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Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 116: Forever Loving You

Chapter 116: Forever Loving You

Four years had passed since William lost his powers during the Trial of Courage. 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

Many things happened in the Hellan Kingdom during this time.

Just like James predicted, after the King had settled the aftermath of the Beast Tide, he sent those who had performed meritorious service to reclaim the lands that had lost their owners.

Due to James’ immediate action, Fushia and Xynnar fell under the control of Lont. The nobles made a ruckus, but the king quieted them down with the merits that James had acquired during the battle at Windkeep Citadel.

Of course, that was only the King’s excuse. He knew that dealing with James was a pain, so he decided to just turn a blind eye to his actions.

Also, the Oroubro was not just for show. It was a one man army that could easily match a Flood Dragon in a life and death battle. The nobles that had reclaimed the lands near the borders of Lont decided to send James plenty of gifts in order to show that they wished to coexist in peace.

Cedric had also accepted the fact that there was no way he could rebuild Fushia with the remaining survivors. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t feel sad about the current situation, but Leah convinced him that this was for the best.

In order to forget his heartache, Cedric asked James to help him go to the Central Continent, so that he could enroll in one of their academies. James agreed to his request and gave him the funds he needed.

The king also gave orders for Fort Windermere to be rebuilt, and even drafted a plan to make a fortress that would face the Forbidden Land directly. He knew that if another Beast Tide occurred, the newly built towns and villages would once again be wiped out from the face of the map.

The nobles who had laid claims to the Western Region supported this plan and even donated a few thousand gold from their own treasury to hasten the building of the fortress.


On a hill overlooking Lont, a fourteen-year-old boy sat on top of an Angorian goat. He was cradling a three-year-old girl in his arms, while waiting for the sun to rise. The little girl in his embrace was sleeping peacefully without a care in the world.

She was the treasure of the Ainsworth Family, Eve Von Ainsworth.

“Meeeeeeh.” Ella bleated softly.

“Eve, time to wake up,” William said as he lightly poked his little cousin’s cheeks. “The sun is about to rise.”

The little girl’s eyelids fluttered. A pair of innocent blue eyes, that were more beautiful than sapphires, drowsily looked up at William.

“Good morning, Eve.” William smiled at the cute little girl.

Eve gazed at him for a few seconds before she closed her eyes to go back to sleep. Her lips moved in a pout for having been disturbed in her slumber.

William could only helplessly shake his head as he gazed at the sunrise. He couldn’t possibly force her adorable cousin to enjoy the sunrise with him. While taking in the morning light, he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Judging from the weight of every step, William judged that it was none other than his grandpa, James.

“Our little darling is still sleeping?” James asked as he stood beside Ella and William.

“Yes,” William replied. “She woke up a minute ago, but decided to go back to sleep.”

“Then let her sleep,” James said fondly. “Girls need their beauty sleep.”

“Indeed,” William agreed.

“The two of you spoil Eve too much.”

Anna made her way towards her Father-in-law and nephew with a smile on her face. “I’m afraid that no one would dare to court Eve when she comes of age with the two of you guarding the front door.”

“Hmp, If anyone dares to court my darling granddaughter I’ll break their legs,” James snorted.

“Only their legs? It would be best if we break their arms as well,” William proposed. “My cute cousin is too precious. What if those bastards try to touch her with their filthy hands?”

“Indeed, we should break their arms as well.”


“No!” Anna glared at the over protective duo. “The two of you better not get in the way of her lovelife.”



The two men glanced at each other. Clearly, they only agreed on the surface, and would definitely cripple anyone who dared to lay their hands on Eve when she grew up.

The silence of the early morning was broken by the cry of a white crane. William raised his head and saw the familiar Spirit Beast that had first visited Lont when he was ten years old. A minute later, the two-meter-tall crane landed beside Ella and looked at William with a gentle gaze.

“Thank you for your hard work, Big Sister Skyla,” William greeted with a smile. “How is mother? Is she doing well?”

The white crane nodded her head.

William returned the sleeping Eve to Anna and dismounted Ella’s back. He then caressed the head of the white crane before retrieving the parcel tied to her leg.

James and Anna shared a knowing glance and returned to the residence together. They wanted to give William some privacy to read his mother’s letter.

“Big Sister, there are a few things that I need to do today, so I can only write the reply letter around noon,” William said in an apologetic tone.

The white crane nuzzled the side of William’s face before giving him the “I understand” look. It then opened its wings to fly towards the river where it would catch some fish and rest, while waiting for William to write his letter.

William opened the letter in his hands, while Ella rested her head on his shoulder. It was as if she wanted to read the letter that was sent by her baby’s mother. Just like always, William read the letter out loud so that Ella could also hear its contents.


To my beloved William,

Spring has arrived in Nytfe Aethel and the silvermoon flowers have started to bloom. I wish that you could see them, but that will have to wait until you are old enough to travel to the Silvermoon Continent.

Your Grandfather and Grandmother are doing well and they loved the gifts that you sent them last time. They were still enamored by the recording that you sent as well. They even make sure to play it whenever we have guests in our house.

My two disciples also loved your singing and were quite curious about who composed the songs that you sang. I know that it might be a hassle, but can you send more recorded songs in your next letters? I promise to treat them better than our own family heirlooms.

Since they all know that I am currently writing a letter, they are expecting you to send another batch of gifts when Skyla returns to my side. I know it is a bit troublesome, but do your best, okay?


William chuckled as he read the part about his Grandparents. He had also exchanged letters with them in the past and he found out that they were more eccentric than his grandfather James.

Due to Ella’s nudging, he once again focused his attention on reading the letter in his hands.


If I remember correctly, by the time this letter arrives in Lont, you will be preparing for your journey towards the capital of the Hellan Kingdom to enroll at the Royal Academy.

I am not familiar with the quality of education in the Human Kingdoms, but I pray that you learn a lot during your stay at the academy. Remember, go there to study and not to fool around with girls.

You are still too young for that, so you should focus on your studies. Don’t be like your father who attracted all sorts of ladies left and right!

Skyla is more familiar with the Hellan Kingdom than me, so I’m sure that she will be able to deliver my letters to you at regular intervals.

My beloved, I miss you, and I look forward to the day that I will be able to hold you into my arms. Until then, keep yourself safe and make sure to stay away from harm.

Also, pass my love to Ella. I am forever grateful for the love that she has given you all these years. Please, bring her with you when you visit me in Nytfe Aethel. I look forward to thanking her personally.

May the blessing of the Moon Goddesses shine on you every night.

Forever loving you,

Arwen Aenarion Ainsworth


William kissed the letter after reading it. His eyes were moist as he carefully folded the letter before placing it inside the Ring of Conquest.

“Mama, after a few years, we will go to the Silvermoon Continent to visit Mother,” William said softly.

“Meeeeeh.” Ella nodded her head. She was also looking forward to her meeting with William’s birth mother. If Ella could talk to Arwen in private, she would thank her for bringing William into her life.

Without her baby, she would have lived her life as an ordinary Angorian Goat and would never have gotten the chance to experience the things that she had experienced during the time that she had stayed by William’s side.

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