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Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant

Chapter 3 - Prolog - The Plan Set Into Motion

Before Aku realized it, he was already suspended in the world of light.

The gentle golden light was wrapping around him as if in an embrace, enveloping him gently and was warm and felt somewhat fuzzy... or maybe it was him who was soft and fuzzy now, and the warmth was coming from somewhere else...?

Surely not, but anyway โ€“ oddly enough he felt at peace as if he was supposed to be there all along. i๐—ป๐š—re๐—ฎ๐. ๐™˜๐‘œm

|Where am I...?|

Although he couldn't see his body and he didn't even try to talk taught by the extremely painful last moments of his life. Not to mention that it really didn't even feel as if he had any mouth...


Surrounded by light.


Feeling at home.



|Oh crap, I am dead, ain't I...?|

He realized and began looking around, expecting some other signs that this was an afterlife... but it seemed that he was alone.

"'s really you, finally..."


For a split second, Aku thought that he has heard someone whisper, so happy that they were on the verge of crying, but it must have been a mistake because suddenly an enormous presence entered the space.

Although nothing changed visually with everything being just bright golden light the atmosphere changed and even in whatever state he was in, Aku felt the pressure of something much grander than himself moving around very close to him.

A presence that was the light itself... if not for the crushing suffocating pressure Aku wouldn't be able to notice any changes.

"Who do we have here โ€ฆ only a single soul this time?"

The voice filled with unmatchable might and dignity came from the light.

|I-I'm sorry...?|

Aku didn't know what he could do aside from apologizing, the voice sounded a bit disappointed after all โ€“ so even though he did not expect to be heard, he thought apologetically.

"Don't fret over it."


Aku could swear that the presence shrugged its shoulders while RESPONDING TO HIS THOUGHTS!

|Umm... oh dear... umm... G-god...?|

Panicked Aku decided to ask the most pressing question that seemed the most important at the moment.

He really hoped that the presence was a god, any of the gods in that regard, none of the ones from the ancient mythology or some forbidden scrolls...

He wasn't really a devout believer of any faith but in his current situation, he just really hoped it wasn't any of the creatures from the other side of the spectrum...

...or the tentacled ones with hard-to-spell names...

"That's unexpected though, last time only a single person died in the particular part of the eternity it was someone special. But you're leagues apart him, he was a theoretical physicist or something..."

The presence ignored the question and rumbled on its own, both curious and concerned.

|Y-you know and are okay with human science...?|

Aku couldn't help himself and ask in shock.

"Of course I am! What a question!"

Aku instantly regretted speaking out of order, the presence sounded offended!

"Not knowing about human science! Since I accidentally met that guy I was able to enjoy the most joyous intellectual conversations! He even praised me, I'll have you know!|

|Wow... A god is boasting over being praised by a human...!|

After that comment, the presence went silent but certainly didn't leave since Aku still felt the pressure as if slightly embarrassed and in need of some time to collect itself.

|God, sir... um... madam...? I have a question...|

He started thinking shyly, trying to gouge in what mood the being near him was, to not mess anything up...

Since the presence didn't rebut him he tried thinking a bit more.

|What's going to happen now?|

He was worried about himself after all something exists after death! Aku was cursing himself for not being a pious believer of any faith โ€“ though the presence didn't seem to particularly mind it, or at least didn't mention anything about that.



A moment of prolonged awkward silence commence, but thankfully the voice decided to respond.

"We are just waiting for this fragment of eternity to end."

The presence explained.

|...the what...?|

Aku couldn't understand what the voice meant โ€“ like, how long was a fragment of eternity was supposed to be...?


|It sighed! The presence just sighed!|

Though it didn't really seem to understand how sighing works because it literally just said the word 'sigh'.

"When intelligent beings die the exact fragment of eternity when their soul is leaving the body is stretched out to allow for the trial of the soul, to ensure heaven, hell, or reincarnation. Usually, it stretches enough to accommodate even millions of souls, but you just won the lottery and came alone. That's unusual... Such a stroke of luck for someone so rude."

That was a lot of information Aku never expected to learn, but, hey, it's apparently a special occasion, why not ask some questions?

...though he realized that he needs to be careful with his thoughts because there was a bit of embarrassment mixed with anger in the voice of the presence by the end of their sentence...

|Hey, um... god?|

"I'm listening."

Alright, it wasn't too annoying as of yet!

|Can I have a request?|

The pressure changed just for a fraction of a second and Aku shuddered.

"...fine... what is it...?"

It answered, trying to make itself sound angry, though there was a sliver of anticipation sipping through the mighty tone of its voice...

|Could you please make it so the Miriette Lisea Espine from Kampf um die Liebe has a happy ending?|

The boy asked โ€“ and if he was in his human body, he would be shaking with anticipation for sure!

"Aha~! Ack..focus...! Ekhm... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Once it hear the question the being let out an odd sound before the pressure in the space started fluctuating as a laugh sounded like millions of giant bells rung all at the same time.

"You are asking me to change the story in a video game?"

|...I wonder how many people made god laugh so hard?|

Aku felt uplifted but still extremely scared, he really hoped it was a joyous laugh and not a foreboding one.

"No, I won't do that."


Even without the being increasing the pressure in the space, the boy felt crushed.

|Even god won't help her...? What kind of bullshit is this?!|

If Aku could use his hands, he would be clenching his fists in anger.

The furious thoughts that he had slipped out by accident, honestly - he was angry, not stupid.

"I thought of something more fun instead."

Luckily the being was not only tolerant but wasn't done answering in the first place.


Aku gasped at the presence's words.

"There are countless versions of the universe and so there indeed exists one that is exactly like the game you were talking about, if you wish so, I could reincarnate you into that game-like world and give you a chance to make the difference you wish for. But whether or not you will change anything will be up to you. How does that sound to you...?"

|No way?! You- you mean it?!|

"Of course."

Aku was too excited to notice the quite odd tone of the presence's voice... it sounded way too excited for whatever reason...

|I know almost all the events, I'm certain I'll be able to ensure that Miriette will have a happy life with Reo! He turned out to be really nice and even admired her! Or maybe Grazio? I never finished his route but he was supposed to be Miriette's childhood friend! Or.. or maybe if I'll really try, I could even change the story so that Miriette would stay with her beloved prince and become the queen?|

Even though he didn't have a physical body at the moment, Aku could almost feel his heart beating faster and if given a chance โ€“ he would be bouncing all over the place from the overflowing excitement.

|By any means! Oh, kind god! Please, reincarnate me into such a world!|

He agreed as fast as he could, barely able to contain his excitement.

" toy~..."

The presence whispered something that escaped the hyped-up boy.

Its whisper was filled with relief but also sounded quite concerned...

Seriously... not asking for heaven but for the fictional character to be happy!

Unbeknownst to the boy, he had fallen right into the presence's plan...

The toy had been found.

The presence felt as excited as the cute little toy in front of it.

"Perfect. It is decided then. Let the story begin."

Said the presence and everything went dark before Aku could react.

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