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Reincarnated As A Wolf With Cheats

Chapter 6 [Heal] And Mission - 2

"What the heck is happening?", the wolf pup was completely shocked.

He wasn't even aware of the situation. He was just staring at the texts that were seen on the screen that was only visible to him and no one else.

"W-what should I even do with this data?", he asked himself.

Just as he was thinking, another message popped up and this time without any noise.




"A... a Name?", he thought about it.

"My name is... Shin. Ya, I'm Shin Adonis!", immediately after he said that, the name appeared on the screen from earlier.

It seemed as if the place had a question mark because it hadn't been decided.

With this observation, he confirmed that all other places that have question marks would get replaced when the appropriate value would match them.

"It's really shocking... have I really been reincarnated?", he asked himself the same question again.

"Hmm, I am an animal right now so my job is to hunt and eat...", he said this after hearing his stomach growl since he hadn't eaten anything since long ago.

"Sigh... let me just drink some water...", his abdomen was still in pain.

He could hardly even bend his body properly in order to drink water but somehow he managed to lick some of the water from the river using his tongue.

"I'm literally drinking it like a DOG!", he said.

"Damn, this fucking pain! Can't you just disappear?", he asked when suddenly a system message popped up.



[New Skill Gained]

-> HEAL Lv.1

- -> A skill that would allow the user to heal most of the minor injuries.

- -> Time duration varies based on the amount of wound required to heal.

- -> costs 0.5 MP per minute.


"Huh...? Heal? That's good...", he said this after reading the texts.

'Okay then... HEAL!', he said in his mind immediately after which a green-colored light appeared and his wounds started to heal.

"Oh my GOD! This is...", he was shocked because it was literally working.

His pain was disappearing slowly and steadily and he was feeling better as time passed.

Soon he stopped using the Heal skill because he started to feel weak too for some reason. His wounds had been healed but the reason for weakness was unknown.

He checked his stats again only to find that his MP had almost been completely drained.

"Oh fu*k... I should take a look at all these things... maybe that was why I felt some weird weakness...", Shin said.

He was now completely healed and didn't feel any pain that was being inflicted since earlier but right now his stomach was grumbling.

Basically, he was too hungry because of which he wanted to eat whatever came to his sight.

"Uhh, I want food..."

Just as he had said that and walked a bit further, he felt a weird presence from the area ahead of him.

The forest was too thick due to which it was completely dark and because of that it was inconvenient to see anything clearly.

"It's weird... it's like the same feeling that o got back there.", Shin said to himself.





-> kill and eat the swamp Ruler Fendas.

-> Compulsory.

-> Failure will lead to appropriate punishments.

-> Appropriate rewards will be given on completion.

TIME LIMIT: 00:00:03:00 [ 3 minutes ]

-> The Mission will automatically start as soon as Fendas appears in front of you.


Shin stared at the system for a while after reading the texts.

"....", he didn't even have any words to describe the feeling which he was having after looking at what was written.

"You!!! You want me to die right!!? YOU WANT ME TO KILL A RULER!?", he shouted at the system.

The monsters that rule a specific place or a specific terrain have higher sand stronger skills when compared to others of their kind.

So obviously this was like a suicidal mission for shin. It was as if the System was also mocking him.

"Fuck...", he was already able to feel a weird presence but now he understood What the was.

The ruler of swamps was actually walking towards him and his presence was quite strong.

That was what Shin had been feeling all along.

"This is dangerous...", he was taking a few steps back since that was what his instincts were saying him to do.


Suddenly the bushes moved and from it a large lizard came out.

It was at least 10 times the size of Shin. It was completely greenish-brown in color and had thick pointy fangs.

It somewhat resembled the Grigard which Shin has seen earlier but was quite advanced too.

"I'm as good as dead...", he said to himself the moment he saw it appearing in front of him.

But for some reason, the lizard didn't move any further. It seemed as if it had paused its marching and was waiting for something.

"Huh...? What's it doing?", Shin was doubtful.

For an instant he thought that the lizard died in front of him so he walked a bit closer and immediately as he did that, a large tail was swung with great force towards Shin.

It was somewhat similar to what the previous lizard-like beast had done and thanks to the extraordinary memory of Shin and his awesome reflexes, he was successful in dodging the attack by living a few steps back.

"Phew, that was close... my body acted on its own...", was what he said to himself.

He took a look at the lizard again only to find that it was immobile yet again but this time he couldn't bring himself to walk forward.

'I won't fall into the same trap twice', was what he thought.

'I wish there was a way to confirm its skills and...', just as he was thinking this, he remembered that he had a system that could have helped him right now.

"Am I an idiot? I should have used it from the start!"

Immediately after saying that, he analyzed the opponent that was standing in front of him.

To be continued...

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