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Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 1471 After Story 9 - Lover’s Night [Part 1]

The faint sound of kissing was heard inside the room, as William tried to calm down Princess Eowyn, who was feeling nervous on their first night together.

The Half-Elf had married her, Aeilin (Superbia), Ingrid (Invidia), Audrey, and Rebecca a few hours ago, and it was time for them to consummate their marriage.

The first one that William would make love with was Princess Eowyn because she, and the other ladies that the Half-Elf just married, drew lots the day before their wedding to determine the order on which they would make love to him.

Unfortunately, Princess Eowyn got the short end of the stick and now her husband was doing his best to make her feel less nervous as he showered her with gentle, and soft kisses, which made the Elven Princess feel good.

"Have you managed to calm down?" William asked after pulling back a bit to look at the flushed face of his wife.

"... Yes," Princess Eowyn replied, still in a daze after being kissed by the Half-Elf. "You're a very good kisser."

"Really?" The corner of the Half-Elf's lip rose slightly as he caressed the side of Princess Eowyn's face. "Well, I'm glad that I satisfied you, Eowyn."

The other ladies that were on the bed together with William and Princess Eowyn were observing the two with beet red faces.

All of them had just taken a bath together and were wearing seductive nightgowns that the Sinful Lady of Envy, Ingrid, had chosen for them.

William kissed Princess Eowyn again on the lips as his hand moved to untie the strings that held her nightgown in place. Soon, the lacey lingerie dropped down on the Elf Princess' waist, baring her upper body that was as white as cream, and tender with youth.

Her body shuddered when she felt William's hands move to cup her breasts. He gently played with them until the pink tips at their center, slowly hardened from his touch.

The Half-Elf then slowly laid his wife down, as he kissed her neck, collarbone, and breasts, before suckling her… making the Elf Princess gasp due to the sensations that she was feeling for the first time.

William teased the hard pink tip inside his mouth with his tongue before lightly biting it. His right hand then moved downwards, caressing her body, until it reached her lower abdomen, making Princess Eowyn's body tremble from his touch.

When William's finger caressed the entrance of her… the Elf Princess knew that it wouldn't be long before the innocence she had protected for the past few years of her life would be given to her husband, who was now the most influential person in the world.

Although their marriage was a political one, William assured her that he would not treat her like a tool, and a means to an end.

Princess Eowyn believed him because she knew how much the Half-Elf cared about his women, and now… she was one of them too.

One of the women who belonged to the red-headed young man, whose tender kisses, and gentle caress ignited the flames of passion that Princess Eowyn thought she'd never have.

A few minutes later, William buried his face on Princess Eowyn's… as he used his expertise to make her unable to hold back her pleasure-filled moans, which now reverberated inside the room, making the ladies watching her, and their husband, blush even more.

The Elf Princess' hands held the Half-Elf's head, as the latter licked, and kissed the entrance of her… making her feel a pleasure that she had never experienced before.

Several minutes later, Princess Eowyn's body shuddered as she climaxed for the first time, making her pant for breath.

Her beautiful naked body, which all the Elven Nobles had dreamed of having of, was now ready to become one with her husband, who parted her legs in order to consummate their marriage.

"Ready?" William asked. His voice was a little hoarse, and tinged with masculinity, which made Princess Eowyn realize that she was able to make the Half-Elf, who was surrounded with beautiful women, yearn for her.

This realization made her gain a little bit of confidence not only as his wife, but as a woman, who thought that she would just be another member of his harem, decorating his bedroom.

"Yes," Princess Eowyn. "Make me yours, Will."

Giving her consent, the Half-Elf plunged his manhood deep inside her, making Princess Eowyn clutch the bed sheets, as the painful, yet sweet sensation of her deflowering, washed over her senses.

'It doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would,' Princess Eowyn thought after half a minute of their union.

As William continued to move his hips, hitting her deepest parts, the Elf Princess' pleasure-filled voice echoed spread inside the room, as she lost herself to the feelings that made her unable to think properly.

The Half-Elf's techniques were simply too good for her, who was discovering the carnal pleasures for the first time.

A few minutes later, Princess Eowyn's body shuddered again, as William released his seed deep inside her, making her feel as if her womb was melting due to how hot, and powerful his release was.

William was a bit worried because his wife's body twitched from time to time, as the final throes of pleasure wracked her body.

After he had released everything inside of her, the Half-Elf kissed Princess Eowyn's forehead, and applied some life magic on her.

