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Chapter 27: Chapter 27 – Being Hated By All

Yubiri watched her leave again with a slight frown. ‘Those kids, they are not kids at all,’

Just a moment ago he had used a soul search magic spell to look into the little girl’s soul image to confirm his guess. As expected, it was Feng Mei. The same Feng Mei who hated him to her core.

His step sister and his long time crush, Feng Mei.

Just seeing her image again made his heart race uncontrollably, but as his sight moved to her side, he saw a sight that he hated. Two blond men sitting close to her were looking at him with a glare. It was the soul image of those kids.

‘How did Feng attack these annoyances?’ even in their last life Feng had many suitors. He had to chase each of them off literally with a stick. Right then the green eyes man held Feng’ hand tightly and grinned at him. ‘Darn it... should I place a curse on them? No, if Feng finds out she might hate me again.... what to do. I have to chase these pests away.’

“Sire Yu?”

“Yes, lady,” Yubiri put on a small smirk.


Lady Hiliana smirked at him softly. “Maybe I am being to outspoken or rude, but I don’t think it’s acceptable to meet my ward without any prior notice,” 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

“Sorry, my lady. It was that I was a little rude to Miss Feng and wanted to apologise immediately,”

“Hmm, I see,” lady Hiliana mysteriously smirked. Her cordial smirk turned somewhat crooked as she peered at him.

Yubiri smiled as well and took a sip of tea. It was part of the reason why he came without any notice, because he had a hunch that this lady might reject his visitation with Feng. Even now this old lady was smiling at him, but he could see the blatant dislike in her eyes. ‘Why, though? Is it because I said I’m associated with the great sage?’

He smilingly glanced at her. “It was really nice of you to take those orphans in. Besides, when I looked at those little boys I could feel strange magic in them. If you could give permission, I would be more than willing to put in a good word with great mage Yubiri,”

“That would be unnecessary, sire. The children are too young. They should enjoy their youth before they are forced to attend these magic schools and what not don’t you think so Alvin. My grandson, I let him tour the world and enjoy his days till he was at least twelve. Only after that did he start his official magic school,” she said softly patting the young man’s hand.

Yubiri smiled at this as well. ‘Lies, this guy should have manifested at least when he was seven or eight for him to have this D grade magic flowing inside of him.’

In this world, he suddenly woke up as a child and had to suffer a lot to understand the basics. It was your cliché world with knights, warriors and magicians. Magic is a not that common. Only ten out of hundred kids awaken a power.

That magic is also separated into five classifications. F grade at the initial state of manifestation, E grade when the person is able to harness stronger magic, D grade, C grade, B grade and the highest and strongest the A grade magic power. Only three such mages exist in this world, and he was one of them.

“Is the tea not to your liking, sire?” lady Hiliana whispered with a dazzling smile.

“It’s to my taste lady Hiliana.” He glanced at the young man next to her. ‘Wait, he looks familiar. Where have I seen him? I remember now. Sire Rofles and madam Rofles, weren’t they the ones who fought bravely against the insect beast infestation.’

Back then he was just a D grade magician and only ten years old. The incident was so tragic only because the great mage Hulian his father in this world refused to assist the pair. He turned his back on them when they needed him the most. After which the entire world condemned him. A year later he killed himself.

‘No wonder she hates the mention of my name. Darn, this is getting more difficult. She hates me, and somehow Feng is wary of me. How can I please her and bring her to love me in this state?’

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