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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant

Chapter 6 - 1 - Nameless Child In The Slums (part 3)


Pale-blue-haired knight's eyes widened, and he firmly grasped the boy's shoulder.

"You're not lying!?"

He asked.

"No! Sir knight, Edung and Boren are bad people, very bad! We need to help the girl! They will hurt her!"

The black-haired boy vigorously shook his head and tried his best to explain.

"I understand."

Knight nodded and stood up.

"Take me to them!"

He stated firmly.

"Mizoe! Are you stupid!? This could be a trap! The kidnapper may have sent this kid here to fool us and lead us away!"

But then the other knight, one with brown hair grabbed his arm and called out glaring down at the scrawny boy.


But the pale-blue-haired knight called Mioze shook off his hand.

"But what if this boy IS telling the truth!?"

He waved his hand angrily.

"If you're so worried then stay here and continue searching, I'll check if the boy is being honest."

"Tsk...! Whatever!"

Mizoe declared and the brown-haired knight only shook his head in disbelieve and turn away from his comrade and the child.

"Lead the way!"

Mizoe called out and the boy started leading him as fast as he could without wasting time to say anything else.

The two of them circled through countless back alleys and Mizoe started to think that his friend was right after all and the child was either leading him away from the kidnapped girl or into a trap. But then the boy stopped and pointed at the ruined down house that looked like it was burned at least once before and rebuilt just so it wouldn't collapse.

… a perfect place for a bunch of thugs to gather and take a fully armored knight by surprise...

"Sir knight it's there!"

The child was showing Mizoe the exact place but the knight was hesitant and the boy grew restless.

|The longer we're doing nothing the greater the chance that something happens to the girl!|

Seeing the hesitant knight, the scrawny boy thought in horror.

But at the same time, he realized that now there actually is a chance for him to rescue the girl.

After all, if he'll only take her outside and get her to run towards Mizoe or even scream for help to convince the knight to move she'll be fine!

And himself?

Well... the boy was already used to being beaten - sometimes even half to death - he was ready for the consequences if it meant saving someone from his something horrible.

There was no more time to waste!


The boy whispered to himself and stopped trying to convince the knight to go with him - and instead ran straight into the house.




He busted through the door so hard it creaked in its hinges and crashed into the wall startling everyone inside.

And by everyone, it means Edung, Boren, and a completely terrified girl in a green dress against the wall. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

"Huh? It's just you, you little shit!?"

Boren grimaced angrily and swung his fist at the child.



But he never expected that the boy would dive under his fist and smashed punch him in the groin with all his power, which still was not very strong, but the area was sensitive so it was fine.

"Augh! You useless shit! You're dead!"

Boren had tears in his eyes and was hunching down and grabbing the area between his legs with both hands.

Edung was shocked by the scrawny boy's behavior, that kid always silently got hit and never retaliated up until now!



But his confusion cost him a punch to the balls and he sunk to his knees.

The black-haired boy, without even stopping, grabbed the hand of the shocked and scared girl and pulled her with him.

"A knight is waiting outside! Just run to the right as fast as you can once you're outside!"

The boy shouted to the black-haired girl in a green dress while pulling her outside.

Thank goodness for the shabby construction - the door was still open!

Without hesitation, the black-haired boy pulled the girl from behind to all the way in front of himself so she would be the first one to exit.

As soon as he did that he felt a hand grabbing his leg and he fell to the floor face first.


"Run! Just run..! There's a knight outside!"

The girl stopped and looked at him scared but the boy just waved at her and shouted.

|If she'll stop here she'll get caught again!|

As he was starting to panic, the boy, waved his hand again.

"Just go!"

He screamed, and the girl finally took a step outside.

"Young Lady!"

A shocked shout of Mizoe could be heard from outside.

"Stop pouncing like an idiot and get her! We can't let her go!"

The black-haired boy heard the voice of Edung behind him and looked back.

The fat brown-haired man was on the floor and was pulling him closer.

"I'll take care of this little shit!"

Edung was furious, his eyes were showing a clear murderous intent, the scrawny boy turned to again shout at the girl to run but thankfully she already wasn't inside the house.

..but Boren was already about to pass the boy, going after the running girl...



The black-haired boy not caring about the pain in his leg threw himself under Boren's feet and a tall bald man tripped on him and fell outside head-first.


The scrawny boy sprawled on the dirty floor smiled in satisfaction - the girl was surely already safe with the knight, he gave her enough time!


But then he has brutally turned around and he saw the murderous glare of infuriated Edung.

"You think it's funny!? Huh!?"


He shouted and punched the child in the stomach.

The boy couldn't even scream because the hit pushed out all of the air from his lungs.

"Is it funny now!? Huh!?"


Edung looked like he lost his mind and started punching the skinny child repeatedly.

"If that little bitch gets away, you're dead! You hear me?! Dead!"


|He's so stupid, isn't he already trying to kill me without checking...?|

The black-haired boy smirked weakly, clearly feeling how each and every punch was shortening his lifespan.



After another punch, he threw up all of the content of his stomach.

|Ah! The bread that nice aunty gave me got wasted!|

This was the only thing that was worrying the child at that horrible moment.

...and it was also the last thing that he thought before losing consciousness in the pool of his own vomit....

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