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Chapter 29: Chapter 29 – Magic, Magic

Feng threw herself onto the bed and opened the book happily. This game world had many role classifications such as warriors, knights, monster fighter, but the most eye-catching one are the magicians. They can conjure stuff out of thin air and also easily fight long distance.

That’s why the main character Yubiri was a force to reckon with; the other main leads literally had to struggle for Clarina’s attention.

‘If the game sent a prompt regarding manifestation, maybe my little bunnies are mages.... eap, I’m so excited. Like Ethan said, they will really get rich!’ she squealed in glee. Mages even thought they were less, were well paid. One spell alone cost a lot of magic crystals.

“Soon we are going to swim in magic crystals,” she happily shouted as she rolled around in bed.

The twins watched her with a confused reaction. {‘Do you sense any magic in her?’} Aiden glanced at his brother.

{‘None at all. She is a normal person,’}

{‘Should we warn her not to get her hopes up?’} Aiden whispered, biting his lips.


{‘sigh, I will do It. she has to face the harsh reality. Not everyone can become a mage,’} Ethan sat beside her and whispered, “You are interested in magic?”

Hearing his whisper, Feng shot up. ‘It’s better to get then interested in magic,’ she nodded to herself at her igneous thinking, after all kids should be groomed form young. “Yeah, isn’t it fascinating? Did you see that magic spell, it is literally driving our ship,” she excitedly whispered.

But Ethan’s frown deepened.

Feng started sweating. ‘Shit, he is losing interest. I have to do something,’ she got up and brought over the small candle. “See, this candle is a fire hazed in this shabby room, but when you are using magic candles, it won’t cause fire at all!”

Now Aiden also started frowning.

‘Goodness, they seem to hate magic....’ she squatted down and peered at them. “Don’t you guys like it?”

“Yeah,” “yes,” both reluctantly whispered.

Sensing their distaste, Feng did not want to push it. ‘I can always manipulate them into liking it,’ she laid down again and flipped through the book.

Ethan on the other hand went over to his brother. {‘Plan failure. She is too into magic now! What to do? She might even cry if she fails to manifest!!!’}

{‘Calm down, brother. But you are right. She will cry, won’t she,’} Aiden grimaced. {‘What if we can make it seem like she has magic. That might work, right?’}

{‘yes!! Yes, that will definitely work. We can make an artefact for her that imitates a magi’s magic spells!! I can even design it right now,’} Ethan ran but Aiden caught him with a frown.

{‘Did you forget that we are yet to manifest?’}

Ethan’s eyes went wide. {‘shit....’} he glanced over at the over engrossed girl and sighed. {‘We have to hasten our manifestation. To create such a D rank artefact we need at least a year,’}

{‘You are right about that. Why don’t we start our secret training?’} Aiden and Ethan secretly hatched their plan, while Feng was in complete oblivion reading her book.

The next few days Feng took the twins around ceaselessly mentioning the benefits of magic to them.

And as days went on, the little kid’s secret training grew longer.

At the crack of the night Aiden opened one of his eyes. {‘You awake?’}

{‘hmm’} Ethan woke up slyly. Not even the sheets under him rustled. He moved so slowly in fear he might wake the sleeping person.

{‘Come on, she sleeps like a log,’} Aiden jumped off the bed easily from his side.

Ethan glared at him and climbed over Feng and jumped down. {‘How is your progress?’}

{‘Good, I am able to sense at least a few ice magic particles. What about you?’} Aiden sat down, crossed leg on the ground.

Ethan sat next to him and shook his head. {‘Not even one. purple energy is not that dense around here,’}

In this world, very magicians can sense the magic in the air. Each element has a different colour particles associated with it. White for ice, blue for water, purple for thunder, and so on.

When a magic spell is drawn or casts, it attracts energy from the atmosphere to activate and work long term. That was how the magic spell was working as a replacement for a propeller.

Aiden’s ice energy particles were scarce but not as rare, but Ethan’s on the other had the rarest type of magic. With his energy he was able to control the raging seas, the sky and even bring about thunder. It was a type of thunder variant.

Aiden closed his eyes and slowly pulled in a few white energy particles. {‘Brother, why don’t you go out and try again. Your powers are most related to the sky and the sea,’}

{‘Can’t leave Feng and you alone,’} was his curt response. 𝑖𝗻𝗻𝑟e𝒶𝗱. 𝒄𝑜𝑚

Huffing, Aiden pouted. {‘Geez, it’s not like I am going to eat her,’}

{‘I don’t trust you at all,’} Ethan bit back with a glare.

{‘Says the guy who stole her first dance,’}

{‘You are still going to hold that against me?’} Ethan peered at him with his eyes narrowed.

“Forever, I will hold that against you forever. Mind you, I will be the first to marry her or even the one to get her first kiss!,” he whisper shouted and ran back to bed.

Ethan frowned and left the room. ‘I have to up my game, or else that Aiden will steal her over completely.’ He ran to the deck and started to train.

Unknown to him, a pair of grey eyes watched his move with a small frown. “This will be my chance. I can somehow separate them,” Yubiri whispered and leaned against the wall. From his sight, he was clearly able to see the room Feng was staying in. “why are you staying with two grown men? When are you going to realise Feng? You are so ungraded against them...”

He stealthily stayed guard near her room in hope of rescue her like a damsel in distress.

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