magician has managed to breakthrough to the tenth stage would they advance to a higher circle.

Talent Grades determine how many Circles a person can unlock in his lifetime.

[ The lowest talent Grade E, allows a magician to reach up to the peak of the First Circle. Unless they find a way to raise their grade, they wouldn’t be able to advance to the Second Circle for the rest of their lives. ]

[ Grade D talent allows the magician to break through up to the Second Circle, Grade C talent allows them to break through to the Third Circle. Grade B talent is a little different because it allows them to breakthrough up to the Fifth Circle. ]

[ Grade A gives them a chance to break through the Seventh Circle, While S, allows them to reach up to the Ninth Circle. As for Perfect Grade Talent allows them to break through to the 10th Circle. ]


[ Talent Grades ]

There are also Talent Grades for a person’s overall constitution. These things are only mentioned here in passing, but I will still post it here to help you get a clearer idea of what it is.

“Talent Grades are E, D, C, B, A, S, and Perfect Grade.”

E - Common

D - Low Talent

C - Passable Talent

B - Good talent

A - Very Good

S - Genius Level

Perfect - Prodigy

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