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Chapter 4: Chapter 4 – Ghost In The Restroom

Feng Mei pranced around, trying to calm her turbulent heart. Talking to her stepbrother that way was not kind at all. First of all, this was probably the fault of her stepmother rather than Eliot. Instead of reprimanding him, she should have had a talk with her snake mother. “What’s the use in regrets now? I’m pretty sure he hates me thoroughly now. Ahhh I need a drink,” she sighed.

Walking around, she entered the pantry, to the vending machine. There was only cola available in the selection racks. “Bless my luck,” she sarcastically whispered. Putting in four worn out yuans, she selected a soft cola.

Sipping her cola, she enjoyed the evening breeze from her window.

After two hours, she got a call for her assistant. Sitting up, she connected the call in anticipation.

“Sigh, miss, we have tried talking to him, but he is not picking up the call,” he whispered with a frustrated sigh.

Feng Mei sighed as well. This was her mistake. Holding her forehead, she thought back how to rectify this situation. “Calling won’t help, let’s meet him in person,” she whispered.

“But he is nowhere to be found. We searched for him in his dormitory, his house, even in the nearby pup he frequents. He is gone like air... poof,” Ling said exaggeratedly.


“Fine, let’s try on Monday,” she mumbled and slouched down. Ending her call, she softly banged her head against her wooden table. “Nothing goes according to plan today....what day is today anyway,” she glanced at the small puppy calendar she rarely used but she had as a decoration. The day was marked as 21’st Friday of September.

“Next time this day I would not leave my house I swear,” she cried and sat up straight. Adjusting her crumbled collar, she walked out of her office.

On the way, she entered the ladies restroom to relieve herself and to touch up her makeup. As the saying goes, “even of you drown, do it with grace,” she wanted to always look perfect and show to others that this situation does not ruffle her feathers.

“Who are they, those bald bastards? Who are they tell me....what to do,” she applied her favourite red lipstick? It really brought out the cupid bow of her lips, making them seem more plump and supple. She caressed the fine lines next to her eyes and sighed. Overworking really made her age before her time. “Fudge it. I’m pretty as I am,” she whispered and patted some powder on her oily nose.

Suddenly she heard a small click. Startled, she gazed around at the empty bathroom. It was late hours and everyone had already retired home, it’s not possible for anyone to be here still. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

“Omo, am I fated to meet a ghost as well. Gods, please don’t. I want to sleep,” she swiftly packed up her makeup supplies and dashed out.

Out the door she held her pounding heart and glanced back at the blinking lights in the corridor. “This place is really haunted!” she shouted and ran over to the lift.

The buttons were not working. “What the hell?” she glanced back at the blinking lights and bit her red lips. ‘This is definitely a ghost’s work,’ she thought as she pressed the button even more.

By chance she saw a small sheet of paper right below her feet. “Oh god, is this the ghost’s love letter to me? Am I really going to die or be a ghost bride,” she whispered.

Slowly, with trembling hands, she picked up the paper which had her shoe marks all over. Gulping, she flipped the paper. It was written, “Lift under maintenance,”

“Fudge, I thought it was a ghost letter,” she crumbled the paper and stomped it under her feet. “But I shouldn’t vandalize company property,” she whispered and glared down at the crumble sheet. Sighing, she picked it up, flattened it and stuck it back next to the lift.

“There.....all done. There is no such thing as ghosts in this world. It’s all just an imagination,” she proudly concluded to herself.

The lights behind her flickered and burst all of a sudden.

“No shit, there is a ghost,” she shouted and rushed to the emergency exit. She ran three flights down and rushed out of the company. The doors were unlocked, so she told the sleepy-looking guard to lock it all up.

After which she went back home and took a soothing hot bath.

Unknown to her, there was a person in the company, in the ladies’ bathroom suffering from an allergic reaction.

This was the day when her destiny and fate got twisted and intertwined.

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