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Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 4: William’s Choice

Chapter 4: William’s Choice

After running away from the stall of the Loli Goddess, William toured the other stalls of Temple of the Gods. After spending three days inside the temple, the boy finally decided on the Patron God he would follow.

“Welcome!” A beautiful girl with cat ears shook Williams’ hand. “You made the right decision in coming here. Our God is the best.”

“I know.” William blushed as he looked at the God who was standing in front of the stall. A handsome man, with a noble bearing noticed William’s stare and nodded in the boy’s direction.

Gavin, the God of all Trades was standing by his side. William didn’t choose him to become his Patron God. Although he had an unresigned expression on his face, he still respected William’s decision and decided to stay with him until he signed his contract.

Many beautiful women were handing out contracts to the people who had lined up in front of their stall. According to William’s estimate, there had to be at least over five hundred men lining up to this particular stall.

What’s so special about this stall you ask? Naturally, it was because of the God that managed this stall. He was none other than the “Harem God” and many men both young and old were more than happy to worship him and become his followers.

“I still don’t get it,” Gavin said. “Are all of your brains located on your lower half?”

Everyone who was in the queue glared at Gavin in disdain.

William, on the other hand, averted his gaze.

He had died a virgin. It was one of the things that he had regretted in his past life. If possible, he would like to make up for this shortcoming. This was the main reason why he chose the Harem God as his Patron God.

It might sound selfish and shameful, but to those who weren’t able to live a life worth living, it was a temptation that was too hard to pass up.

Gavin knew how William died. Every God inside the temple had that ability. He was very impressed with the boy because he was able to make that kind of sacrifice in order to save someone’s life.

Not many people could do that. Perhaps, this was the reason why the Gods gave William another chance to live a better life.

An hour passed and it was finally William’s turn to sign his contract.

“Brother, I am honored that you chose me as your Patron God,” the Harem God said with a sincere smile on his face. He took a glimpse at William’s past and saw the sacrifice that he had made for his little brothers and sisters in the orphanage.

He also admired how resolute he was when he gave his heart to save his lover. This made the Harem Good look at William favorably.

“William, aside from the blessing that you will receive from me as your Patron God, I will also give you a piece of my divinity,” the Harem God stated in a firm manner. “From this moment onward, I hereby acknowledge you as my little brother.”

“Big Bro!” William threw his shame down the gutter and shamelessly hugged the Harem God.

Gavin clicked his tongue when he saw this scene, but there was nothing he could do. The only thing he could do was to watch as his most favored candidate was snatched away from him.

“Alright, first things first. Let’s sign the contract.”


The Harem God waved his hand to summon a contract but nothing happened.

“Um?” the Harem God frowned. He waved his hand for the second time, but no contract appeared in his hand.

“Um, can you give me a minute?” the Harem God asked in an awkward manner. “I’ll just contact Customer Service and ask what’s going on.”

William nodded his head with a smile. He wasn’t worried because these kinds of things happen all the time when he was still alive on Earth. Perhaps, the machine that was printing the contract ran out of ink or something. At least, that was what William thought at that time.

“Hello? This is the Harem God. I called because I ran out of contracts, can you please send me more?” The Harem God explained the situation at hand.

“Um? Is that so…” The Harem God frowned. “Can’t you do something about it? Just one more contract will do! I will not ask for more.”

“Sorry sir, you have reached your maximum number of followers,” the Customer Service Representative replied. “Even if you asked for one more contract, it cannot be done. The Divine System will not allow anyone to violate this rule. Just give it up, Sir.”

The Harem God sighed as he ended the call. He looked at William with unwillingness. Such a good brother and he wasn’t able to give him the happiness he deserved!

Gavin noticed the change in the Harem God’s expression and immediately thought of something.

‘Could it be…,’ Gavin thought. He didn’t dare voice out his thoughts out loud in the case that he was mistaken. Even so, he was willing to grasp this thin strand of hope that had appeared in front of his eyes.

“Brother, I’m very sorry!” the Harem God bowed his head. “I had reached the maximum number of followers. I cannot add more even if I wanted to.”

Gavin almost did a fist pump as he heard the Harem God’s explanation. ‘I knew it!’

William was heartbroken by the news. It was like lining up to buy the limited edition game that he wanted to play so badly. Then, when it was his turn to purchase it, the staff would tell him that they had run out of stock!

“Don’t worry, brother!” the Harem God patted William’s shoulder. “Even if you don’t sign my contract, I will still give you my divinity!”

“Huh?!” Gavin looked at the Harem God as if he was seeing a weird creature. Granting someone a divinity was different from signing a contract. A contract only gives you the regular blessing of a God.

A Divinity, on the other hand, would grant you special privileges that would be at least ten times better than a regular contract. The two couldn’t even compare by a longshot.

“H-Hey, are you sure you are going to give William a piece of your divinity?” Gavin asked.

“It’s not against the rules.” The Harem God was adamant. “This is my brother! My sworn brother! I cannot do him wrong!”

“You lucky son of a…” Gavin patted William’s shoulder. “This is good news for you William.”

William was unaware of how important the Divinity of a God was. The only thing he had learned from the conversation was that he had somehow gained something better than a contract.

The Harem God gave William a chess piece. The boy looked at it and found it familiar.

“The King?” William muttered. “Is this your Divinity, Big Brother?”

“Yes.” The Harem God nodded his head. “Place it inside your soul, little brother. That way, no one will be able to steal it from you. Also, from now on, feel free to call me Brother Issei.”

William obediently did as he was told and placed the King over his chest. The chess piece glowed and entered William’s body. He felt that his soul became stronger, but he still couldn’t understand what kind of ability he would gain from the Divinity that was given to him.

“Alright, since I reached my quota, I’ll follow you until you choose your Patron God.” The Harem God patted his chest with confidence. “Don’t worry. As long as I’m around, no one would dare to scam you and force you to become their follower.”

“Thank you, Brother Issei.”

“No need to thank me. This is the least that I can do for you, William.”

William had just finished nodding his head when he heard a familiar voice shouting behind him.

“There you are, Big Brother!” the Loli Goddess, Lily, jumped to his embrace like a cannonball.

Everything happened so quickly that William didn’t have enough time to dodge the Loli’s attack. Lily held William’s body in a vice-grip as she pressed her little head on his chest.

“Big Brother, I really like you,” the Loli Goddess said. “Why don’t you become my follower? I am willing to give you many benefits. All you need to do is… ehehe, give me a kiss.”

‘I-I… F*ck!’ William screamed internally. ‘I’d rather kiss a frog than kiss you!’

His body spasmed uncontrollably as every fiber of his being tried to break free from the Loli Granny’s hold. The little Loli was unaware that William had already seen through her disguise. Lily continued to do her best to act cute and seduce William to become her follower.

Gavin smirked as he watched this scene unfold. Another chance had presented itself in front of him and he would be stupid if he didn’t used this to his advantage.

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