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Chapter 12: Chapter 12 – Silly Carrot Heads

With a plan in hand, Feng waited for the approximate time to execute it. She mentally counted down to the next three seconds.

“Now!” she exclaimed and rolled over to the left. The two boys followed after her and threw their entire weight to the walls of the box. The ship lurched and creaked loudly as it banked to the right. Right at that moment a small storage box toppled from top of many other boxes. It directly went aboard the ship.

One of the ship’s crew noticed this. He fearfully glanced at his superior, the fat man, who was hugging the stump of the ship and cussing out loud. ‘Thank god he did not notice. If he had found out, I would be skinned and cooked alive’ He thought, wiping his sweat. The little wooden box that had toppled went unnoticed.

Inside the box, Feng hugged the two boys close and placed her back to the wooden surface. The box trembled as it plummeted in the turbulent water. It floated for a while, and then started sinking.

“Boys, now we need to get out,” she said at the shivering kids.

The water had already risen until their knees. She swiftly ran over to the weak spot of the pox and punched it. Maybe because it had become weak from the fall, the box shattered revealing a small fist size hole.

‘Nice. One more,’


By then the water had reached till their noses. “Catch your breath,” she ordered the little blond kids.

They both fearfully nodded.

Feng clenched her fist and punched again and again. The wet wood creaked and finally shattered. By then they were already submerged underwater. She swiftly swam out, holding her breath.

She broke the surface and took a deep breath, gasping out the salty water. But she swiftly submerged under, keeping only her eyes out of water like a crocodile. The ship that was carrying them was sailing smoothly through the horizon without them.

“Nice,” she swam around and found a huge wooden log floating around. She gripped onto it for dear life. “Kids!” she cheerfully called glanced around. The waves were high, so she was not able to so much. Extending her neck, she peeped through the high waves but she could not make out any blond heads.

“Shit, did they get out or not?” a small fear gripped her heart. “Darn it,”

She dove under, catching a small breath. She swam around and found the box slowly sinking. With difficulty, she swam down. Her body was quite light, so it was very difficult for her to reach the box.

Feng swam up again, taking a deep breath this time. She dived again and swam as fast as he can with her small legs and hands. The box was within her reach. Gripping onto the splintered wood, she swam inside. The little boys were hugging themselves.

‘Darn it they did not listen to me at all. These carrot heads, when are they going to learn to take an order,’ she cussed to herself yet she hugged them both to her small body and pulled them out.

Unknown to her, both of them glanced at her with a serious look. It was unlike for a kid to have such a profound look in his eyes.

Feng did not notice this as she was busy padding to the surface. The boys were little and lightweight but for her small body it was very tough to swim up.

Realising this, the two boys glanced at each other and started wading along with her.

Soon they all broke the surface. Gasping, Feng glanced at the two hugging onto her waist and legs, respectively. “You two.....stupid carrots, why didn’t you listen to me, huh? You could have drowned,” she shouted, smacking their small foreheads.

Hair hid their face, so Feng was not able to see their expression.

“Show me your faces, huh? I need to differentiate you,” She pulled their chins up and glanced at both of them. They both looked very similar to each other except their eye colour. One had blue eyes while the other had green gem like eyes. “Wow, both look cute,” she mumbled, pinching their skinny cheeks. “Dont worry this sister will feed you until you are as chubby as a bunny,”

Both the kids glanced at each other and spoke through their minds. {“We are back!”} The blue-eyed kid said.

{“Back where it all began. This time we shall take our revenge,”} the green-eyed kid glanced at him secretly. {“But why is it so different this time?”} He whispered, glancing at the nagging little girl.

She was not that beautiful, but glancing at her beautiful peach blossom eyes, upturned lips and sharp nose, she would definitely grow up to be a beauty.

In their last like they had met this girl as well. She had been sobbing and wailing, attracting the fat man’s attention. At once, this girl was killed and stewed for dinner.

The blue eyes kid watched the little girl. He could sense a vague familiarity. Gripping onto her torn up shirt, he leaned close to her warmth. { “don’t mind, now that we have survived we have to live life unlike before.”}

{“Break the circle of fate and smash those people under our feet,”} the green eyes kid continued his brother’s thoughts.

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