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Chapter 24: Chapter 24 – Child’s promises

The next morning Feng woke up early to find two little boys peering at her. “you guys woke up so soon,” she slowly stretched and yawned.

The two little blond kids watched her every move with a fascination.

“Did you both brush your teeth?”

Ethan and Aiden nodded. “You should sleep more if you are tired,” Ethan said, noticing her black circles.

“It’s kay, ‘yawn’ that sleep was more than enough. I’m used to three hours sleep anyway,” last night the little girl Elle had come to their room and refused to leave. Even her brother Alvin came to pick her up, but she refused to leave crying and sobbing. So Feng had to give her company until late in the night. “When did we even sleep?”

“Very late, next time lets not let her inside our room,” Aiden said with a pout. “She drained all your energy,”

“It’s okay, that’s how kids are,” Feng smirked and slowly got out the bed. Her small white gown dropped to her shin, covering her lanky legs. “bath?”


Ethan nodded. “We did, but the maid did not bring us change if clothes,”

“Oh, that’s okay, I already anticipated that. Wait here,” Feng walked over to the screen dividing the tub from their small room. There was even a small window that can be opened. She had closed it for privacy reasons. Walking over, she opened it wide to reveal a small bag hanging out. She pulled it in. “I already washed our old clothes,” the clothes were relatively dry expect her skirt which was slightly damp. “Your shirts and trousers are dry already, want me to change you?” she went over to Ethan.

He just plucked it from her hands and went to the screen. “We are not babies,” he exclaimed from there.

“Yes Feng, we are grownups not babies, we can take bath and change clothes too,” Aiden said with a pout.

“Oh, my young lad is so grown up,” Feng gently pinched Aiden’s supple cheeks. “I have something to ask of you,” she pulled him to the bed and sat him down. “Tell me, do you remember where you came from? If you do, I can help you return home,”

Aiden’s frown deepened. “we... we...”

“we don’t remember,” Ethan walked out in his clean shirt and pants. “Think of us as orphans. We don’t have family anymore,”

Feng silently nodded there are situations like this where the parents willingly sell their kids to traffickers. Seeing their expression, she guessed it to be the case. She smilingly handed Aiden his clothes as well.

Aiden smirked at her. “Don’t worry; we don’t care for that at all. For now, you are all,” he sweetly whispered and ran away.

Feng was stunned by his admission. She glanced at blushing Ethan and hugged him. “Looks like I don’t have a family in this world as well. Why don’t we be family together? You know we can be kin,”

“No! We can’t be.” Ethan firmly refuted. His little eye panicky watched her, anticipating her next words.

“Why not,” she frowned.

“Because we can’t. We... we don’t look anything alike...” he said with a sad expression.

Feng smiled at his cute reply, “do you know that people who are completely unrelated can be siblings as well? We call them step siblings or sworn brothers. Why don’t we be step..”

“No, No, No!!” Aiden ran from behind the screen half dressed only in his trousers and hugged her waist. “No, we can’t be. You are more than a sister to us,”

“I want to marry you,” Ethan said outright. His little green eyes peered at her intently.

“M-marry? Me? Why? I look so.... so lanky... what about Elle, she is pretty as a flower,” Feng whispered with a smile on her face. ‘Oh my god, I have heard of this..... My assistant’s kid said the same to her father.... AHHH!! They think of me as their mother figure then, my heart is elated,’ she smirked widely.

Seeing her smiling expression, both the brothers were quite content. {‘She accepted us.’}

{‘Yes, she did. Wait what do you mean us, she accepted me, not you,’} Ethan sent his thought accompanied by a glare.

Aiden pouted, “Feng will you marry me? You already gave your first dance to him. Why don’t you marry me?” he said with his eyes tearing up.

“Yes, yes, I will marry you too. My little cuties, I’ll marry you both,” Feng happily lifted them up and twirled around.

“Its... it’s a promise then..” Ethan said with a blushing face.

“Promise!” Feng said out loud with a dazzling smile.

Right then a small child like voice gasped. “Who is marrying who? Feng is marrying me!!!”‘ Elle rushed in and hugged her as well. “Meimei, tell me, you will marry only me, right? Why are you marrying these little kids? marry me!! I’m rich! I can take care of you,” she said anxiously.

“We can become rich in the future,” Ethan grumbled.

“Yeah, we will take good care of her. You don’t intervene,” Aiden said with his eyes narrowed.

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