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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 9 The First Evolution - Part 2: A Single Job And Dual Class



[ Specific Job With Dual Class Confirmed! ]

- JOB: Ruler


- - -1] Hunter

- - -2] Predator


"Huh?", Shin was completely surprised when he read the notification.

He didn't have any words to describe the feeling that was emerging from his body.

He was initially given 4 jobs from which he had to select one but unfortunately he failed to do so in the given amount of time.

So he was bestowed a chance in which an automatic job would be chosen, but never in his wildest dreams could he had imagined that he would get something other than what was given earlier.

"Wh-what the heck is thissss!!!?", he couldn't believe his eyes at all.

"What's with this specific job and Dual Class?", he asked himself.

"Ruler? Isn't the somewhat similar to the titles?", he was indeed right.

A while ago the Ruler Of the Swamps had the title of 'Ruler' in its name. So instead of that being a job, it would be better to call it a title.

So it was indeed weird that he got something like that.

"Hold on a second... what's this Ruler Job exactly?", he asked himself but the system responded to it.




-> It is a specific job bestowed to only a few individuals.

-> Allows the user to rule over anything and everything it desires!


-> The host should be stronger than the being which should be ruled over.

RANK: ???


Thanks to the system, his doubts were somewhat cleared.

He could now understand the job which he had got.

'I have to rule over others? Sounds interesting...', he thought.

For a moment he could imagine all the beasts in the world under him and he sitting on the throne.

All those beasts were praising him and were saying - 'All Hail SHIN! All Hail the Ruler!!'

But his little to complete useless dream broke the moment a drop of water fell on his head.

It seemed as if it had started to rain all of a sudden.

"Argh! That's bad!", he immediately ran towards the nearest tree and took the shelter under it.

'Weird, it was sunny just a while ago, how did it start to rain so suddenly?', he thought.

But then again he was in a weird place where normal logic wasn't applied anyway so he dropped the idea of needlessly worrying about such common things as rain.

Right now he wanted to focus on the system message that was being shown.

He somehow understood how the system worked and thought about testing it again.

"Okay system, tell me what the Dual Class is about...", he asked.




-> Classes are the categories that determines the talent of individual.

-> It builds the foundation and allows and makes opportunities that would allow the specific skills to grow.

-> Dual Class is the rarest of among rare occurrences in which 2 classes are given under a job.


Shin was somewhat convinced by the details that was provided by the system for the time being.

He understood what was written on it and read it at least twice.

'Hmm, so you could say that I'm lucky...', that was what he thought.

He was lucky enough to be given another chance to survive and thus this luck wasn't comparable to that in the first place.

It appeared as if he had used up all his luck in reincarnating and getting the system as a cheat.

Joe that he understood what the dual class meant, he wanted to particularly focus on the two classes which he had acquired.

The class Hunter and the class Predator were almost the same.

He wasn't able to spit any difference in them other than the spelling and pronounciation.

"Argh, I guess it might be some bug which just have the synonyms...", was what he thought initially.

But it was only later that he understood the importance of both the classes when he asked the system.

"System, tell me what this hunter class is that I've got?", he asked quite politely.




-> Can Hunt any monsters or beasts or being.

-> A class which allows the popping up of normal, rare, super, epic, legendary and unknown grade items when monsters or beasts are hunted.

-> Provides 10% extra growth.

-> The monster hunted cannot provide any skills when consumed.


"Ah? That's indeed good... items will pop up?", he was excited when he read the info that was written.

It was similar to the game system which he once played when he was young.

It seemed that the hunter class was an amazing class and thus it was without a doubt like a boost to him.

But now the biggest question which he had was the difference between hunter and Predator class and to know that he had to check on the details of the Predator class.

'System, display the details of the Predator class.', he said in his mind as he wanted to test if the system worked just by thinking and it indeed did work!




-> can hunt only those monsters which are considered to be prey.

-> Provides Specific skills and stats on hunting or consuming the monsters or beasts.

-> Intimidation increases by 10%


Shin was finally able to understand what the Predator class was and now that he looked at both the classes, a common small difference was visible in them.

The hunter class would allow to hunt any beasts or monsters or beings whereas the Predator class would allow only to hunt those things which would be like preys in his eyes.

Also the addition of stats or popping up of items was another different that could be seen in them.

"Hehe, that's good... I feel like I'm some protagonist and this all is happening to me! It's fucking cool!", he was overly excited and failed to notice the river which had started to overflow due to the excess of filling up of water.

It was only when the water touched his paws that he felt the river's chill water and turned that way.

"Holy shit! I take it back!", while saying this he ran a bit far away while staring at the system when another message popped up.



[ Second Phase Of Evolution ]

-> Hunt three...



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