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Chapter 14: Chapter 14 – Character developed for Main story line

The day went dark, so Feng slowly crawled her torso up the plank and laid securely, letting only half of her legs hang out. With a growling tummy, she went to a fitful sleep.

Her dreams filled with people accusing her of murder, throwing eggs at her.

“I didn’t do it! I really didn’t! It’s a misunderstanding. Believe me!” she shouted, but people glared at her.

Sighing, she broke down into soft sobs. “Why is no one believing me? I really didn’t do it. I didn’t kill him,” she hugged her knees close and cried her heart out.

Aiden peered at her. “She is crying,” he said to his brother. “Is it because she is cold?” he mumbled and touched her legs. They were cold as ice. Her already pale legs had gone blue. If this went on, she might even be crippled. “let’s sit in each corner, it will even out our weight,” he whispered and gently pulled her legs in. She was still silently sobbing into her hands.

“Don’t feel pity for her,” Ethan suddenly said.

“W-what, I don’t feel pity for her at all. I sternly believe she approached us with a motive in mind,” Aiden stuttered.


“I think she might have got some knowledge that we are princes,” Ethan whispered with a thoughtful look.

“Maybe,” Aiden said doubtfully, peering at her. In his heart he felt that this little girl was not so bad as his brother portrayed. He slowly leaned to the left corner and pushed his brother to the right corner. The girl occupied the other side of the door completely, where she curled up on herself and continued sobbing.

Sighing, he closed his tired eyes. “Five-year-old body is not as strong as I expected,” he mumbled before he succumbed to sleep.

Ethan peered at him with a soft smile. “Sleep, I will stay watch,”

The next morning the sky cleared up, and the sun was shining brightly. Feng slowly woke up and stretched her stiff muscles. Especially her legs were completely cramped from sleeping in a bad posture. But peering at her legs that were in the plank, she was shocked. “Did you guys pull me up?”

Glancing back, only the kid named Ethan was awake. He scoffed at her and turned his face.

‘aww, cute kid. He helped me but he doesn’t want to admit it. I guess it’s his character design, to me gap moe,’ she thought, nodding at her intelligence. ‘These two kids look cute enough to be a main part of the story line even,’ her eyes lingered on his cute face.

“What are you staring at?” Ethan said with a frown.

“You look cute,” she blurted out.

“C-cute? I’m not cute!!” he shouted, but his face betrayed his emotions. His cute face turned red as a beet. Even his ears turned red. “I’m going to sleep, keep watch,” he shouted and rolled over.

“Cute,” she mumbled under her mouth and glanced at the other side. The blue-eyed kid named Aiden was sleeping peacefully, sucking his thumb. ‘They are definitely developed to be a part of the main story line,’ she thought once again.

In this stupid game, ‘Glimmer of Redemption’ was created by Ling to help people to experience the feeling of having a lover. Since it was aimed at young women, there were abundant amount of handsome men created. And as an added bonus they all will only fall in love with the Mc.

As an explanation this seems like a start of an isekai novel, the MC, Clarina come from another world. Her unusual and quirky character attracts even a fucking ant. There were three main characters, the second prince, Killian, the duke, Claudius and the mage, Yubiri.

The game generally revolves around the choices the mc makes and how her choice in men changes her course of life.

Overall, it was a fun game that would have potentially made woman go crazy about handsome men, but sadly due to her mistake it was not even distributed before it got shelved.

“I really am to blame, but it doesn’t mean that I should be sent here,” she mumbled, scratching her head in frustration.

Ethan’s keen ears caught this. {‘Aiden, did you hear that?’}

{‘Yes, she was also sent here, but do you think she is from earth as well,’} Aiden sent his thought while pretending to sleep.

{‘Maybe, wasn’t there a familiar Feng we have heard about....’} he whispered with a frown.

{‘There are so many Feng in c-city itself. It’s impossible to remember,} Aiden said softly.

{‘True, this world and earth, both has been a prison, ‘sigh’ this time.... this time we shall deal with all those cockroaches, especially that fucking disgusting hag Clairina,’} Ethan said while gritting his teeth.

{‘hmm, I want her to die a thousand deaths,’} Aiden whispered as well.

There had experienced two lives, one back on earth and one in this mysterious world.

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