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Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 1472 After Story 10 - Lover’s Night [Part 2]

Never in her wildest dreams did Audrey think that she would be embraced by the person that she was ordered to kill several years ago.

Together with Lira and Ephemera, they went to hunt the Half-Elf under the Pope's orders. Unfortunately, this order backfired on them and Lira and Ephemera were caught after facing off against William.

They were not aware that when his two sisters returned, their wombs had already been tainted with William's seed, bearing his mark.

After Lira and Ephemera, Melody was the next one to fall. Her sister, who was one of the kindest people she had met in her life, fell in love with the Half-Elf, and was soon conquered by him as well.

As for Shana, the Virtuous Maiden of Prudence became William's collaborator and looked after her sisters, who had already sided with him.

After thinking back, she realized that it was only her and Cherry that sided with the Pope until the latter betrayed their trust.

After the war ended, she found herself without any life goals, and couldn't help feeling uncertain about what the future held.

Because of this, her sisters worked together to get her and William to become good friends. Cherry was the one that suggested that she should just marry the Half-Elf because she planned on marrying him as well when she grew up.

Cherry was just fourteen years old when she told this to Audrey, and the latter thought that the youngest among her sisters was just following the trend of marrying William because her other sisters had become his lovers.

Audrey didn't hate William, in fact she even admired him, but it wasn't strong enough for her to agree to become his wife.

Perhaps, knowing that she was one tough cookie to break, Shana, Ingrid, as well as Lira, decided to put an aphrodisiac in the wine Audrey liked to drink before she went to sleep at night.

The three mischievous girls set it up, so that William would appear on the balcony of Audrey's room, with the excuse that the Virtuous Lady of Fortitude wanted to have a talk with him in private.

When William arrived, Audrey was already under the influence of the powerful aphrodisiac, and was already pleasuring herself.

Without batting an eye, the Half-Elf used his life magic in addition to giving Audrey a potion to drink in order to counter the aphrodisia's effect, allowing the latter to regain her sanity.

Audrey felt very ashamed because William had seen her in such a state, but the Half-Elf assured her that it wasn't her fault.

An hour later, William rounded up the three troublemakers, tied them up, and hung them upside down in Audrey's room, as punishment for what they had done to her.

To make matters worse, the Half-Elf tortured Lira, Shana, and Ingrid by tickling their feet, making the three girls laugh non-stop.

Audrey found the whole thing very silly, but she also joined the Half-Elf in torturing the three girls as revenge for what they had done to her.

It was at that moment when Audrey's relationship with William progressed to the next level, and a year later, the two of them became lovers.

William didn't take Audrey's maidenhood because the latter was a staunch believer that only married couples could do the act that she believed was sacred.

The Half-Elf had no problem with this, and was fine with going out on dates with Audrey, giving her hugs, and kisses which made the latter feel loved.

Now that they were finally married, nothing was stopping the two from taking that final step, to become one with each other.

"If you like, we can do it when it's just the two of us," William said as he held his manhood and lightly parted the pink petals of Audrey's... which were already wet with desire. He knew that deep inside, Audrey was a shy maiden, and he didn't know if she was comfortable being seen by others as William took her chastity.

"No need," Audrey said with a flushed face. "I've been waiting for this day for so long. Please, Will, I can't wait any longer."

As if proving that she had no intention of running away, Audrey wrapped her legs over William's hind legs, holding him in place.

Seeing that she had resolved herself for what was about to come, the Half-Elf no longer held back and lowered his hips to become one with her.

Unlike the others, Audren bit her lips, preventing any words from coming out as the Half-Elf broke through the last barrier that protected her chastity.

When the deed was done, she was suddenly filled with an understanding that she had been born for this moment, making her wrap her arms around WIlliam's back, pulling him closer to her.

The Half-Elf was surprised by this sudden act from Audrey, but he didn't resist it. Soon, her soft lips found his, and the two of them kissed, while their bodies were still connected.

When the kiss ended, the Half-Elf wiped away the tears that fell from his wife's face before planting a kiss on her forehead.

A moment later, he resumed moving his hips, with the intention of taking his beloved to the peak of pleasure, and dyeing her womb with his color.

Just like Princess Eowyn, Audrey had forgotten to hold back her seductive voice, which leaked out of her lips due to the pleasure that she was feeling for the first time in her life.

The pain had already subsided and was replaced by a euphoric sensation that was similar to the feeling she felt when William drank her blood.

When William came inside of her, Audrey subconsciously bit onto his shoulder and scratched his back with her nails.

The Half-Elf's release was so powerful and hot that she couldn't believe that it was already his fourth time doing it.

The two panted for breath before sharing another kiss as proof of their love.

