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Chapter 18: Chapter 18 – Self destruct Initiated!

After the struggle some bath Feng also took a swift bath and came out dressed in the clean silver-white frock. By then, the little boys had already dressed up in their white shirt and brown shorts that fell to their thigh.

“Wow, so cute,” she hugged them both tight and tussled their hair. But the scalp felt slightly wet still. “Let me help dry your hair,” she pulled the reluctant Ethan to the bed and sat him up.

He peered up at her with a glare.

“Kiddo, aren’t you tired glaring so much? Your eyes might get stuck in that same position ah,” she mumbled gently scrubbing his hair with a towel that the maid had left behind.

Ethan felt her bony fingers caress his scalp. For a second his heart felt warm and cozy. Like he was back home with his mother. He leaned against her and sighed.

Feng smiled in glee. ‘Oh god is he snuggling against me!! So soft.. Just like a cat. I bet this is how a cat owner might feel when their cat finally let them pet It.’ she mentally screamed, but on the outside she gently hummed a song.

Hearing this, Ethan and Aiden’s eyes went wide a little.


{‘Ethan, that.... isn’t that Sia’s chandelier song?’} Aiden sent through their mental link.

Ethan did not reply. He simply glanced up into her serene eyes. {‘Our initial guess might be wrong after all. She is just like us. From the 21th century,’}

{That’s... that’s awesome. We can finally have someone to discuss this about’} Aiden happily smirked.

{‘Don’t, let’s not reveal it to her.’} Ethan firmly said and hugged the girl tight.


{‘No buts, we should never reveal the truth. How will she treat us if she finds out that we are 24-year-olds in five-year-old body? She..... She might leave us,’} Ethan sadly said through the link. He glanced up at her smiling face and smiled as well. {‘I’m fond of this girl,’}

{‘Br-brother, that paedophilia!!’} Aiden shouted all of a sudden.

Ethan glared at him without a word.

“There, all dry now, Aiden come here, well do you next,” Feng gently pulled the blue-eyed boy to the bed and proceeded to massage his silk like hair. “Your hair is so beautiful, I wish mine was that healthy,” she mumbled, peering at her rat tail like hair. It was mousy brown and dull without any shine to it. ‘Years of malnutrition might be the reason,’

Ethan held her hand and whispered, “You... you are pretty,”

“Really? You think so.” Feng twirled around in her new gown. The silvery white fabric caught the small shift in light, creating small shimmers here and there. “I bet this dress would cost a lot. Even back at my world, this kind of baby doll dresses were in trend. Too bad I was too old to wear them,” she whispered.

Back then she was too busy wearing suit pants and going to meetings to even think of girly dresses like these. “Either way, I can enjoy it as much as I want in this game,” she whispered, glancing at the small mirror.

All of a sudden, a loud ringing sound was heard. She swiftly closed her ear, but the sound did not disappear.

{“Warning! Warning!! Character revealed identity sooner! Warning!!! Warning!!!”} The mechanical voice said continuously.

‘What character reveal? My lord, I was only talking to myself. Is it perhaps the kids heard my statement just now?’ she glanced at their reflection. They had a perplexed reaction as they peered at her. ‘they definitely heard me. That is why the system is warning me,’

{“Self destruct initiated!!!!”}

‘Self destruct!!! What the hell, will I get killed off? Of shit, what should I do? Should I just run? Running will be useless though... what to do,’ she bit her fingers anxiously. ‘Wait, they are just kids I can just bluff my way out,’

She glanced back and smirked. “This feels just like a dress up GAME, right kids?” she said awkwardly.

Ethan stoically peered at her while Aiden hesitantly nodded.

“Yes, right, it feels so surreal that’s why it feels like a game,” she said only after which the mechanical warning sounds stopped ringing in her ears. ‘Oh lord, I almost died because of my big ass mouth,’ she patted her mouth loudly. ‘Never! Ever! Reveal! Your! Origin! Feng!....Never!!!!’

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