The Elf Princess had lost consciousness, so she wasn't able to see the seed that overflowed from her… soaking the bed sheets with faint traces of red, which signified that the Half-Elf had taken her chastity, and made her his woman.

When William pulled out his member from Princess Eowyn's…

Ingrid took it in her soft and delicate hands before giving it a kiss.

It was still wet and sticky, but the Sinful Lady of Envy didn't care. She licked and kissed it before putting it inside her mouth to clean it properly.

She and William had known each other for a long time, and she had even offered her blood to the Half-Elf countless times in order to gain some Merit Points that she used to sustain her hobby of buying fashionable clothes.

Before their wedding had even taken place, Ingrid had already given her maidenhood to the Half-Elf in one of their sessions that had gotten out of hand due to the lust that overcame their senses.

For some reason, it felt right to do that at that time because she and William had already done so much together that it felt natural for them to take that last step together, and become one.

? Originally, Ingrid didn't plan on marrying William because she thought that it would be troublesome. She was fine with just being friends with him, and occasionally dallying with each other in order to sustain her hobby.

But, William wasn't someone who treated women as a one-time-thing, so he asked Ingrid to become one of his wives, and the latter said that she would think about it.

Perhaps, due to the Half-Elf's constant pestering, the Sinful Lady of Envy finally relented. Also, she found William the most ideal husband for her because he had money, power, and influence.

After getting her answer, the Half-Elf went to Earth and struck a deal with the founder of Vicky's Secret, allowing Ingrid to open one of their branches under her name.

The beautiful lady was touched by this gesture of love from William, and decided to stay with him forever.

Since the handsome young man had done so much for her, she would gladly hold onto his thigh for life.

After making sure that William's manhood was cleaned properly, Ingrid pushed the Half-Elf down and sat on his stomach.

"Don't move," Ingrid said with a flushed face tinged with lust. "I'll be the one taking the lead this time."

The Half-Elf nodded, and looked up at his green-haired wife, who now had a mischievous smile on her face.

A moment later, Ingrid's appearance changed.

As the Sin of Envy, she had the ability to change her appearance at will. There were times when she used this skill of hers to play pranks on William, as well as his other lovers, causing trouble from time to time.

The Half-Elf's body shuddered when Ingrid guided his manhood inside of her… while having the face of a blue-haired lady that was very close to William's heart.

A satisfied sigh escaped Ingrid's lips, as she looked down on the Half-Elf who had a conflicted look in his face as he stared at her current appearance.

Ingrid was feeling mischievous, so she decided to play a prank on her husband as they made love on their wedding night.

"Don't move," Ingrid said when William's hands went to hold her waist, in an attempt to break free from her. "It's still me inside, so you don't have to worry about anything. Does this look give you a sense of immorality?"

"Yes," William replied. "Ingrid, I don't think this is a good idea."

The Half-Elf gave his wife a pleading look, which made the latter smile sweetly.

She then lowered her head to kiss William's lips, as they stayed connected with each other.

When the kiss ended, Ingrid pulled back and this time, she had returned to her original appearance.

She had always wondered what the Half-Elf's reaction would be if she made love with him using Ella's face, but after seeing his pained expression, Ingrid felt that it wasn't worth it to make her husband suffer, so she decided to end her prank early, and make love with him using her own appearance.

As one of the Sinful Ladies of the world, her beauty was top tier, and didn't even need to be changed in order to make the men around her look at her with lustful gazes.

"Love me, Will," Ingrid said as she started to move her hips up and down, while her hands rested on Wiliam's chest as support. "Fill me up with your love."

The Half-Elf replied to her words in kind, and did his best to satisfy her. Unknown to the other ladies around them, the Half-Elf came inside Ingrid twice as the latter straddled him. Even after he came the first time, Ingrid continued to move her hips until his second load filled her up to the brim.

With a satisfied look on her face, Ingrid kissed the Half-Elf's lips, before moving away to give his other wives the chance to experience what it was like to be embraced by the man that had captured, not only her body, but her heart as well.

Aeilin (Superbia), Audrey, and Rebecca, glanced at each other before nodding their heads at the same time.

All three of them then worked together to clean William's… in preparation for what was about to come.

Just like Princess Eowyn, all of them were still chaste maidens who had never been touched by any other men in the past.

Since they were now married to the Half-Elf, they were also looking forward to learning more about the pleasurable feeling that was evident on the faces of Princess Eowyn and Ingrid, who had just finished making love to the red-headed young man, whose libido was second to none.

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