Rebecca, who was right beside them, placed her hands on William's back and used a bit of healing magic to cure the wounds that Audrey had subconsciously given him when they reached the peak of pleasure together.

Aeilin (Superbia), on the other hand, licked the bloodstains off William's back because for her, anything that belonged to the Half-Elf was precious, including his blood.

Superbia was the Sinful Lady of Pride.

For her, only the strong had the right to become her mate. She would not take anything less and, right now, William was the strongest man in the world that was close to her age.

She was even the one that took the initiative to ask the Half-Elf to marry her.

After coming to know the reason why she wanted to marry him, William only laughed and teased Aeilin for using strength as the standard for marriage. However, after finding out how serious the Sinful Lady was, he decided to take her seriously as well.

A few years later, they were finally married, and were about to consummate their marriage for the first time.

"I know I've already said this in the past, but you sure like breasts," Aeilin said as William suckled her right breast like a baby, while taking a short rest to recover.

Rebecca giggled on the side because she also found this fact quite funny. Unlike the others, her breasts weren't that big, so she was worried that William wouldn't find pleasure in making love to her.

However, the Half-Elf assured her that it wasn't the breast size that mattered to him, but who they belonged to.

Rebecca's breast size was modest, but it was still bigger than Chiffon's, Medusa's and Erinys', which gave her a bit of confidence since Chiffon and Erinys were William's wives, while the little Gorgon had become his fiance.

Medusa was only waiting for Cherry to grow up so that they could marry the Half-Elf together. However, William had a feeling that when Erinys turned eighteen years old, she would be a lot taller than the little Gorgon, whose height seemed to remain the same even after several years had passed.

"What are you giggling at?" William asked as his naughty right hand began to tease Rebecca's... which was already quite slick, and wet, after watching him make love to the ladies whom she now referred to as his sisters.

"D-Don't!" Rebecca tried to pry away William's hand, but since the latter was stronger than her, she was unable to push him away.

Also, his touch felt so good that she didn't move away from her spot, making it so she was unable to escape his grasp.

Aeilin chuckled after seeing that Rebecca was under William's mercy, so she decided to help her out by pinning William on the bed, and sitting on top of him, just like Ingrid had done before her.

"I'll also take the lead this time, so just lay there and enjoy yourself," Aeilin said with a confident smile.

"But, this is your first time," William frowned. "Are you sure?"

"I always like being on top. At least, tonight, I'll be taking the lead, okay?"


William knew better than to argue with his purple-haired wife, who bore the Sin of Pride. Her eyes, which were the same color of her hair, looked down at him with a hunger that was similar to a beast in heat, who had found the perfect mate for her.

Aeilin then guided the Half-Elf's... to her entrance, which was now more than ready to accept him, before lowering her hips.

Inch, by painful inch, the Half-Elf felt a tightness that clamped around his manhood as it went deeper inside of his proud wife, who didn't show a painful expression on her face.

Aeilin only stopped moving when the entirety of William's shaft was firmly embedded inside of her. She didn't move right away, but simply stayed in that position for a full minute.

Clearly, she was enduring the pain of her first time, but didn't want to show any sign of weakness to the man whom she had chosen as her mate.

"You did well, Aeilin," William said as he held Superbia's hands, intertwining them with his own, and locking them in place.

"You're lucky, Will," Aeilin replied as soon as the pain she felt subsided. "I chose you among the countless men in this world. This is an honor that only belongs to you."

"Yes, I'm lucky to have you as my wife, Aeilin. I love you."

"What a cheesy line, but, just this once, I'll play along."

Aeilin then lowered her head to kiss William's lips. When the kiss ended she whispered something in the Half-Elf's ears, which only he could hear.

"I love you too, Will," Aeilin whispered before starting to move her hips to pleasure the man she had chosen.

Although her movements were clumsy, the Half-Elf didn't mind and enjoyed Aeilin's attempt to make him feel good. However, since it was Superbia's first time, she got tired mid-way, prompting the Half-Elf to take over.

"Now, it's my turn to make you feel good," William said with a devilish smile on his face.

"Bring it on," Aeiin replied in a challenging tone.

Her purple eyes stared at her husband, as if daring him to make her have a debauched expression, similar to what Princess Eowyn and Ingrid had after he had made love to them.

William chuckled internally after hearing Superbia's challenge. It had been a while since someone dared to challenge him in bed, so he decided to teach her a lesson that within the bedroom, he alone reigned supreme.

Half an hour later, Aeilin lost consciousness with a debauched, yet satisfied look on her face, as William came inside of her many times, staining the bedsheets with the overflow from her...

Rebecca, who saw this scene from start to end, subconsciously gulped when William's predatory eyes landed on her smooth, and youthful body, which would soon bear his mark, just like the other ladies around her, who had now had their fill of his love.

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